BTE Music - course by Sara Gambelli - Edition 2

The second edition of the "BTE Music" course by Sara Gambelli is about to start.

The course aims to provide knowledge and experience of music used in BTE as a vehicle for care and aid in therapeutic practice.

Intent of the course:

  1. Deepen the knowledge and practice of the songs used in Biotransenergetics
  2. Experience music used as a vehicle for healing 
  3. Master the choice of songs in therapeutic practice on the basis of a selected, studied and in-depth repertoire
  4. Acquire a repertoire to try your hand at singing in therapy, become more confident and free in singing for yourself, for others and experience the benefits.

OPEN WEEKEND of the Psycho-spiritual Evolution Path (BTE Methodology) of the ITI Experience Unit

OPEN WEEKEND – Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 February 2023 – Free (upon reservation). At the Il Narciso farmhouse (via Cappella 61, Castelnuovo Nigra, Turin)

Path of 6 weekends in presence where you will be provided with psycho-spiritual tools to master the inner experience and increase your integral well-being, i.e. on your five levels (body, mind, spirit, energy, emotions).

Workshop "The feminine and the imaginary"

Dynamic Psychology Journal


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The school of "symbolic imagery"

11th Workshop - Expo

Year 2022, November 25-27 - Webinar

BTE Archetypal Work by Andrea Samar Molinari

How to connect with Archetypal forces and discover the sublime power contained within us.
When I act in the world, is it just Me that is acting, or am I manifesting a force from deep within? This workshop is suitable for those who feel that their whole life is on their shoulders. Those who feel the weight of responsibility, often feel enormous fatigue and struggle to move forward with only the strength they believe they have. There are ways to connect with ancestral forces, elemental and archetypal forces that can come to our rescue, that can help us, guide us, and set us on our path.

Master BTE BodyWork 2023

The Dream Body and the Art of Self-giving

The Master is strongly recommended to practitioners, assistants, counselors, teachers of BTE. It provides credits for the refresher and training of counselors, teachers and psychotherapists. Counselors and psychotherapists from other training courses who wish to learn new tools to the psycho-body work approach can also enroll in the Master. At the end of the Master, a certificate of qualification for the use of BTE BODY MIND Work practices is issued.


Free online and face-to-face event organized by ITI - Integral Transpersonal Institute.

Get to know the Biotransenergetic Methodology applied in our schools of Psychotherapy e Integral Transpersonal Counseling!

Open Weekend Counseling 2022 in Milan

On the occasion of the opening of registrations to the Transe Learning is our way of teaching with a "further mode". , Saturday and Sunday 17 18 September an open weekend will be held to help those interested in getting to know the contents, structure and functioning of our transpersonal counseling courses.

Open Weekend Counseling 2022 in Varese Ligure (FMC)

On the occasion of the opening of enrollments to the Integral Transpersonal Counseling School, an open weekend will take place on Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October to help those interested in getting to know the contents, structure and functioning of our courses. transpersonal counseling ...

Webinar "Biotransenergetics in helping relationships"

During the online seminar “Biotransenergetics in helping relationships”, to be held Monday 3 October at 20.30pm, Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada, director of ITI - Integral Transpersonal Institute and head of the Transpersonal Counseling Course at the Varese Ligure office, will present the methodology applied in the school: Biotransenergetics, a psycho-spiritual transpersonal discipline he founded together with Dr. Marlene Silveira and developed since 1982. During the meeting you will be able to better understand the evolutionary-training path proposed by the Integral Transpersonal Institute.

23rd International Eurotas Gathering - 2023

Humankind is facing the problems of post-modernity, from pollution, water use and migration, to globalization, lack of time, speed, loss of contact with oneself, digitization, global warming, species extinction, global finance, informational inflation, personal importance, hypertrophy of rationality, competition ...


Humanity is facing the problems of post-modernity, from pollution, water use and migration, to globalization, lack of time, speed, loss of contact with oneself, digitization, warming globalization, extinction of species, global finance, information inflation, personal importance, hypertrophy of rationality, competition ...

Conference on duality with the participation of Dr. Lattuada

Sunday 2 October at 10.30
Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61, Milan

Wars, pandemics, religious, political and gender conflicts, we are confronted every day with news of this type, as if all the hidden things were emerging and manifesting the contrast: the duality is clear!

Yet it is apparent and illusory, and it takes us away from the fundamental unity.
The conference-event of the Magia Donna association, "The thousand faces of unity, from separation to union", thanks to the intervention of scholars, artists, professionals (including Dr. PL Lattuada - 16.15 pm) aims to explore further aspects of duality, have a clear vision of it and trace the path to union.

Pandemic love

Four schools of thought, with apparently different histories, backgrounds and paths, they meet at the crossroads of complexity, to talk about what distinguishes us from machines, what makes us still, despite everything, unique. Four deep-rooted approaches, four corners of the world of care and research become the four stages of a journey to rediscover who we really are, in order not to stop thinking, nourishing the feeling, refining the vision and questioning the role of man in complexity.

A systemic perspective, which relates different facets to achieve a one key word: love.

BTE TALKS with Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada and Valentina Lattuada (40 years of BTE)

La Biotransenergetics turns 40 in 2022, 40 years dedicated to Integral Wellness, to mental health with an approach Transpersonal unique, a complete model for the helping relationship and personal growth

40 years of transformation training courses, 40 years of inner journeys, of exploration of states of consciousness, of firm intent in the search for awareness and contact with the human soul and the soul of the world, nature, archetypes and forces of the elements

40 years of scientific insights, publications, the creation of a vast international network of therapists, counselors, coaches, doctors, artists in more than 35 countries and throughout the Italian territory.

40 years of sharing, friendship, high synergy in a new paradigm projected towards the future with firm roots in ancient traditions and perennial philosophy as well as in the acquisitions of contemporary science, quantum and beyond.

40 years of love
What was born from the love encounter of Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada with Dr. Marlene Silveira, it has expanded and manifested itself in different forms over the years, including in the work of all those who trained in the schools of ITI - Integral Transpersonal Institute, and of the OM Association in all its locations.

From 1982 to 2022 a history was created, an ever stronger and larger family, an open community in constant collaboration

Every month a BTE TALK to honor history, to look to the future, to enjoy the present and to open up to those who do not yet know this world, a bit of our journey and what we are and do today with so much passion ... ⁣

More than 40 thousand hours of clinical work (only by Dr. lattuada without counting those of the other exponents) have brought us here.

We want to talk to you about our key concepts, our deep intentions, mission, love and the uniqueness of what is proposed here.

We do this on Instagram. One Monday a month. On @valentinalattuada
We are waiting for you on Monday 21 January 2022 h.21 Instagram Live on Valentina Lattuada's Instagram channel.

Dies Academicus and Open Weekend 2021

⁣At the following link you can find an introductory video by dr. Lattuada

We will be pleased to have you as a guest at the Integral Transpersonal Institute Dies Academicus which (as per program below) will be held Saturday 4 December 2021, from 10 to 13.30 in via Montalbino 7 in Milan

The event can also be followed via zoom at the following link:


Round table: with the teachers of the School of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy:

Dr. Gianfranco Addario

Dr. Laura Beccaluva

Dr. Giovanna Calabrese

Dr. Claudio Calcina

Dr. Paolo Cianconi

Dr. Davide Ferraris Dr. Paola Gares

Dr. Matteo Hu

Dr. Loretta Illuminati

Dr. Valentina Lattuada

Dr. Eleonora Prazzoli

Dr. Elena Toscan

12 pm - 15 pm Presentations Network and sharing projects

Activities of the offices


Open Day Counseling Milan 2021

Come toOPEN DAY on Saturday 20th November From To 9.30 13.30! You will get to know ours Transe Learning is our way of teaching with a "further mode". , our method and if you want you can also participate in the trial seminar on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 in Milan headquarters.

Places are limited, we recommend that you book yours!

Do not hesitate to contact us also for more information:


XIII Encontro Notàvel - Live event in Portuguese with Dr Lattuada

* (The indicated time refers to that of San Paolo)

Feeding the Soul is back!

Feeding the Soul (FTS) is back again this year!

To nourish the soul and give inspiration.

While you wait for this edition, watch the videos of the 2020 edition: Feeding the soul re-gathering! New to FTS? HERE find the website of the festival born in 2015.

PROGRAM / PROGRAM - 20 - 06 - 2021 H18-22

18:00 - 18h15 Intro to the Emotional Pandemic (PL Lattuada)

18:15 - 18h40 The Tribe heals itself / The tribe heals itself (Om Padova Group)

18:40 - 19h10  Inner Child Meditation in an Emotional Pandemic Era / Inner Child Meditation, in a Time of Emotional Pandemic (Francesco Santini)

19:10 - 19h35 Work on the Ancestors / Drawing emotional resources from our lineage (Michael Balbi)

19:40 - 20h20 The language of light / The language of light (Alisa Reikher)

20:20 - 21h00 Star in the Heart / The Star in the Heart (Laura Marra and Susanna Pelliciari)

21:00 - 21h50 Emotional Ecstatic Dance (Fabio Freddi)

Join us ONLINE (for free), to practice and share!