Biennial Master Counseling

All Counselors who have completed their training and obtained the Diploma at their Training School can enroll in the Master in Integral Transpersonal Counseling. The Master allows to acquire the epistemological and methodological tools fundamental for the application of Biotransenergetics.

The candidate interested in enrollment sends his / her curriculum vitae with the request for a meeting of mutual knowledge. If the meeting is successful, the candidate can submit the enrollment application. Within and no later than fifteen days from the submission of the application, the Director of the School, having heard the opinion of the Teaching Council, will send by email a written reply regarding the acceptance or not of the candidate's application for admission.


The Master offers the opportunity to counselors who have undergone a training of different orientation, to experiment and deepen the transpersonal approach, in particular the Biotransenergetics methodology.

BTE reminds us that the journey to mastery of inner experience has no end.

The aim of the two-year course is fourfold:

1. Provide the counselor with an integral approach that contemplates a broader vision of man and the systems to which he is connected; the human being is therefore seen as a multilevel being, and the BTE offers both the maps and the methodology to work and transform not only the physical, emotional and mental levels but also the energetic and spiritual levels.

2. Experiment with a methodology based on inner experience and the exploration of the dimensions of consciousness, participation and sharing, with the aim of realizing the awareness that is revealed in the most authentic dimensions of the heart, beyond the thought processes of the mind ordinary.

3. To develop a style of personal help relationship, valuing one's own specificities and talents, completing the identification process that allows to honor one's place in the world, in the respective socio-cultural and professional contexts. The BTE is proposed as an integral and transpersonal model oriented to the realization of the self, able to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness.

4. Apply the model in the context of the family, community, company, school setting.