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... We have entered a new phase of our history as Integral Transpersonal Institute (the company), as OM Association (since 1984 Association for medicine and transpersonal psychology) and as SIBTE - Italian Society of Biotransenergetics ...

To start retrace the activities together, on all the national territory and in many international connections,  of our Network of professionals from the Transpersonal world and BTE Biotransenergetics, but not only, to share the path of an increasingly broad and increasingly synergistic set of people who are supported and nurtured together or in parallel a new way of doing things and being in the world.

"A further way, a way beyond the mind, with an empty mind, clear eyes and a pure heart ..."

We are honored to host the reports of the initiatives, paths and work of people who do their part in the world with beauty and love. Some are intimate testimonies of experiences with BTE.

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Stories of Biotransenergetics ... Around Italy and the world ...

Logbook of the Seminar on Maps and Models of Biotransenergetics conducted by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada


It was a fascinating experience to share the Biotransenergetics model through maps such as the Circuit of Experience, the Organismic Triad, the Integral Psychogram, the Reduced Model, which aroused a lot of interest and created spaces for passionate sharing.

Practices such as the Dream Body, Moving in the Medicine Flow and Circle, the Essential Transe and the Organismic Triad have fostered profoundly transformative processes and created a very harmonious field.


Logbook of Valentina Scattolin,
designer and operator of theatrical educational workshops,
Transpersonal Counselor (BTE methodology)


For about 7 years I have been interweaving my work with the Butterfly Museum, a research project in the field of didactic experimentation, a forge of shows and workshops that uses all the useful methods for this purpose: visual arts, theatre, play, manipulation , the debate of ideas and so on. But above all, he studies how to make school subjects a reason for amazement, awareness and growth as human beings.
I discovered, practicing the BTE, that the magic that is always created during meetings is what we now call Transe learning: learning through all bodies and levels, with direct experience, using the different languages ​​that speak to the different parts of us .
Hundreds of meetings, thousands of children, to ask themselves questions and shake the certainties of us operators, of their teachers, of themselves.
To go through fears, doubts, joy, sadness, boredom and guilt.
Flaunted emotions, hidden emotions.

Children are taught that there are positive emotions, to be expressed, and negative emotions, to be quickly repressed.
What if they were all legitimate? What if we had to "simply" decide how to use them, which ones to cultivate, why are they useful, and which ones to let go, acting with mastery and balance?
This is how the desire to write Upside Down was born: to talk to children about emotions and moods from a point of view that is perhaps a little different from what we are used to, integrating the work of an actress with 4 years of BTE study .

Sottosopra is a laboratory that alternates theatrical narration, full of archetypal characters, with moments of sharing, work on the body, empathic awareness and expressive activities.
After about two years of gestation, and intense work carried out together with Sergia Fiore and Oliviero Grimaldi, in March 2022 it was staged for the first time at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.
And it was exciting to see him live through audience reactions.
And revealing.
By helping the characters to manage situations, the children also shed light on themselves, honestly admitting shame, envy, anger, talking about self-esteem and admiration, happiness and sadness, boredom and loneliness, understanding their aspects and functions.

The concept of empathy and the use of the body and physical perceptions appeared extremely clear and natural for the children.
On the contrary, adults were often taken aback by proposals of this kind.
And this made us understand once more that the work of self-awareness is not the search for something new, but rather the memory of who we are, of what we all carry within us from birth but which life makes us forget and sometimes wisdom makes us recover. Puer and Senex, Criancas and Preto Velho.

In the meantime, I continue to carry out my work as an author and educational operator with Butterfly Museum and cooperative Phosphorus and Potassium, I plan individual and group meetings according to the BTE methodology in Milan and wherever there is the opportunity.

Valentina Scattolin:





Logbook of Pier Luigi Lattuada

EUROTAS Paris 2019 (25-29 September)

Feeling at home, meeting a family of spiritual sisters and brothers, authentic presence, heartfelt encounters, desire for growth, evolution and transformation.

Listening to sharing, research, presentations, round tables rich in quality and value, exchanging worlds and visions, dreaming together, building projects, dancing, singing, playing, meditating.

The consciousness of humanity evolves and we are part of it.

The BTE was enthusiastically presented and welcomed in three workshops, by Sara Gambelli, Roberto Lazzaro and Pier Luigi Lattuada, in a lecture and a round table, as well as in the morning shamanic prayer circle.

Logbook of Sara Gambelli, Transpersonal Psychotherapist

EUROTAS Paris 2019 (25-29 September)

Many thanks to EUROTAS - European Transpersonal Association for the chance to experience a deep sense of Community. Thanks for the practices, for all the rich and interesting researches on indigenous traditions and know-how, thanks for the dances and the inspirations!
We are together ready to bring all this to Reality to draw the Future we'd want to walk on!


Many thanks to EUROTAS - European Transpersonal Association for the opportunity to experience a profound sense of community. Thanks for the practices, for all the rich and interesting research on indigenous traditions and know-how, thanks for the dances and inspirations!

Together we are ready to bring all this into reality to design the future towards which we want to go!


(S. Gambelli in photo with PL Lattuada and N. Silini)

Logbook of Francesco Santini, Transpersonal Counselor (Biotransenergetics methodology)

Biotransenergetics in Thailand… a story in the making

On the island of Koh Phangan, opposite Had Riin (famous for the Full Moon Party) there is an area with the village of Sri Thanu in the center, where a so-called Conscious Community.

People from all over the world come here to practice yoga, meditation. Every day there are workshops and events of all kinds related to well-being, spirituality and experimentation: ecstatic dance, cocoa ceremonies, shamanic circles, tantra, rebirthing and so on and so forth.

In short, the perfect place to test myself with what I have learned in four years of BTE Counseling school!

I am able to get the practice of the Dream Body to be accepted at the yoga center Pyramid, one of the largest and best known on the island, immersed in the jungle, where I am assigned the Sound Temple, a small temple consisting of a small white stone dome that acts as a great sounding board to the sound of the shamanic drum.

I then open a Facebook page where I keep the followers updated on the events I organize on the island and where I collect videos with the testimonies of the participants. The page is called Transpersonal Healing.

I started experimenting with two intensive Dreaming Body sessions in April and early August, working six days in a row on one Orixà a day.

Now I continue slowly, with one session a week, which gives me time to integrate feedback and learn in small steps.

Keep Posted!

Francis Santini

Training in BioTransEnergetica Counseling (2015-2019) and Master of Dream Body (2016).

I have been practicing various forms of meditation since 2010, since I embarked on a profound process of transformation and contact with my most authentic nature.

I create protected spaces of free expression, awareness, healing and empowerment.

Logbook of Dr. Susanna
Chandana Pelliciari and the counselor Karuna Cinelli

Biotransenergetics in Croatia

From March 22nd to 24th Karuna and I were in Samobor, near Zagreb, Croatia, guests of the Meditation Center “The Source of Life” which has been hosting personal growth groups for years.

We have proposed an intensive three-day work in the Field Informed by the Archetypal Force of Xangò within the program of Biotransenergetics: The Forces of the Self on the "Inner Warrior", which began in October 2018 with Ogun's Force and which will continue in the next autumn and spring with Iansà and Oxossi.

The welcome was warm and the interest in Biotransenergetics (BTE) and the proposed work really very high.

The group was made up of about twenty participants, some new, others we had already met in the previous seminar, coming from neighboring cities, from different parts of Croatia and Slovenia.

The Center that welcomed us is surrounded by very tall centenary fir trees of a vivid green and the stream that flows nearby has made the atmosphere fresh and relaxed.

The interior of the Center is bright, comfortable, harmonious. The central room is large and spacious and the windows let in magnificent glimpses of the surrounding nature.

Most of the participants of the Intensives have defined themselves as “researchers” for years, they have taken part in different and challenging seminars, yet they were ready to experiment and throw themselves into the new with enthusiasm and confidence!

Through the map of the Synergistic Model we have introduced the Vision of the BTE, the maps, theOntology, Phenomenology , Methodology we have at our disposal letting us grasp the breadth and value of this work, the vastness and specificity of the Corpus of practices to work on all levels of the body.

Through the Reduced Model we have provided the map of the space in which we move which corresponds to the entire Universe, passing through ours Microcosm organismic, al Mesocosm place of the archetypal Forces, al Macrocosm Essential matrix that contains everything.

Among the various practices proposed we used the Dynamic short form of the Dream Body to ensure that the group had a first experience of contact with all the Forces, theOpening of the Corpoment, Ogun's Dream Body e Xango, Moving in the flow, Circle of Medicine, The Shamanic Journey, Passage from Zero, Great Gesture and some Rituals.

We also made use of the methodology ofInquiry that through questions concerning a particular theme expands awareness and opens the channel to the archetypal Forces and their qualities.

During the seminar, hearts beat to the beat of the drum, awakening ancient and profound experiences, the ancient ally immediately proved to be very precious! All of them immediately grasped the expansion of consciousness and the medicine that came with it.

Understanding, insight, new awareness, care, encounter, love and a Vision and Methodology that supported and accompanied them in every phase of the inner process.

It is immediately evident, the BTE is really one "Way that has a heart".

The days flew by, thus remaining engraved in the memory. Much nourishment, gratitude and gratitude in the Circle what a cure.

La BTE network in the world it grows together with all of us that we become many dots in the universe, catalysts of light at the service of Mother Earth.

The way is open for new encounters. At the end of the group, another center in Zagreb contacted us asking us to bring our work there too, which will start next October in the Oxumaré Archetypal Force Field.

As the sage says: "Anything you can dream you can do!".

So: “Dream Big, Dream Right”.


Dr. Susanna Chandana Pelliciari

She is Psychologist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist specialized in Biotransenergetics, Docenda-Tutor at Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan.

During her research she came into contact with the Afro-Brazilian shamanic culture of which she deepened the study of the archetypal Forces.

Among his further specializations he obtained a Masters in Psychosomatics PNEI, Training in Dimensions of Being and Usui Reiki.

She works as a freelancer with adults and children and conducts group seminars within the Training “The Forces of the Self: Biotransenergetics Paths” in Italy and Croatia.

Karuna Grace Cinelli

He is Supervisor Professional Counselor and BTE Master in training. Facilitates courses on the "Inner Judge" and "The Freedom to be oneself", retreats of "Who's in? " And "Satori". Has a background in Awareness Intensive, Essence, yoga, Osho Prana Healing. He is Master Reiki.

He works with group seminars in Italy and Croatia within the Training “The Forces of the Self: Biotransenergetics paths”.

Facebook page: The Forces of the Self: Biotransenergetics paths


Logbook of Dr. Paola Gares

Self-awareness intensives through Death and Rebirth processes

I have always been passionate about the theme of death and dying, perhaps because humanly it is one of the greatest or the greatest fear of man, but certainly because I have experienced on my skin the great transforming power of the process of death and rebirth, thanks to the which man can die in life (As Abraham of Santa Clara, a XNUMXth century Augustinian monk said: "The man who dies before he dies does not die when he dies").

Following this call, and supported by the tools of Biotransenergetics and the possibility of managing an Om Center in Brescia, I take care of proposing intensive groups in which to live experiences of Death and Rebirth through contact with the archetypal forces and the tools of Shamanism.

About two or three times a year I organize intensive days of several days in the heart of Mother Nature, in direct contact with the forces of the Great Supporting Mother Nana, thanks to the support of the transforming force of fire, the liberating force of the wind, the cutting force of metal, the generating and purifying force of water (in Tuscany, in Val Camonica, in Val Sabbia) to experience the profound rebirth obtained thanks to the courage to let go.

Weekly, for those who do not feel like totally immersing themselves in the intensives, I lead inner healing groups through the instrument of the Dream Body, thus guiding the participants to contact the archetypal and spiritual qualities of the Elemental Forces.

Logbook of Dr. Giovanna Calabrese

TRANSPERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Biotransenergetics practices in phototherapy

By Giovanna Calabrese

Photography has always been for me the method of choice to share my gaze on the world, as if through images I could better express what I felt deep down. During the training course in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, at Dr. Lattuada's school in Milan, as I learned to integrate the emotional level with the physical and mental one, while I was exploring different states of consciousness, even my aptitude to grasp the world in images it was being refined.

Through some episodes, Jung would say synchronicity, in which the photographs "spoke" to me of my inner life I began to feel that they could also become a therapeutic tool.

Rereading a classic of photography, “La camera chiara. Notes on photography "by Roland Barthes, I had the confirmation of how this artistic technique has many aspects similar to the transpersonal discourse, among many I would like to mention:"Photography mechanically repeats what can never be repeated existentially. " And yet: "It is the absolute particular, the supreme contingency ... the Tyche, the Occasion, the Encounter, the Real, in its indefatigable expression."

I later experienced the Self-portrait experience with photographer Cristina Nuñez, and phototherapy techniques with Judy Weiser, to then continue autonomously declining the BTE practices (from capture to constellation) in clinical work with photographic images, both those from the repertoire and those that the client brings.

In the last 10 years I have presented Transpersonal Photography at psychotherapy conferences, both in the transpersonal context of the Eurotas conferences and the Feeding the Soul Festival, and in a wider context such as in the last FIAP conference. I have also conducted seminars for non-professional audiences at festivals, associations and libraries where the intent is to educate the gaze, that is, to make the person more aware not only of the emotional level but also of the more subtle, energetic and I would dare to say spiritual, which guides the eyes in the act of seeing the world.

In this year new collaborations are opened with medical offices, in Milan and its province, in which to bring through the discourse on Transpersonal Photography Biotransenergetics and its incredible potential of application, not only as a therapeutic tool but also as an evolutionary tool towards the Self.


- R. Barthes, The clear room. Notes on photography. Einaudi, 1980

- Giovanna Calabrese: The use of Photography in Psychotherapy: from Roland Barthes to Bio-Transe-Energetics. In Psicolab, a research and development laboratory. On-line magazine: 2010

- Giovanna Calabrese: Transpersonal Photography. Some considerations on photography and its use as a tool for self-exploration from a transpersonal perspective. The Subtle Vision. Transpersonal culture periodical in Italy. Vol 32 - I Semester 2016.

October 2018: Special Logbook of dr. Andrea Samar Molinari and his activity in South America.

Biotransenergetics in South America (Brazil, Chile and more)

By Andrea Samar Molinari

The intent to bring Biotransenergetics back to the country where it all began, the Brazil, started in December 2016. I was invited to the "Virada de Expansao III" event organized by the "Ecovila da Mata" ecovillage, located in Massarandupiò, Bahia, an hour's drive north from the Bahian capital. Salvador. La Virada consisted of an intensive week of experiential workshops in the beautiful setting of the Ecovila: an equipped space surrounded by nature; an uncontaminated forest in which a small and pure river is born and flows. This week there were, in addition to the participants in the event, many therapists, Trustees and men and women scholars of various therapeutic arts as well as spiritual researchers and bearers of great knowledge and experience in the vast and mysterious field of holistic, transpersonal therapies and contemporary shamanism ...

Continue reading the entire Logbook by clicking HERE.

Andrea Samar Molinari:

Transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist graduated from Integral Transpersonal Institute (Milan); student and practitioner of various psycho-body and transpersonal methodologies and techniques such as Vipassana meditation, Bioenergetic analysis, Pathwork (the Path), Core-Energetics, Usui Reiki and Hara Yoga. During his travels in Central and South America he came into contact with different shamanic traditions such as the Mazateca and Tolteca in Mexico, Inca in Bolivia and with the Afro-Brazilian traditions of Umbanda and Candomblè in Brazil. He currently works as a transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist and conductor of therapeutic groups in Italy and Brazil and Chile.

Photos of the events mentioned are present on the page

www.docmolinari / diary

Logbook of dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada (Czech Republic, Mexico, Portugal, Russia and more)

All ' International Transpersonal Conference in Prague which was held from 27 September to 1 October, the BTE has been successfully received on several occasions. From the pre-conference workshop that was closed to the maximum limit of thirty participants several days in advance, to the presentations and round tables, to the experiential workshop to finish at the shamanic prayer circle in the morning which always saw the presence of a large number of participants.

Fresh from Prague I was invited to Tomar in Portugal at the ALUBRAT Annual Conference the Brazilian and Portuguese association of transpersonal and it was an exciting homecoming.

I felt the great emotion of sharing Biotransenergetics in a plenary of attentive and moved people as well as offering a much appreciated experiential workshop.

Between one event and the other I passed by Villafranca di Verona where a guest with prof. Gabriel Sala of the ARBES association we held a very crowded lecture entitled Science and religion.

Pier Luigi Lattuada MD, Psy.D., Ph.D.

Tomar, Portugal, Alubrat conference
International Transpersonal Conference
Prague International Transpersonal Conference
Prague International Transpersonal Conference
Verona - Science and religion

III Global Transpersonal Symposium on Spirituality and Psychology

On 27 and 28 January 2018 in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico, the III Global Transpersonal Symposium on Spirituality and Psychology was held entitled From Inner Peace to World Peace "which brought together delegates from over twenty countries, from Universities, Associations, and Transpersonal Organizations.

For the occasion I presented the Integral Thought which was received with great interest.


XIX Eurotas Conference - Tools for Evolution: Knowledge and Practice That Make Us Real

From 19 to 23 September I participated as Key Note presenter at the XIX Eurotas Conference - Tools for Evolution: Knowledge and Practice That Make Us Real, which was held in St. Petersburg. The title of my plenary paper was Transpersonal Psychology as a science.

I also held, during the conference, a very popular workshop entitled Biotransenergetics: Passing from Zero.

At the end of the conference the commitment continued with the post-conference seminar held together with Nikolay Orzaack and Steven Schmitz which was welcomed with enthusiasm by the numerous participants.

And the journey continues ...

Logbook of Silvia Lorenzi (Africa: Gambia)

In the arms of Mama Africa

... in 2015 driven by the dream of a simpler and slower life, I set out on a journey with my family to move to my husband's country on Gambia ...

It takes me a couple of years to adapt to my new life in this new land so different from mine and so full of new challenges.There are no psychologists or psychotherapists in the country, few know psychology and hardly anyone they can draw from it ... so I decide to commit myself to making known Transpersonal psychology and BTE by guiding people to awaken from within. I love to assist people as they open their eyes to themselves and to existence, and take responsibility for their own well-being.

Since then I have collaborated with various NGOs, I offer individual sessions also online as a Transpersonal psychotherapist and Biotransenergetics groups will soon be launched. In 2018 Peace of Mind was born, a non-profit association committed to spreading awareness and offering psycho-social services.

For several years I have also been experimenting with BTE in water based on the fundamentals of WATSU (water shiatsu).

I offer individual itineraries and assistance / hospitality to travelers who feel they are coming to discover the African continent, their roots and the qualities of the Great Mother Earth.

Thanks life, thanks Nana '….

Silvia Lorenzi Jawneh MD, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist - Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Brusubi - The Gambia


Logbook of Dr. Michela Balbi (Africa: South Africa)

In September I started holding Biotransenergetics groups with operators of the NGO Little Eden in Johannesburg, in South Africa.

I met the NGO and its 270 operators two years ago, coming into contact with the hardness of their work and their lives: the daily shifts are about 12 hours, which they spend looking after severely disabled children, after having faced very long journeys and dangerous to get to work from the townships (African favelas) where they live.

Our sessions begin with the practices of opening the mind body, we then immerse ourselves in Iemanjá's Dream Body and finally we draw and color the emotions and experiences related to the practices (many of them do not speak English but only local languages).

In a final circle I then show some images related to Iemajá and explain to them that what we do, in addition to taking an hour of care for us, is putting our bodies, our soul and our Self in contact with that archetype.

At each session I see joy, amazement, curiosity and sweetness in their eyes. In the sharing done so far it has emerged how the practices have put them in contact with the heart and love.

Michelle Balbi

I have been working with people and organizations for about 20 years, taking care of them and their relationships. I specialized in Psycholinguistics, Psychosociology and became a Biosystemic Counselor and Psychologist. A year ago I started two of the best trips of my life, one to the School of Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Milan and the other to a country that has always been part of my heart: South Africa.

Logbook of Dr. Loretta Illuminati - OM headquarters in Saludecio (Rimini)

The activities of the OM Center in Saludecio (Rimini) have continued since 2011 and have been many and intense, having tried to give continuity to the interests for which this OM headquarters was born. The head of the office is Dr. Loretta Illuminati, psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist, professor of Biotransenergetics, scholar of the art of ritual healing, psychoanthropology and psychology of archetypes.

Over the years, happy collaborations have also been launched with other realities in the area, but also with other colleagues on the Italian and international territory, especially as regards research and debate on Psychospiritual Emergencies and Crises.

For several years a path has been started through the Circle of Biotransenergetics and Perennial Philosophy where we carry out all the practices as structured in the BTE. Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a psycho-spiritual discipline founded on the perennial philosophy of ancient spiritual traditions and supported by the most recent acquisitions of new science, research on states of consciousness, integral vision and Transpersonal movement. It is a Circle in which you can field parts of yourself and learn psycho-corporeal practices useful for mastering the inner experience, dissolving blocks, discovering one's talents and one's direction in life, working on archetypes and guides. interior. We use different practices for integration work, including: meditation, breathing, shamanic travel, contact with forces, chakra work, ritual dances, Dream Body, Rites of passage and Celebrations.

The OM Center in Saludecio is also characterized by activities concerning new lifestyles and ethics. We have held various meetings on the theme “Changing Life. Naturally transiting towards new choices and new lifestyles ”in collaboration with eco-villages and realities that make their contribution towards choices more in harmony with nature and with sustainable lifestyles. A priority for us is the understanding that the transpersonal theme and any changes and paths of life require to cross thresholds of transformation in one's interiority, in one's mental horizons, in the state of consciousness, in values, ideals, practices, habits and daily life.

Facebook page: Saludecio


Logbook by Fabio Freddi (European Festivals)

The Force of the Orixàs: Awakening our True Nature

In 2014 and 2016 I attended the Boom Festival as a 'therapist', offering individual Biotransenergetics treatments during the 6 days of this international event. The Boom attracts over 30.000 people from all over the world, who come together to share a passion for electronic music and a holistic and transpersonal view of life on this planet.

This year, at Being Gathering 2017 Idanha-a-nova, Portugal, the reduced version of the festival, open only to a few thousand people and dedicated exclusively to the holistic world (workshops, eco-sustainable culture, live music, alternative therapies, ...), in addition to offering treatments in the Healing Area I proposed a Biotransenergetics workshop and a Sound Journey, a live musical journey to awaken the power of the Orixàs, the archetypal forces of Nature, through dance and free expression.

Practices, Being Gathering 2017, Portugal
Practices, Being Gathering 2017, Portugal

Fabio Freddi, Being Gathering 2017, Portugal
Practices at Being Gathering 2017, Portugal

Logbook of dr. Matteo Hu (Verbania)

In recent months we at the Om Verbania Center have focused on the Opening of the Training Training in Transpersonal Counseling. 

Many people from the area but also from all over Italy came to the open weekend. The weather was mild and we were able to immerse ourselves in BTE and the forces of nature for three days, which here in the Val Grande National Park is particularly wild and intense.

On Saturday evening, kissed by the moon, we celebrated the opening of the School space with a Temazcal.

A really good start for which we are grateful and gratified!

Matthew Hu

Immersed in nature - Val Grande
Claudia Castiglioni, art therapist
Celebrating together, Om Verbania
Claudia Castiglioni and Matteo Hu of the Om Verbania Center

Logbook of Emanuela Palazzo (Germany)

BTE arrives in Germany!

In March 2017 I inaugurated in Germany, in the small town of Ludwigshafen, my first studio for individual and group counseling, with a transpersonal orientation: 'Der Mond. Transpersonal Zentrum ', Fuggerstr. 26 - 67065 Lu, open to international collaboration projects.

The season begins with the presentation of the English language group course 'The Force of the Feminine', well received by the German community.

At the same time, the online transpersonal couseling has allowed me to continue to follow my Italian clients and to create new connections throughout the European territory. For those wishing to learn more here is my site:

I am proud to have had the courage to bring, in a different culture and country, a new point of observation and an innovative technology: this is the confirmation that the limit cannot be border and separation, and to understand one of the meanings of 'Making of the Two the One '.

Der Mond. Transpersonal Center
Der Mond. Transpersonal Center

Simona Vigo's logbook (Milan)

How the Dream Body changed my life

Biotransenergetics speaks the analogical, symbolic and imaginative language of the soul. It offers you tools to explore and master your inner experience with honesty, honor, courage. This hit me. I tried with philosophy, with psychoanalysis but I was always missing a piece. And that piece was the body which, for me, is Dream Body: a place / non-place of nouminous forces and allies. I have learned the practice that takes you to that extraordinary place of consciousness and now I pass it on to those who wish to learn it. Through the sacred gestures of the Dream Body you disappear to yourself to ally yourself with the force that flows inside and outside of you. You are like an artist who through gestures paints the infinite potential of his spirit in space, and you are eternal present.

Logbook of Dr. Raffaella Servello (Veneto)

In my small OM center people come very willingly, they say there is a particular energy. I follow an average of ten people a week individually.

This year I suffered from back pain due to a fall so I suspended the dream body groups but I introduced a ki-training job together with Fabio Maruzzo my friend and colleague reiki master who deepened his knowledge of aikido techniques , of which I am attaching the flyer.

I started doing reiki groups which is a place of consciousness where the two becomes one x which form and essence become one. I hosted my qi gong master every 3 months for 1 or even 1/2 day groups.

I hold a meditation group one evening a week to be quiet, zero by often introducing work with the elements.

In March I organized together with the friends of bte Nicola, Bruna, Maria, Claudio, Roberto, Patrizia, Sabrina and Giuliano the convention "Love that cares" at the Benedictine courts of Correzzola conference that has been taking place for 4 years and which aims to promote the culture and vision of the transpersonal in all areas of knowledge and experience, for the possibility of raising people's level of consciousness more and more and bringing them closer to an awakening of their own self 'and this is also my personal intent when I work with people, to accompany them in this awakening.

Logbook of Dr. Susanna Chandana Pelliciari (Carrara and Verona)

 "The Forces of the Self: Biotransenegetic Paths" is an evolutionary training born a few years ago from the need, which has now become urgent for me, to share my passion for BTE with other people.

His Tried it is providing anyone who feels the call with the necessary tools to grow individually and collectively, overcome their psychological problems and get closer to the transpersonal dimension of Existence.

La Vision andEssenza of this journey divided into three parts ("The Strength of the Elements", "The Inner Warrior" e "The Principles of the Self") that emerges beyond the issues that are touched upon during the seminars (visible on the site), is the profound awareness that each of us can become the Creator of his own life, that we are all interconnected, that each living being is equipped with its own uniqueness.

The two-day seminars take place indoors and outdoors in a beautiful natural environment in the province of Verona and the path of the "Inner Warrior" has also spread to Zagreb in Croatia.

Logbook by Dr. Sara Gambelli (European Festivals)

♦ BTE at IMAGiNARiA Festival 2017

The BTE Dream Team (made up of Matteo Hu, Vanessa Rebeschini, Alessia Savino, Greta Sammartano, Silvia Morea and me)

in June 2017 he participated in Imaginaria, in the Pistoiese valleys, a colorful festival, full of life and good vibrations, with a Healing area whose statute states that "healing is a remembrance of truth" and that "cure is joy".

We put our effort into proposing practices of the dream body, experiencing through the senses the power of the Forces of the Orixà that inhabit us.

The participation was conspicuous and as often happens to me at the end of the BTE works, the feeling of being at home was clear in me.

Man does not weave the web of life, of which he is only a thread. 

Whatever it does to the web, it does it to itself. 

American Chief Seattle


♦ BTE at the WAO Festival

Also this year Biotransenergetics arrives at the Wao Festival with a Dream Body practice in Nanà in the Healing area, led by Sara Gambelli and Alessia Savino.

"Oh great Mother Earth, Nana, Mother of all Mothers, Pachamama, Gea, Gaia ..
that you are in the sky, in the earth and in all parts.
Blessed be your beauty and your abundance.
May each of us respect the path of all other Beings.
May we welcome those who wish to share sacred foods with us on our tables.
May the "great purpose" guide our steps, may the beating of our Hearts be united with the beating of your Heart, Earth.
So as to pulsate in a single rhythm.

Our Mother, thank you for reminding us where we come from, for allowing us to let go of the burdens of personal history, to weave our roots together making us feel children of your pregnant essence, part of a great family.

Saluba Nana

Thanks to all those who participated in this practice, activating "field" with intent and presence.

Reminding those who walk #Biotransenergetics, that this path has a Heart ”.

Logbook of Lorenza Gazziero


Gratitude for the trip and for the trusting gaze I met ..

Despite the fatigue and tears

I stepped into the unknown

with hand on heart 

thinking of being alone. 

And right there I heard the echo

of the steps of all those who are taking it at this moment

of those who have done it in the past (or not) and who will do it in the future.

In the eternal present

I caught a glimpse of Strength and Beauty

Logbook of Dr. Sarah Guerrera


The first time I had access to the transpersonal dimension, the phoenix appeared to me, it was already a clear sign that I had to die to myself in order to be reborn.

During the first shamanic journey I asked myself:

"How can I find myself?"

- “You have to get lost to find yourself” answered my little girl of light.

When I got this sentence, I didn't understand its meaning.

It happened at the beginning of my journey and I felt it like a sentence thrown away. But that's actually what happened.

For years I have raped my body, the place where my soul dwells has been subjected to excessive use of marijuana and alcohol. The ceremony of the pearl of the beginning allowed me to reconnect with my Orishà de Cabeza and there I understood that by drawing on the forces that govern the universe and that govern in me I could easily do without everything that was essential for me before. .

Awareness fell in me, I died to myself, to my habits and to the character that I had created from one day to the next, without forcing. I felt that part of my life was over because the need to realize my qualities and the steadfastness of my intent made my journey of seeking truth begin.

Susanna Rinaldi's logbook

Reflections on the path

“Persisting in contact: an act of will and love for oneself to stay in what one often runs away from, to go and touch what makes us uncomfortable but incomprehensibly we don't often want to see. Persisting in contact is difficult at first and there are many boycotts that the person's mind does. When you bring the client to stay and stimulate him to self-capture, you understand his intent. I also saw those who fled, those who had so much discomfort that they could not stay, and those who instead let this feeling evolve into a catharsis. Discomfort is at the same time a barrier to the expression of our divine but also an opportunity to be seized to start the journey ... "

Logbook of Serena Prosdocimi

In collaboration with Natascia De Rossi, Transpersonal counselor, two types of Biotransenergetics workshops were carried out, with the aim of making the discipline known and through it, entering the vibrations of the Archetypes.

Two Orixà have been treated so far: Oxumarè with its dance and the principle of transformation, Ogun and the strength of the warrior. In both, the participants were led to observe, in second attention, their own limits and difficulties and then find strength, courage and determination to overcome them. The feedback has been positive and other workshops are being developed.

Silvia Pacconi's logbook

In this past year and still in progress, I happily conducted small experiential group meetings, with the collaboration of a colleague of mine from another approach (systemic-relational).

The intent of these workshops is to experiment in an ever new and creative way, through tools such as painting, symbols and movement, in deep connection with the only vehicle that is constantly in the here and now, the body.

The forms of these meetings, always in constant change because it lives, are the result of my formative and personal experiences of which the BTE is an important pillar.

By persisting in contact, facilitating the process, creating and entering a field where it is not just me and the other, disappearing to the contents and feeling the rhythm of life pulsating in every cell, in every encounter we become vehicles for the manifestation of the One. with ever new and unrepeatable forms.


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