BTE Music - Course by Sara Gambelli

The second edition of the "BTE Music" course is scheduled by Sara Gambelli.

The course aims to provide knowledge and experience of music used in BTE as a vehicle for care and aid in therapeutic practice.
Biotransenergetics, as a psycho-spiritual discipline that adheres to Transpersonal Psychology, offers a vision and a methodology to explore and master the post-shamanic, transcultural, transnational and world-centric inner experience. For this reason it is based on the power of the original traditions, to transcend them and include them in an innovative and avant-garde challenge.

In BTE the use of music is of profound help in the therapeutic practice and adopts this post-shamanic transpersonal imprint: we start from the music of the original tradition, to transcend it and include it in the wider panorama based on integral thought.

Those who already practice BTE know its power in creating the field, activating the Axé of practices, increasing effectiveness and well-being. But we don't always allow ourselves to sing because of transmitted entanglements and blocks. This course offers the opportunity to go beyond those limits and gain greater confidence and mastery.

The course also aims to familiarize the BTE operator with the poetic language of music, deepen the study of the songs of the Afro-Brazilian, Latin American and oriental shamanic tradition and also the 3 albums of the BTE Ensemble (Let's go IndoThe so-calledAum), studying their meaning and their application.

  1. Deepen the knowledge and practice of the songs used in Biotransenergetics
  2. Experience music used as a vehicle for healing 
  3. Master the choice of songs in therapeutic practice on the basis of a selected, studied and in-depth repertoire
  4. Acquire a repertoire to try your hand at singing in therapy, become more confident and free in singing for yourself, for others and experience the benefits.

The structure of the course is highly practical: in each meeting tips are given to sing, passages are deepened, the text is studied, the context is investigated in which it can be applied in transelearning mode and it is practiced. 

At the end a hymnbook will be given with the whole repertoire studied.

The course is structured in 5 webinars of 1h30 in the evening (from 21:30 to 22:30) + one day in attendance with an ethnomusicologist and musician who will give the technique for singing production, to improve the ability to listen and listen to oneself. It will be a day in which to sing in a circle to ground everything that has been learned online. 

The course, previously scheduled for April-May, has been postponed to the summer months. The new calendar will be published as soon as it is available.

The value is 250 Euros for the 5 Webinars (50 Euros per meeting).

Possibility to pay in several installments as needed.

For info and subscriptions and for any information contact: / 3404704922.

Are you ready to start singing?

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