La Visione Sottile - Periodical of transpersonal culture in Italy *

Since 1982, the Subtle Vision has accompanied the development of the integral transpersonal vision in Italy by proposing articles, monographs, insights, information on Biotransenergetics and other methods with a transpersonal approach

Registration Court of Milan n ° 590 - 28/09/1996

Publisher: Om - Association for Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology
Via Villapizzone 26, Milan

Scientific director: Pier Luigi Lattuada

For editions from 2019:

Site Manager: Patricia Rita Pinoli

Editorial board: Patrizia Rita Pinoli, Ilaria Cislaghi, Rossana Strambaci, Eleonora Prazzoli, Silvia Lodrini

Graphic design: Ilaria Cislaghi

Typography: Marcello Pratesi

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The Thin Vision - 30 FEEDING THE SOUL Festival 2015

Special issue dedicated to the themes of the event to be held from 18 to 21 June 2015. Bilingual version

Special issue that collects the main assumptions of Biotransenergetics in a bilingual version

The Poetics of the Invisible

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The Poetics of the Invisible

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The Subtle Vision - 24 Nagual Project

Intervention Projects. Transformation Paths.

The Subtle Vision - 19 Beyond the Mind - Eurotas 11

EUROTAS International Conference Milan - Italy 15-18 October 2009





(texts in Italian and English - Italian and English version)

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The Thin Vision - 18 Eurotas Italia

EUROTAS International Conference Milan - Italy 15-18 October 2009

Dare to Unity, by Pier Luigi Lattuada


EUROTAS - European Transpersonal Association

Psychology of the future. Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research, by Stanisav Grof

(texts in Italian and English - Italian and English version)

The Subtle Vision - 17 Interview with Ervin Laszlo

by Paolo Cianconi, Davide Carlo Ferraris, Emma Pizzini, Irene Luzi

(February 2008)

The Subtle Vision - 16 Transpesonal Everyday Life

Coded message to the Knights of Right Action, by Djirendra

My history and my experience: the role of Entrepreneur / Professional as a research tool e

development of my potential, by Arcangelo Marino

(+ How I use some practices of Biotransenergetics in everyday life)

A little about me: a transpersonal experience that marked the turning point.

by Alessandra Rampon

The Subtle Vision - 15 the Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey, by Davide Ferraris

Shamanic States, by Pier Luigi Lattuada


OXOSSI: shamanic journey beyond the limit

IEMANJA ': the Lady of the Sea

OGUN: meeting with the Warrior

Treat the child of light

Traveling with the Orixas

IANSA ': the sound of freedom

Initiation to the center of the earth

OXUM: journey into the heart

IANSA ': the mother of freedom

XANGO: the value of the right

OXOSSI: journey to the center of the cyclone

OGUN: encounter with the warrior force

The circle, by Pier Luigi Lattuada
The circle that cures, by Claudio Tomati

The tribal way
From group-analytic psychotherapy to the encounter group
Methods, aims, limits
The Biotransenergetics group: traveling to wake up
The role of the conductor
The Spirit of the group
Cointelligence and transpersonal events
Multitude, sect, phratry: the development of the seed
Beyond the phratry

Transpersonal audiovisual, by Davide Ferraris

Audiovisual identity standards
Reality hunters
The imaginary man: the double
Media society: cinema and television in global culture
State of consciousness of the electric man
The ambush of the audiovisual dream
Archetypes for life
Imagination in power: towards a transpersonal media
Live the movie

Biotransenergetics turns 20

The new vision
What is biotransenergetics
The methodology
Some frequently asked questions
Biotransenergetics Paths

The Transpersonal Movement in Art, by Pier Luigi Lattuada
The dance of Koffi Kôkô, by Davide Ferraris (interview and article)
The friendly dance, by Alessia Scolari
Speech on 'Letter to Pan', by Patricia Savastano
The actor and the shaman, by Claudio Tomati
Earth, Water, Air, Fire - Images by Fabiana Roscioli
Experiences. Feedback of a self-healing practice
Dreams. Two women, two dreams

Number 10 - Adam's house in heaven (pdf not available)

Harmony and structure of the fields of consciousness in the vision of the Martial Mystic, by Bruno Di Loreto Würms

The Glorious Bodies
From the music of the spheres to the morphic field
Transcendental epic
The poetics of the gesture
Mnemonics of the myth
Inhabited bodies
Unveiling the rhythm
The abode of light
The definitive man
The splendor of the Force Fields

The Thin Vision - 09 Interview with A. Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky (interview - Paris, 1999)

by Pier Luigi Lattuada and Davide Ferraris
Perennial philosophy - Aldous Huxley
The teaching methods of Zen - Suzuki Daisetz Teitaro
Investigating the perception of space: the Stalker experience, by Romolo Ottaviani


The Subtle Vision - 08 The Legacy of the Tribe

Proceedings of the conference-event, Milan, 1999

States of consciousness in the metropolis of the end of the millennium
Alex Polari, Marco Margnelli, Matteo Guarnaccia
Transpersonal Movement - Manifests in comparison
Pierluigi Lattuada, Carlo Mairaghi, Vittorio Caprioglio, Marco Bertali
Beyond borders, beyond the brain: a new scientific paradigm, a new vision of the world
Laura Boggio Gilot, Arturo De Luca, Antonio Ferrara, Filippo Falzoni, Massimo Rosselli
Traditional cultures and postmodernism
Rosalba Terranova Cecchini, Pedro Miguel, Marlene Silveira, Alfredo Àncora
Ecstasy, art and spiritual fulfillment
Maria Luisa Magagnoli, Gianfranco Draghi, Raffaele Morelli

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