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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the School of Specialization in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (MIUR recognized)

If you have any questions, please email us, we will reply as quickly as possible.

1. I haven't signed up yet. Can I still attend the Psychotherapy School?

Graduates in Medicine and Psychology registered with the Order can enroll in the School of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Graduates in Medicine and Psychology who sit the State Exam within the first useful session of the same year in which they enroll in the first year of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training School can enroll, subject to reservation. The conditional admission is supplemented when the candidate enrolls in the Order no later than 30 days after passing the State Exam.


2. I have a three-year degree, can I enroll in the course?

To enroll in the Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training School it is necessary to have a master's degree

3. Is it possible to have taxes paid in installments?

The annual cost of the School is Euro 3.750, payable in four installments, of which the first of € 1050 upon enrollment, the other 900 Euros by 31 March, 31 July and 30 September. The enrollment fee to be paid upon enrollment in the first year is 350 Euros.

The enrollment fee for subsequent years, to be paid by January 31 of each year, is Euro 350.

For any concessions, contact the secretariat at: scuolapsicoterapiabte@gmail.com

4. Is it possible to have a scholarship?

There are currently no scholarships

5. Where is the course venue?

Theoretical lessons and some theoretical-experiential seminars will be held at the headquarters of the School located in Milan, Via Montalbino 7, the intensive seminars are residential and will be held at the Monte Carmel Agriturismo located in Le Piane di Teviggio, Varese Ligure in province of La Spezia.

6. What is the commitment that is required in terms of attendance and work at home?

The teaching takes place along four main lines:

Intensive theoretical-experiential seminars: three days a month for a total of about two hundred and fifty hours per year.

Technical-application seminars: five days twice a year for a total of one hundred hours per year.

Supervision sessions: Part of the personal review and supervision process takes place during the experiential seminars for a minimum of 50 hours.

Internship in public and private structures: students enrolled in the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy must complete one hundred and thirty hours of internship at accredited public or affiliated psychodiagnostic and psychotherapy services which must be previously approved by the competent bodies of the Ministry. 

Attendance at the internship will be certified by the tutor through written documentation compliant with ministerial indications and recorded year by year in the student's personal training booklet. 

Each year the candidate is required to carry out periodic reports on the teaching subjects and on their individual process. At the end of each year, for admission to the following year he will have to pass an exam that will evaluate the theoretical knowledge of the subjects, but also and above all the personal transformation process.

The fourth year exam will be discussed verbally in a specific session established by the end of December of each year.

The exams will be evaluated by a commission composed of a minimum of three members.

The opinion of the commission is unquestionable.

Al link you will find the calendar of dates

7. I am already registered on the list of psychotherapists. What is your training offer?

ITI offers the opportunity to psychotherapists who have undergone training of different orientation, to experiment and deepen the transpersonal approach, in particular the Biotransenergetics methodology, with a two-year Master.

8. What is not included in the installment?

The installment does not include individual sessions and room and board during the intensive residential seminars.

9. Is individual psychotherapy compulsory?

Yes. The student agrees with the Director, upon written request to be submitted within the first year of the course, on the individual path to follow based on previous experiences and the degree of resolution of their personal history. The choice of psychotherapists of different orientations and not belonging to the school, the integration of psychotherapeutic paths carried out according to other approaches and the attribution of any credits is allowed.

If the student carries out the individual path with a psychotherapist outside the school, over the four years he must carry out at least 12 didactic psychotherapy sessions with a psychotherapist supervising the school, to fine-tune his personal style.

10. Can I carry out the internship in my home region?

Each student can carry out an internship in the area of ​​residence.

11. Do you have affiliated structures to which you can turn to carry out the Internship?

The School provides a list of structures already affiliated with it. The student can carry out the internship in a structure other than those indicated. In any case, it will be the student's responsibility to find the location, verify its availability to welcome interns, and the presence of a psychotherapist available to take on the role of tutor. The School therefore activates a new agreement. Accreditation as an internship location by the competent Agencies and the presence of a supervising tutor registered for more than three years in the list of psychotherapists are the necessary requirements that the institution must satisfy to be chosen as an internship location. 

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