Integral Transpersonal Academy

The online platform of ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute is called Integral Transpersonal Academy and in the section BTE ZERO® you will find:



- Macro Courses (Professional Specialty Program Pathways), longer and more complex training courses, in partnership with Meridian University, dedicated to specific topics of Biotransenergetics and transpersonal vision, held in English and aimed particularly at foreign students who want to approach an integral therapeutic model oriented towards self-realization, so as to acquire the tools to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness . They offer credits to get ITP (Integral Transpersonal Psychology) Degrees:

– Integral Transpersonal Psychology Essentials: Theory and Methods
– Roots And Tools of Integral Transpersonal Psychology
– BTE Essentials: Integral Transpersonal Skills
– Transformative Life Span Development
– Transe Learning – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Transe–cognition
– Integral Transpersonal Counseling: a Transformative Approach of Counseling according to the New Paradigm of the Transpersonal Vision
– Archetypal Work in Counseling: Archetypes in the Vision and Practice of Integral Transpersonal Counseling
– The Shift: Mindfulness and Self–Mastery: Integral Transpersonal Transe. The Essence of Spiritual Meditation
– Integral Transpersonal Soft Skills in Corporate
– Integral Transpersonal Body-Mind Work


-  Micro-Courses, the first online courses created and taught by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada, founder of the BTE discipline (since 1982), president of ITI and director of the School of Transpersonal Psychotherapy:

– Introduction to Biotransenergetics
– Integral Wellbeing in 10 Steps 
– Inner Peace with the 8 Pillars of Transformation
– The 8 Keys of Awareness 
– The 7 E-BTEMasterclasses dedicated to natural elements.


– Master Degree Program: (30 Credits)
– Combined Master /PhD track: (80 Credits)
– PhD ITP Path (60 Credits)


– Integral Transpersonal Counseling and Psychotherapy Program


– MIUR* Recognized four-year Specialization School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.
– Ph. D in Transpersonal psychotherapy (three years)
– Master in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (two years)
– Assocounseling accredited four-year Integral Transpersonal Counseling School
– Ph. D in Integral Transpersonal Counseling (three years)
– Master in Integral Transpersonal Counseling (two years)
– BTE Body Mind Work Master Intensive (two weeks)

The BTE ZERO is the most updated version of the BTE by its founder and offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the online platform to get to know its vision and methodology through online courses aimed at the development of Awareness and inner transformation.

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