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Integral Transpersonal Institute has equipped itself with a research department in order to channel energies, resources and skills, both of teachers and students / trainees, into a group work, to promote the development of BTE and research through research activities. transpersonal.

Intent and purpose

The aim of the department is to promote and expand knowledge on transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, as well as on BTE, both through targeted research in the clinical and / or educational field, and by exploring new directions in the science of complexity and developing a research path in first person according to the emerging lines of the nascent integral science and consciousness.

Organization chart

Guarantor: Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada

Director: Dr. Giovanna Calabrese .

“The passion for research has deep roots and has accompanied me throughout my training, both as a doctor-psychiatrist and as a psychotherapist. At the base of this passion there is a curiosity for the phenomena I observe and which pushes me to ask myself questions about their nature and to desire to explore it. Thanks to the BTE path I have integrated the dual mind and the unitive one for a knowledge that comes not only from the brain but also from the heart. As St. Augustine says, “It is not possible to love something that one does not know. When we love something that we know in some way, by virtue of this love we can know it better and more deeply ”.

Coordinators: Dr. Claudio Calcina, Dr. Beppe Grasso

Research activity

The research activity follows two areas:

1. Theoretical plan Methodological, exchange and innovation study.

2. Applied research Graduate students of psychotherapy, counseling and teaching schools, as well as trainees, are invited to develop their own research project. The research activities are carried out trying to maintain high quality standards through a careful selection of projects, which must have relevance to the theories and practices of BTE and / or to the themes of Psychology and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, with particular reference to projects that they are concerned with personal development and spiritual evolution.

In the selection there is no foreclosure towards issues concerning social areas such as religion, gender or sexual preferences.

As regards the BTE, we try to promote those studies aimed at describing the guarantees of validity provided by the method, the clinical application of the practices, the experimental verification of maps and models as well as identifying the regularities connected to the three major areas that characterize it as psychotherapeutic model: context, contents, processes.

Specific, but not exclusive, interest is that which concerns the study of ordinary and non-ordinary states and levels of consciousness, their meaning as a subjective experience and their effect in the context of a path of personal evolution and / or therapy.

The tools used will mainly be those of qualitative and integral research (example: Integral transpersonal inquiry, first person science by Varela, Essential Science by Tart, Integral Science by Wilber, Intuitive Inquiry by Andersonn etc.)

Ethical principles

The research activity operates with respect for the individual, observing the basic principles of human rights.

The general purpose of improving knowledge about human behavior, promoting awareness of one's potential and pursuing and promoting collective and individual well-being and health. The utmost attention is paid to the well-being of the various figures involved, both as researchers and as participants, with particular regard to the following areas:

  1. Responsibility;
  2. Competence;
  3. Moral and Legal Standards;
  4. Confidentiality;
  5. User well-being;
  6. Professional Relationship;
  7. Evaluation Techniques;

The various research activities are required to respect the SIBTE Code of Ethics and Biotransenergetic Ethics, as well as those enunciated by the British Psychological Society.


Dr. Lattuada developed BTE on a theoretical and clinical level. There are numerous publications in books and scientific journals in the sector. He also disseminated the knowledge of BTE both to an audience of health professionals and in the academic scientific field through the presentations of numerous reports at national conferences and international congresses.

In more recent years, the thesis work of students in the psychotherapy course has resulted in publications in scientific journals and books, as well as presentations at international conferences that have promoted BTE both in the world of Transpersonal psychology and in the field of psychotherapy.

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Presentations at Congresses

- Healing: from spirituality to art, from art to science. How the BTE model of transpersonal psychotherapy, following the holistic paradigm unifies these three aspects. At the XII meeting of the European Society of Transpersonal Association in Gwatt 2010.

- The role of research in psychotherapy. At the 1st National Conference on “The social relevance of research in Psychology”. Parma 7-8 April 2011

- From Medical Doctor to Medicine Man: a phenomenological study on medical doctors encountering traditional healing techniques. Presented at The second Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy, June 28th, 29th, 30th, 2012

- The importance of research in the transpersonal field. International Symposium in Palo Alto, February 2014

- Clinical study on transpersonal psychotherapy. AO G Salvini Garbagnate Milanese, April 2014. Internal refresher course at the clinical psychology service.

- Transpersonal Research Panel & Discussion. EUROTAS Crete Conference, October 2, 2015.

- Heuristic as a Research tool to explore inner state of consciousness. EUROTAS Crete Conference, October, 2015.

- Clinical studies in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Why they are important, how they can be performed. International Transpersonal Conference, Prague 2017

Publications in journals

– Bronlet X., Lattuada PL (2023). Developing a Psycho-Spiritual Experience Inventory (P-SEI) Questionnaire Leveraging Grounded Theory Methods: the Initial Outcomes. Integral Transpersonal Journal, Vol. XIX, n. XIX, p. 69-86

– Calabrese, G. (2015). The Therapeutic Effect of Biotransenergetics (BTE) Explored in A Clinical Study Using Heuristic Methodology. Integral Transpersonal Journal, Vol. VII, pages 49-69.

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- Curti, C. (2020) "Omolù at the Time of Covid-19: Interviews and Reflections on the Archetype of Death and Rebirth during the First Seclusion March - April 2020" pp. 70-86, Integral Transpersonal Journal No. 15, ( December 2020)  ITI Editions.

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Book publications

- G. Calabrese, C. Calcina (2017) Heuristic as a Research tool to explore inner state of consciousness. In Metamorphosis through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective. Lindy L. McMullin, Marcie Boucouvalas, Regina U. Hess. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Aug 21, (pp. 310-32)

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