Affiliate Program

From today you have the opportunity to become an ITI Affiliate you will earn a large commission on the purchases of the courses made by those to whom you will recommend it.

For a long time we have been looking for a way to honor the role that our students, colleagues, partners and friends have played over the years in growing the ITI and BTE Community. 

We have now found a further and effective way to do this.

With the birth of the Integral transpersonal Academy, ITI's online course platform, the opportunity has become perfect to allow you to become a full partner by registering as an Affiliate.

Just fill out a form with your information, have a Paypal account suitable to receive money, or your commissions and have a moment of initial time to understand how it works.

It is very simple and in this first phase we will be by your side step by step, then it will become automatic and you can earn while you sleep, if you share your Affiliate Links with your friends, relatives, colleagues, through which we can track your referral, or the person that comes to our platform thanks to you.

In your Affiliate Dashboard within our site you will have all the copy, graphics and tips to communicate the courses and even promote them if and when you want.

This is an indefinite program that does not require any exclusivity and no specific commitment, you can sign up and start when you want, you will be part of it forever, at least as long as you want and if you follow very few guidelines that help maintain a standard of credibility and value.

We will be happy to have you on board.

The starting commission we have "set" in the system is 30%, much higher than most similar programs.

We have also left open the opportunity to create sub-affiliates for you that they can report and that they too can earn a% that doesn't affect yours.

Join us!

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