Pier Luigi Lattuada

Pier Luigi Lattuada

  • Position: Doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist
  • Experience: 40 years
  • Email: biotransenergetica@gmail.com

Psychologist Review

Pier Luigi Lattuada

He is director of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy recognized by the MIUR.

President of ITI - Integral Transpersonal Institute, of Milan.

He is a professor at the Sofia University, Palo Alto California and Ubiquity University

He is co-vice-president of the EUROTAS, European Transpersonal Association.

Former director of the Lifegate Holistic Clinic.

He is the founder of  Biotransenergetics: a psycho-spiritual discipline that we could define as a poetic act since it teaches creativity in the art of self-giving in the face of psychophysical discomfort, in the direction of self-realization. He has been composing poems since the age of 16, he has written numerous books both essays and short stories on transpersonal psychotherapy, integral medicine, biotransenergetics.

Published Books

Lattuada Pier Luigi - To see well - Ed Meb Rimini

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Spiritual power and healing - Ed. MEB Rimini

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Traveling to wake up - Ed. MEB Padova

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Love massage - Ed. MEB Padova

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Brazilian Shamanism - Ed. Anima Milano

Lattuada Pier luigi - The further way - Ed. MEB Padova

Lattuada Pier Luigi - edited by - Transe - Cyber ​​n ° 32 - October 1991

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Silveira - Chakras - Ed. MEB Rimini

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Biotransenergetics - Xenia ed. Milan

Lattuada Pier Luigi - Under different stars - Ed. Xenia Milano

Lattuada Pier Luigi- Transpersonal Psychology- Riza Sciences December 2000

Lattuada Pier Luigi- Beyond the mind- Franco Angeli, Milan 2004

Lattuada Pier Luigi - The Body of the Dream - Soul editions, Milan 2007

Lattuada Pier Luigi - The medical art of inner healing - Franco Angeli, Milan 2008

Lattuada Pier Luigi - The Body of the Dream - DVD - Anima editions, Milan 2008

Lattuada Pier Luigi, Simona Vigo -Shamanic Meditations- Macro Editions, Cesena 2022

Lattuada Pier Luigi, You are a Genius, ITI Edizioni, Milan, 2014

Lattuada Pier Luigi, Biotransenergetics, new edition, ITI Edizioni, Milan, 2012

Lattuada Pier Luigi, The Great Gesture ITI Edizioni, Milan, 2016

Lattuada Pier Luigi, Under different stars, new edition, ITI Edizioni, Milan, 2017

Lattuada Pier Luigi, The Ulterior Way, new edition, ITI Edizioni, Milan, 2013

Biotransenergetics has been presented in over sixty congresses and conferences all over the world, in numerous conferences and publications, as well as in radio and television broadcasts on various local and national networks.

Individual sessions

Find out more about Individual Sessions with Dr. Lattuada, on the therapeutic method, integral medicine, transpersonal psychology and much more by accessing the personal website of the dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada.

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