biotransenergetics (bte) - since 1982

Something New, something Ancient, a Path that has a Heart

An innovative methodology for the journey of the soul towards itself.

Maybe you have already explored many paths of personal development and inner research, or maybe it is the first time you hear about the Way inwards, as a real possibility to improve the quality of your life, in any case with BTE you can go so in depth how much you feel is right for you, for the moment you are, it fits you, it sews on you ... and even at the very first steps of any of the trips available in ITI you will feel that a new world of resources and tools is at your disposition.

Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada MD, Psy.D., Ph.D. presents the new edition of the Official Book on BTE.



the lines shown below are extracted from a more complete testimony

... I find the new edition exciting, while addressing from a scientific point of view the process of defining the areas investigated, the maps and tools for the path of self-realization, it transmits the biography of how the awakening took place, it transmits the process in progress of the way of the universal way of the heart… beyond any manipulation of man, giving and recognizing the divine creativity of each living being in making his own embodied path….
I am grateful for this path, which includes and transcends the fundamental ways of awakening, delivering a fully mapped, erudite and spiritual path. As you read you participate in the insights, the drums, the freshness of the forest… the guidance of the Masters, the Self. It transmits the entity of the water that has flowed into the river of experience, of the study of a lifetime, but above all of the incessant practice of drawing from the Source

What is Biotransenergetics or BTE?

A path of transformation of consciousness

The existence of each individual is a process of self-realization of one's "true nature" or spiritual essence.

Any way is just a way, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others,

in abandoning it, if this is what your heart tells you to do ... Examine each way with accuracy and thoughtfulness. Try it as many times as you feel necessary. So ask yourself, yourself alone, a question: Does this way have a heart?

If he does, the way is good. If it doesn't, it's useless.

   Carlos castaneda

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What is Biotransenergetics or BTE?

The epistemological assumptions - a psycho-spiritual discipline

Biotransenergetics-BTE is a psycho-spiritual discipline consisting of an organized set of tools that provide an epistemological vision and an experiential method to explore one's internal world and dialogue with the inner experience. Its main assumptions are:

Where is the news?

An understanding of a new order

Inner experience and dimensions of consciousness are the great forgotten ones of today's approach to health and disease.

The BTE, on the other hand, proposes a unitary, dynamic and interconnected gaze, achievable through inner experience.

 That experience able to grasp the rhythm of our breath, the light of our eyes, the vibration of our voice, the thrill of our muscles, the beating of the organs, the pulsation of the cells, the flow of liquids in the body, the momentum of an emotion, the awakening of a desire, the birth of a thought or an image, the depth of a memory, the clarity of an intuition and lead to the understanding that every manifestation of the living is an expression of the spiritual force that animates it . 

With this in mind, we are talking about Trans.

  • - The terms Biography ed energy they indicate a conception of the living from the point of view of its energetic processes. 
  • - The term trance wants to indicate the importance of a dynamic understanding of the organism for which the concepts of mind and body, systems, organs and apparatuses are read in terms of rhythmic models in interaction. 

“Transe” indicates that unitary, dynamic and interconnected state to which we access every time we are in contact with our true nature or which we block whenever we do not respect the natural laws of the living. It takes us directly back to the "primary tradition" founded on the ancient religion of nature for which contact with the divine is achieved through the ecstatic fusion with the forces of nature considered its direct emanation.

A vision in which disease is conceived as a disharmony between the parts and health as a harmonious unfolding of vital interactions in each district of the "body mind". The restoration of health will first of all be a question of harmonizing rhythms and not of fighting the symptom. 

the integral vision

Having a unitary outlook

Integral derives from the Latin integrum, a term composed of in which stands for non and tang-ere which is about to touch: I do not touch, from which nothing has been taken away, from which nothing is missing, whole, pure, straightforward, uncorrupted.

Having an integral vision does not mean doing a little bit of everything and not even practicing a set of integrated techniques, but having a unitary look. A look that is expressed through a way of doing, able to recognize and teach to realize the creative potential, the evolutionary drive that every event, crisis, symptom, problem or suffering contains within itself.

In ancient times the primordial desire of the human being to understand nature and to harmonize with it gave birth to the first "religions of nature", for which there is a "fundamental unity of creation".
It is an integral, "original" worldview of an ecstatic order, according to which the mineral, vegetable, animal and human world, the subtle world of spirit and divinity exist one within the other and for each other. .

With scientific development, humanity has made progress not even remotely imaginable in the pre-scientific era, but to do this it has chosen to renounce its integrity, it has had to corrupt itself, it has had to remove, to become impure.

The emphasis was brought from self-knowledge to knowledge of tools, from learning to know the other by oneself, from teaching to know oneself to passing on knowledge without teaching how to achieve it.

In our days, the Integral Vision can be considered the custodian of the ancient "original tradition since it is not identified with a scientific thought and an epistemology that focus only on matter, losing the knowledge of the Self and consequently the" contact with the divine ", but works for the affirmation of a new science and a new epistemology based on the mastery of inner experience, on participation and sharing that does not neglect the highest and genuinely human qualities such as: love, compassion , awareness, responsibility, trust, acceptance.

the transpersonal view

A new movement of thought

For several decades, a new movement of thought has been developing in various fields of knowledge, in particular in psychology and pedagogy, medicine and ethno-psychiatry, anthropology and art. This movement, supported by the achievements of modern physics, research on states of consciousness and ancient spiritual traditions based on meditation, deals not only with the problems of the individual, but above all with his potential and higher qualities.

This is the transpersonal movement based on the assumptions of new science and ancient traditions and on what Bohm defines as "a new order understanding", produced by the mastery of inner experience, the fruit of insight.

From this movement, Transpersonal Psychology has come to define itself since the seventies, which, in its research:

to whom the bte is addressed

Discomfort as an ally, the symptom as a messenger

Biotransenergetics is aimed at anyone who is willing to recognize discomfort or illness as an ally that indicates the way to their most authentic nature, to those who are not in a hurry, to those who wish to make an inner journey of self-healing, of awakening their own higher qualities, of spiritual realization and mastery of one's states of consciousness. It is therefore indicated in any pathology as a catalyst of the healing process in synergy with any other therapeutic device. It is also indicated as a tool for preventing illness, maintaining health and improving one's psychophysical state.

Practicing Biotransenergetics is like embarking on a journey. To those who ask how long the journey lasts, all you can do is answer like the cat to Alice "It depends on where you want to go" ..
To those who recognize themselves in this vision, Biotransenergetics will be able to provide, through individual or group sessions, tools that allow to:

Biotransenergetics branches out on the national territory through various offices, called OM Associations, managed by psychotherapists or counselor trainers who are completely autonomous and responsible for the activities they carry out in compliance with one Statute and a Rules of the association.

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