Insights on BTE

With Clear Eyes
I watch my story unfold

With Light Heart
I sail the ocean of conscience grateful for the quiet wave of joy I stop the intent in the rush of the waves

With Empty Mind
I listen to the dialogue of forces in me I celebrate natural naturalness and I surrender to it.

Something new, something old, a way that has a heart

Notes on the method

... an integral and transpersonal therapeutic model oriented to the realization of the self, able to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness ...

The content

Inner experience is the content on which BTE operates.

  • Inner experiences of a personal nature: sensations, moods, emotions, feelings, desires, needs, thoughts, memories, images, intuitions.
  • Inner experiences of a transpersonal order: extra-sensory perceptions, spiritual, mystical, ecstatic experiences, archetypal visions, mythological dreams, revelations, insights, openings of the heart, non-ordinary states of consciousness, near-death experiences, etc.

The intent of the BTE is to provide tools to assist the client in his journey towards awakening, that is to say towards the disidentification and therefore the mastery, transformation and understanding of his own identification and self-realization process.

The process

  • The BTE does not use predefined protocols or intervention schemes but teaches through the passage from judgment to observation, the ability to ally with the process that the individual is experiencing within himself and to find thanks to the presence to oneself here and now the most appropriate answer. appropriate.
  • The recognition of the psychodynamics of the process is obtained thanks to the use of models and keys of awareness as well as the vast repertoire of practices.
  • In doing so, the BTE respects or re-establishes the original dynamics of the process that reveals the coincidence and complementarity of opposites, here and now, the true nature of the contents of consciousness and experience beyond appearances, the Truth expressed by Reality, the elsewhere that each boundary indicates the creative potential contained in each symptom.

Il Context

The BTE operates within the Transpersonal context, that is, it reads events according to the transpersonal vision.

A depression, for example, while for psychoanalysis it may mean a fixation on the oral phase of personality development, for Biotransenergetics it will mean a separation from the sacred dimension of existence. Anxiety towards life will not be read as a repressed castration anxiety, but, for example, as the emergence of an archetype asking to be recognized and honored.

The recognition of the transpersonal context coincides with the recognition of the true nature of the individual or Self and of the Reality of the environment in which it is inserted.

The true nature or Self is independent of the personality, unconditional from the biographical history, it is identified thanks to the maieutic dialogue with the other from the Self.

The other from Self on a personal level expresses the unconscious (the repressed contents of the Shadow) and the superconscious, (the potentialities and the highest yet unexpressed qualities) on a transpersonal level it expresses the environment and the field of forces that inhabit it. which some call God, others Nature, others Supreme Consciousness or Great Spirit, or Matrix or Field, or Collective Unconscious or Transpersonal Self.

Context of BTE is therefore the dynamic process that takes place between the individual and his environment on his journey towards full self-realization.

Essential characteristics of the BTE

It is founded on a precise theoretical model and on an articulated methodology, consolidated by over thirty thousand hours of clinical practice.

La philosophy perennial

The theoretical model of BTE is based on perennial philosophy, that is to say the ancient wisdom traditions of humanity and on the most advanced theories of the new integral vision derived from quantum physics, psycho-neuro-immunology, neuroscience, new biology and research on states of consciousness. Its intent is to provide a cognitive map to understand and integrate the inner experience in navigating the ocean of consciousness towards the realization of the Self.

La connection with the shamanic tradition

It has deep roots in the original tradition for which the "forces that govern the world" are immanent and transcendent forces, that is, belonging to both the world of nature and that of consciousness. Archetypal forces responsible for every psychological dynamic, for every manifestation of the living, for pathological processes as well as for healing processes.

A understanding of new order

It shares with the ancient traditional medicines and the modern psycho-corporeal therapies the conception of the world and of individuals in terms of energetic processes. He also shares the scientific view of the emerging systemic holistic paradigm, supported by the latest advances in quantum physics, research on states of consciousness, and ancient meditation-based spiritual traditions.

It draws on a system of knowledge and experiences ranging from contact with the elementary forces of nature to modern research on states of consciousness; from the development of the most genuinely human potentialities proposed by humanistic psychology to the expression of the archetypes of the collective unconscious; from the search for vision to dialogue with the inner voices, to breathing and long-life practices, to the creative visualizations proposed by the most recent hypnosis practices; from the songs and dances of the different natural forces to the superconscious spaces, to the creative expression of shapes and colors, to the silence of meditation, to the higher qualities favored by the methods of transpersonal psychology; from archaic ritual ceremonies to shamanic journeys, to the theoretical systems of holistic vision, to the principles of modern physics; from Reichian psychophysical exercises to work on the chakras, on the auric field and contact with the spiritual dimension.

The methodological corpus of the BTE

Biotransenergetics provides a psycho-spiritual operating model and an integral clinical methodology to the new paradigm and the transpersonal vision, capable of effectively intervening in the healing and self-realization processes.

The Corpus of Biotransenergetics includes

  • Integral maps and models that define the vision of the world and the theoretical reference model.
  • Keys of awareness that synthesize and guide the clinical methodology
  • A clinical methodology defined by a large number of experiential practices

Specifically, the set of experiential practices can be divided into three levels: a level of meditative practices, based on awareness in the here and now and on states of mindfulness, a level of preparatory practices based on the mastery of inner experience and on self- healing, a level of therapeutic practices based on maieutic dialogue.

The mechanisms of action

Change your state of consciousness and you will change your life ..

Biotransenergetics conceives the organism as an interdependent network of information systems - genetic, immunological, hormonal, nervous and so on - and operates on the mind-body unit to favor the natural processes of codification, processing and translation of information both to the within the different subsystems of the individual as well as between different individuals. In the current state of knowledge it can be said that the limbic-hypothalamic system is to be considered the main modulator of mind-body information through the four major translation systems - autonomic nervous system, endocrine, immune and neuropeptide ones.

The in-depth study of these translation systems has made it possible to follow what is defined as a "psychically significant stimulus" in its path from the mind, through the body, to the cells. We can thus integrate our initial argument by affirming that mental attitudes and emotional states directly influence the overall functioning of our organism through information transduction systems.

States of consciousness

We can group mental attitudes and emotional states in a more specific term: "states of consciousness". We will thus arrive at one of the founding assertions of Biotransenergetics: states of consciousness directly affect our state of health, by learning to master our states of consciousness we can improve the quality of our life.

In practice this means favoring in each individual the inner experience of natural forces and the recognition of the qualities and potential that these can awaken.
The Persistence of Contact and the Mastery of the Transe are the two main tools.

The Persistence of Contact

For the rational man, unaccustomed to listening to himself, contact with his own inner world means first of all contact with his own symptoms. A tendency to flee follows. Going away from oneself it is difficult to reach oneself, the experience of resources, potentials and our highest qualities.

In Biotransenergetics, therefore, first of all, we learn to stay rather than go away, to accept rather than fight, to observe rather than explain, to let it flow rather than repress. By doing this, the conditions are created to discover that every symptom is a blocked creative force that asks to be expressed. 

The Persistence of Contact inevitably leads us to understand the true nature of every inner sensation, and thus to go back to the intrinsic strength that wants to express itself.

The conditions necessary for the Persistence of Contact to be implemented are pursued in Biotransenergetics through ancient or new conception practices.

The Mastery of the Transe

If the Persistence of Contact allows us to recognize existence as a continuous flow of variously organized vibrations, the Mastery of the Transe allows us to harmonize the different vibrations that inhabit us.
Every expression of the living, in fact, from the most elementary aggregation of cells to the events connected to man and his psychic reality can be read as a rhythmic model, a succession of vibratory interactions, of pulsating energy on an infinite rhythmic variety that in BTE it is called Transe. We will have a harmonic Transe when the different vibrations resonate, an unbalanced and therefore pathological Transe, when the vibrations reproduce rhythmically disharmonious interference waves.

Conceiving each emotional physical state, each flow of thought and images as a flow of variously organized vibrations allows you to enter the force field that has been created, to enter the process underway until you receive all the wealth of information and the evolutionary dynamics. . It is thus possible to produce that total identification that "becoming the other" that vibrating in the same force field of the symptom, of the emotion, of the state of consciousness with which one is in contact, of the force that is awakening, until reaching that trans-formation of consciousness, that passing from one “form” of energy organization to another, more balanced and complete.

Here are some good reasons to explore the new horizons opened by newly conceived disciplines such as Biotransenergetics that can teach everyone to master their own states of consciousness to self-manage their health.


The first guarantee is awareness: the passage from the heart.
The passage from the heart creates the conditions to grasp the spiritual meaning of our existence, acquire self-esteem and self-confidence, heal and heal ourselves, feel free from life and death, responsible for preserving the sacred power of our life and the forces of nature.

Science is knowledge that provides guarantees of validity. But the disciplines that deal with consciousness and inner experience cannot be asked to respect the canons of measurement and repeatability according to the laws of cause and effect established by positivist science. It would be like wanting to measure love or wanting to imprison the air.

The transpersonal vision proposes a qualitative and not only quantitative science, beyond the claim to measure what is not measurable; it also proposes a science that, when faced with a phenomenon that does not fit within its parameters, expands its methods rather than denying the validity of the facts observed.

The new science, aware that only a strictly guaranteed knowledge can allow the evolution of knowledge, proposes a scientific methodology that frees itself from the inadequate constraints of positivist mechanism, expanding its jurisdiction, its procedures and its investigative tools considering the experience interior and the dimensions of consciousness as elements that are no longer negligible.

In Biotransenergetics we propose a methodology that moves along three directions:

  • ï  Historical Warranty
  • ï  Epistemological guarantee
  • ï  Experimental Guarantee

Historical Warranty

A Historical Guarantee: it includes training and professional history, the collection of experience data and the verification of their adherence to the great traditional knowledge systems of the "Perennial Philosophy".
The historical guarantee of biotransenergetics is supported by:

  • Direct experience of numerous spiritual traditions such as:
  • Amazonian Shamanism (Tupi-Guarani, Bororo, Xavante, Campa, Shipibo), Mongolian Shamanism (Satan), Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (Namkay Norbu), Taoism (Master Ming, Master Mandra), Ananda Marga (Swami Subatmananda) Afro-Brazilian Syncretism ( Mae Divina), Shaolin (Maestro Abbruzzo).
  • 30.000 hours of clinical work from 1982 to today
  • Over 30 books published
  • Over sixty papers presented at conferences around the world

Epistemological guarantee

An Epistemological Guarantee: provided by a methodology which, introducing attention to the state of consciousness of the subject of the experience, proposes meditation as an instrument of investigation that allows access to what the physicist David Bohm has defined as "understanding of a new order"; an "immediate perception out of time" achievable through a broad and open observation and a listening, empty of emotional fullness, of the "felt sense" of each event.

Biotransenergetics proposes the epistemiology of the second attention:

Episemology of the second attention intends to suggest an approach to the inner experience of states of consciousness centered on the subject of the experience and on the guarantees of validity of its affirmations.
It indicates in the attention a new frontier and in the further way the instrument to investigate it.

It postulates the possibility of distinguishing a first attention, daughter of the reactive mind and emotional identification, from a Second Attention, daughter of conscious observation, and of disidentification.
It outlines a method of investigation and validation based on the participatory dialogue between the individual and the environment, which has its roots in the organismic self and therefore on psycho-physical contents that can be standardized thanks to the comparison with phenomenologically accessible reference maps.

Alongside, just to name a few, Hartelius' Quantitative somatic phenomenology, Varela's First-person methodology, Tart's and Wilber's State-specific science towards the definition of standards for a science of consciousness.

Experimental Guarantee

Finally, an experimental guarantee obtained by comparing, as Gregory Bateson suggests, the information thus obtained with the data of material events, inherent to the subject studied, measurable and verifiable experimentally.
The experimental guarantee of biotransenergetics is fundamentally experiential collected in:

Over 3.000 hours of recording of clinical work Over 20.000 pages of experience reports Over 70 thesis works


horses can be brought to the source, but they cannot be forced to drink ...

Like all "effective tools", even Biotransenergetics can be used in favor of ourselves or not, as in the maxim "you can bring the horses to the source, but you cannot force them to drink". This means that while a biochemical reaction produced by a drug can also take place against our will and be measured, Biotransenergetics cannot act without our willingness to change, and its results cannot be evaluated according to exclusively quantitative statistical criteria. A path of psycho-spiritual realization runs through the whole life. Given that the recovery from a symptom is more easily objectively evaluated than a psycho-spiritual evolutionary path, and that in Biotransenergetics measurement is not recognized as a tool for validating the results, at the beginning and at the end of the established periods the client will be invited to compilation of a form that will allow a qualitative assessment of the path taken. In our archive we have several thousand pages of feedback from students and customers in which the path taken is described in detail.


Pier Luigi Lattuada

Doctor, specializing in clinical psychology, psychotherapist.
Trained in traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, iridology, psycho-body therapies. Former director of the Lifegate Holistic Clinic
He is Director of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy
He is Director of Higher Education in Transpersonal Counselor
He is a member of the FAIP (Federation of Italian Associations of Psychotherapy) board. He is a member of the Eurotas Board
He is a member of the Academy of History of Healthcare
He has published several books and numerous articles.

Marlene Silveira

Psychotherapist psychologist. In Brazil you have access to ancient knowledge of the Afro-Brazilian tradition, thanks to a direct teaching from teacher to disciple that lasted more than seven years; during this period, she works as a volunteer in the favelas of Belo Horizonte. She has been in Italy since 1977. she Currently she conducts group and individual work, both in Italy and abroad.

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Biotransenergetics has been presented in over sixty congresses and conferences all over the world, in numerous conferences and publications, as well as in radio and television broadcasts on various local and national networks.

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