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Frequently Asked Questions on Biotransenergetics

If you have any questions, please email us, we will reply as quickly as possible.

1. Who can benefit from Biotransenergetics?

Anyone who is willing to stop, listen to themselves and recognize that they are primarily responsible for their state of health. Anyone willing to explore the immense resources of their organism and dedicate some of their time to health education.

2. Which pathologies can be treated with Biotransenergetics?

Biotransenergetics is concerned with promoting the natural processes of self-renewal and self-transcendence of the organism. It is therefore indicated in any pathology as a catalyst of the healing process in synergy with any other therapeutic device. It is also indicated as a tool for preventing illness, maintaining health and improving one's psychophysical state.

3. How long does a biotransenergetic therapy last?

Practicing Biotransenergetics is like embarking on a journey. To those who ask how long the journey lasts, all you can do is answer like the cat to Alice: "It depends on where you want to go". Twelve meetings are to be considered the minimum time to learn how to use some basic self-healing practices, seven years is the duration of a Training Training for biotransenergetics trainer, seven times seven years may not be enough to fully realize ourselves.

4. Have scientific studies on the benefits generated by Biotransenergetics been published, even abroad?

Scientific works of Biotransenergetics, as relationships, are present in the proceedings of the various international conferences during which the United States, Brazil, France, Austria, India, Spain, Russia, Switzerland were presented.

5. What are the relationships of Biotransenergetics with religion?

By dealing with Biotransenergetics to realize one's potential, it inevitably crosses over "where the angels hesitate", as Bateson would say, since the process of individual evolution brings with it, as Stanislav Grof reminds us, the awakening of spiritual qualities. These qualities make the individual more humble, tolerant, compassionate, patient, understanding, aware of the sacredness of existence and therefore "religious" in a secular sense, not hindering, but rather favoring any individual path of faith.

6. What are the limits of Biotransenergetics?

Like all "tools that work", even Biotransenergetics can be used in favor of ourselves or not, as in the maxim: "you can take the horses to the source, but you cannot force them to drink". This means that while a biochemical reaction produced by a drug can also take place against our will and be measured, Biotransenergetics cannot act without our willingness to change, and its results cannot be evaluated according to exclusively quantitative statistical criteria.

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