Free webinar series on the Transpersonal Approach and BTE

FCP, Continuing Education in Psychology, organizes a series of meetings with ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute 3 webinars via Zoom dedicated totranspersonal approach and Biotransenergetics.

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Biotransenergetics – questions and answers on the psychology of the future
10 April 2024 18.30pm-20.00pm
Webinar with Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada and Valentina Lattuada

Transpersonal Psychology is an approach that addresses the human being from the point of view of his evolutionary processes and favors the development of the potentialities and highest qualities of the human being.

In this webinar the transpersonal therapeutic approach of Biotransenergetics will be presented, an integral model that offers an ontology, epistemology and methodological bases for a psychotherapy capable of dealing with the human being in his entirety through the mastery of inner experience and states of consciousness.

Through questions and answers in an interview format, the main epistemological maps and operational models of Biotransenergetics will be addressed…



Dream Body, Art of Self-Gift and integral psycho-corporeal approach
17 April 2024 18.00pm-20.00pm
Webinar with Dr. Matteo Hu

Initially, the ontological and epistemological reference models for an integral psycho-corporeal approach in Biotransenergetics and Transpersonal Psychology will be defined:

– The Organismic Transe

– Participatory dialogue between microcosm and macrocosm

– Transpersonal Maieutics

Subsequently, the Corpus of practices of the Body of Dreams and the Art of Self-Gift will be explored, highlighting their novel characteristics, specificities and wide range of application possibilities.

The webinar will continue with a small experiential part…


We remind you that Dr. Hu is also the head of the ITI Unit DreamingBody which offers training opportunities regarding the practice of the Dreaming Body. If you want to stay updated on his activities you can fill out the small form This Page 

Transe and non-ordinary states of consciousness in psychotherapy
24 April 2024 18.30pm-19.30pm
Webinar with Dr. Giovanna Calabrese

The aim of the webinar is to describe how non-ordinary states of consciousness can favor psychotherapy paths, according to a holistic and integrative vision of the different levels of the body-mind. 

Initially, the concept of Transe in Biotransenergetics will be introduced both from a phenomenological point of view, illustrating clinical cases, and providing a reference frame based on the evidence deriving from neuroscience.

The discussion on non-ordinary states of consciousness will therefore broaden by taking into consideration the main theories of neuroscience regarding the effect of psychedelic substances, and how these can be included, in an appropriate medical context, in a therapy process for some specific disorders, such as ptsd or drug-resistant depression. 

At the end, a meditation practice will be proposed…


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