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Heads of the Spiritual Crisis Unit: Dr. Toscan Elena, Psychologist e Dr. Illuminati Loretta, Psychologist

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The Unit on Spiritual Crises, in accordance with the transpersonal vision, aims to support and share this gaze on the spiritual crisis, underlining and promoting an integral and integrated model of development of the spiritual sphere, a development that from a psychological point of view also has some stages and passages and which must be harmoniously integrated with the various other areas of experience and life.

With this in mind, the project aims to promote a clinical and social culture that knows how to recognize and welcome the value and strength of this experience, promoting a broader reflection on the various implications related to this type of crisis and the concept of "spirituality", which also involve intercultural aspects.

The model of Transpersonal Psychology highlights the importance of the spiritual dimension, conceived as a fundamental human experience, and which therefore has a strong psychological impact on the person. This experience, if lived in a positive and evolutionary way, can be a source of well-being for the subject, but it can also be accompanied by experiences of difficulty and discomfort, with psycho-emotional repercussions in the various areas of one's life (e.g. affective, relational, family, working etc.).

In the transpersonal context, the spiritual crisis is therefore welcomed and valued as a psychologically significant moment of passage, a delicate moment, rich in complexity but also with great potential for maturation, fulfillment and personal expression, if crossed in the appropriate way, which also affect the community. more enlarged.


The initiatives of the Unit include organization of conferences, courses (including ECM), study and research projects, publication of articles and texts.

Dr. Toscan Elena, Psychologist and Dr. Illuminati Loretta, Psychologist
Dr. Illuminati Loretta, Psychologist - Transpersonal Psychotherapist, trained at the Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI) in Milan, head of the Om Center in Saludecio (RN), a Center affiliated with ITI.

Dr. Toscan Elena, Psychologist - Transpersonal Psychotherapist, trained at the Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI) in Milan, author of the text “Venne alba. The evolutionary challenge of the spiritual crisis "(ITI Edizioni).