Saturday 26 e Sunday 27th of February 2023 - Free (by reservation).

At l 'The Narcissus farmhouse (via Cappella 61, Castelnuovo Nigra, Turin)

Timeline di 6 weekend in presence where you will be provided with psycho-spiritual tools to master inner experience and increase your integral well-being, i.e. on your five levels (body, mind, spirit, energy, emotions). Through group practices you will undertake a work of personal and spiritual growth, which will allow you to improve your awareness of yourself, of the way you relate to others and to the world, and which will lead you to realize your true nature.

It will also be a training course where you will learn the notions of transpersonal psychology and BioTransEnergetics.


Andrea Samar Molinari – Psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist and BTE teacher graduated from the Integral Transpersonal Institute (Milan); student and practitioner of the Brazilian shamanic traditions of Santo Daime, Jurema and Afro-Brazilian culture. He currently works as a psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist in Milan and in Valchiusella (TO), conducts Human Evolution retreats and BTE workshops and seminars in Italy, Chile and Brazil 

Verónica Gruosso – Psychologist, specializing in transpersonal psychotherapy.

Francesca Candiani – Transpersonal Psychotherapist in Training at the Integral Transpersonal Institute, practitioner of traditional Mexican medicine methods and Reiki.

Francis Santini – Counselor & Lecturer at the Integral Transpersonal Institute. Certified Mindfulness Instructor. It helps empathetic people transform their sensitivity into a resource.

For info & Registration:

Andrea Molinari 333 4751853 Francesca Candiani 340 9406690

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For details on:

COSTS, LOCATION, FOOD ACCOMMODATION and other information consult the flyer or click on the image to download the complete pdf



Un path of self-awareness, of growth interior, of evolution psycho-spiritual.

Working in a group, tools will be provided to increase one's sensitivity to the state of 5 levels of our body mind.


Psycho: we are working on the psyche or Psychè. In Transpersonal psychology, Psychè includes work on the 5 levels of human experience: The physical level (BODY); the energy level (ENERGY); the emotional level (EMOTIONS); the mental level (MIND); the transpersonal or spiritual level (SPIRIT). 

The work on the spiritual aspects of the human experience is therefore integrated into the psychological work on oneself. This is the characteristic of Transpersonal Psychology, of which BTE is a part, that it acts as a bridge between psychological science and the experience of the transcendent, between the new scientific paradigm and the ancient wisdom traditions of every age.

Through the work in a circle and the group practices that we will carry out during the weekends, we will be supported in our individual processes by sharing moments of lightness, community and beauty in a family atmosphere.

The search for well-being passes through the expression of one's most authentic nature, recognizing the conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears and masks that block the full flow of our vitality. When this occurs, the experience of all levels of the body and mind is integrated and there are no obstacles to the expression of vitality on all levels. During the journey we will be invited to come into contact with disharmonies, blocks, resistances or limits, in order to understand their nature and transform them into ways towards the full expression of our potential.

“By mastering listening and self-observation we can allow the creative potential of the symptom or conflict to unfold through images, emotions, sensations, needs, desires, memories, sounds, actions, intuitions etc. (…) Pain, conflicts, both emotional and social, and illness are not simply enemies to be fought, but allies that contain within themselves a creative potential, a source of meaning, teaching and strength. " 

(Pier Luigi Lattuada)

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