YOGA & BTE- Yoga online by E. Casiraghi and Sara Gambelli

YOGA AND BIOTRANSENERGETICS: a transpersonal practice
what is that

An innovative practice to integrate the millennial wisdom of Yoga with Transpersonal Psychology and Biotransenergetic methodology. 


Demonstrate how the BTE intensifies the contact with the transpersonal Self, accelerates it and cleanses it even within the Yoga practice.

What do we propose?

In the heart of spring, let's start with 6 online classes of Yoga and BTE, to experience the union of Yoga with the techniques of Biotransenergetics.

It is an initiatory journey starting from the millennial practical philosophy of Yoga to pass through the Orixas, the forces that hold up the world, archetypes of the Afro-Brazilian shamanic tradition used in Biotransenergetics.

Biotransenergetics is a transpersonal psychotherapy methodology, which uses maps and psycho-body work for effective integration with the world of Yoga.

Through psycho-body work you come into contact with breathing, the Asanas - archetypes of Yoga - associated with the chakras which also correspond to the implementation fields of the Orixas which will be invoked through mantras, puffs, touches, traditional chants and movement sequences according to the BTE Dream Body methodology.

This integration gives power to maps of the perennial Philosophy that the BTE uses and renews, increasing the awareness of one's own functioning on the 5 levels physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual, referring to the 4 elements and the integral psychogram of the BTE.

What is important for us is to transfer an innovative and at the same time very ancient way of practicing and living yoga which involves integration with the transpersonal world of the BTE and the techniques that the latter uses, calling into play the Orixas, archetypes of Afro-Brazilian shamanic tradition.

During our lessons we will experiment the integration of the archetypes of the BTE -Orixá – with the archetypes of Yoga through Asana which activate specific qualities combined with the different body districts or chakras and with all the qualities connected to them.

What is the intent?

The intent is to experience how the BTE intensifies and accelerates contact with the Transpersonal Self even within the Yoga practice, increasing awareness of one's functioning on the 5 koshas or levels of Being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Practicing in this integration allows not only to reach an increased state of well-being but to carry out a real archetypal journey that allows you to cross thresholds and access transpersonal realms, to enter into an authentic dialogue with the Self.

How is the course structured?

During each lesson we will experience a traditional mantra and a specific archetypal quality, pranayama or breaths of the Orixas, asanas and specific sequences connected to the chakras that are activated, final relaxation practices, visualization and meditation integrated with BTE mindfulness practices.

Who is it for?
  1. Yoga Teachers who seek new stimuli for the practice and place it within the Transpersonalece Shamanic framework.
  2. People who practice Yoga and want to deepen it with an innovative and very ancient practice within the Transpersonal and Shamanic framework.
  3. BTE students who want to approach Yoga to experience the union of the two systems and adopt it in therapeutic practice.
  4. BTE students who teach Yoga to deepen the union of the two systems and broaden the mastery of both visions to adopt them in therapeutic practice and Yoga practice.
  5. All those who want to approach BTE and Yoga
The proposed topics
  • Root Chakra: Metal from deep within Mother Earth
  • Sensoriality chakra: contacting pleasure
  • Chakra of Personal Power: offering oneself to the fire that transforms
  • Heart Chakra: open up to the courage to love
  • Throat Chakra: Self-expression in freedom
  • Chakra of Vision and Transpersonal Connection.
Times and route value

Classes will be held on the Zoom platform.
The value is 25 euros per lesson or 150 euros for the whole package.

It is possible to practice individual lessons or enroll in the entire program.
To offer a practice dedicated and attentive to the needs of practitioners, create debriefing spaces in which to listen to everyone's experiences, the course will be limited in number.

Registrations will be activated after the summer. Keep following us to not miss the updates.


For info and registration contact:
Elena Casiraghi a or 3392962003.

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