Workshop "The feminine and the imaginary"

Event for training purposes
Edition dedicated to the memory of Maria Cristina Greco

Event Director

Alfredo Ananias

Psychiatrist Psychotherapist Marsala, Dir. Resp. Rev. Dynamic Psychology

Chairpersons, Speakers, Artists

Hercules Alagna

Sole Director of Alagna Vini Marsala

Simona Alessandro

Primary School Teacher, Psychologist, Gela, Event Director

Antonella White

Doctor in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Dance-movement-therapist Marsala

Gina Bonasera

Marsala artist

Maria Brunelli

Entrepreneur, Fashion Blogger & Desgner Naples-Rome

Antoninus Contilianus

Marsala poet

Albert DiGirolamo

Cardiologist, President of the Lilybetana Marsala Medical-Surgical Association

Delia Garziano

Freelance Social Assistant Marsala

Gaetano Gurgone

Psychiatrist Psychotherapist, Marsala

Elisa Ilari

Choreographer, Director of the Tersicore Marsala Dance Center

Salvatore Ingui

Director of the Social Service Office for Minors for the Ministry of Grace and Justice of Palermo

El Khorassani Mohamed

Professeur de Université en hématologie-oncologie pédiatrique in Rabat-Salé-Kenitra Maroc

Mounia Lakhmiri

Coach en Parentalite Positive et en Discipline Positive Pour Enfants et Adolescents, Rabat, Maroc

Pier Luigi Lattuada

Director of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Milan

Francesco Licari

Gastroenterologist Doctor, Creative Artist

Vito Lombardo

Professor of Iconography at the Academy of Fine Arts Kandiskij Trapani

Gianna Panicola

Art Critic and Curator Marsala

On the other P'arte - Theater Company 

Luisa Caldarella, Gianfranco Manzo, Andrea Scaturro

Vito Sammartano

Psychiatrist Psychotherapist Director of the CSM of Trapani

Stephanie Torrasi

Psychoanalyst, President of the Paul Lemoine Palermo Center

School of Specialization Lacanian Psychoanalytic Institute of Training in Freudian Psychodrama


Friday 25 November 2022 h. 16,30-19,30


Gianna Panicola “In your being there is the enchantment of being”: The female figure in the Collection of

Marsala Art Gallery.

Francesco Licari The music of the Soul in a Poem or in a painting dedicated to a woman

Gina Bonasera Ida / digital mixed inspired by the poem by Ada Merini "Nobody combs me as well as the wind"

Vito Sammartano "The Words to the Ear"

Saturday 26 November 2022 h. 10,00-13,00


Albert DiGirolamo The Woman and the Polis

Delia Garziano "Women, Witches or Fairies?" ... They call them "cat", cultural stereotypes, variables

psychological and personal experiences

Salvatore Ingui Women Defenders of the Land of the Amazonian Tribes

Saturday 26 November 2022 h. 16,30-19,30


Stephanie Torrasi Mothers to the test of Femininity

Mounia Lakhmiri Le fèminin et imagine à travers le tissage du tapis berbère au Maroc

El Khorassani Mohamed Le regard de la maman envers l'équipe de soin pediatrique, entre méfiance et


On the other hand, P'arte Realness, feminine authenticity in ballroom culture

Antoninus Contilianus Step Around the Feminine day and night

Sunday 27 November 2022 h. 10,00-13,00


Vito Lombardo The Icons of Christmas

Simona Alexandra The Feminine and the Archetypal Symbols

Gaetano Gurgone The eternal Mystery

Alfredo Ananias leads "The Masculine and the Imaginary" Large Thematic Group

Sunday 27 November 2022 h. 16,30-19,30


Pier Luigi Lattuada Transe-Cognition. The Thought of the Self

Elisa Ilari The Gesture and the Soul

Maria Brunelli “Fashion and its unexplored horizons between rediscovery of ancient balances and new awareness

pursuit of life

Alfredo Ananias "The Unveil"

Antonella White Tra_Velati Sguardi

Board tel. 3206741712


Scientific-Cultural Dr. Raffaella Anania Clinical Psychologist, Order of Psychologists Sicily

Scientific-Organizational Dr. Alessandro Anania Family Mediator, Energy Life Coach

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