La School of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (MIUR recognized) and ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute invite you to the DIES ACADEMICUS and OPEN WEEKEND 2023 to learn about the Biotransenergetic Methodology applied in our schools Psychotherapy e Inside each of us lives a human being who often neglects or hides his truest part.

The event will be a special opportunity to get to know the structure, the teachers, the training proposal, students and former students.

Topic: The Transpersonal Field
Saturday 2 DECEMBER 2023
10.00 -13.30 hours
ITI headquarters - in via Montalbino 7 in Milan (MM Zara, MM Marche, MM Maciachini)

Places are limited, booking is welcome and recommended.

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Write to us info@iti-life.com or call the Secretariat on 02/8393306

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