YOGA, BTE and Transpersonal Constellations by Elena Casiraghi, Eleonora Prazzoli and Sara Gambelli

RETREAT 28-31 August | Yoga, BTE and Transpersonal Constellations

Do you want to combine BTE with the world of Yoga and transpersonal constellations?

A seminar in which to deepen the shamanic part, experiencing Orixas and seals, combined with the power codes of Yoga (asana, yantra and mantra) in three-dimensional representation according to a sacred geometry, with the aim of deepening self-knowledge and tools for therapy.

The event, curated by Elena Casiraghi, Eleonora Prazzoli and Sara Gambelli, is in collaboration with ITI, a 10% discount is provided for students, psychotherapists and counselors.

For all the details visit the FACEBOOK event!

  1. Yoga Teachers who seek new stimuli for the practice and place it within the Transpersonalece Shamanic framework.
  2. People who practice Yoga and want to deepen it with an innovative and very ancient practice within the Transpersonal and Shamanic framework.
  3. BTE students who want to approach Yoga to experience the union of the two systems and adopt it in therapeutic practice.
  4. BTE students who teach Yoga to deepen the union of the two systems and broaden the mastery of both visions to adopt them in therapeutic practice and Yoga practice.
  5. All those who want to approach BTE and Yoga

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