Intervention projects


Intervention projects

Transformation Paths

Nagual Project

"The World is the Dream of the Mind"

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up"


Beyond the mind

In the place of the awakened

In the breath that comes from the sea

In the perfume of every flower

 In the grace of the Higher Self 

When the star descends into the heart

Pure observation

Pure sensation

Pure action 

 In the sip that burns from the sun

In the breast that welcomes the pain

In the void that remains to feel

PLLattuada MD, Ph.D.

Integral Transpersonal Institute


The vision

To live means to be there, to experience.

When you love or sing joy, when you sit in silence or cry in pain, when you look at the stars or eat your meal, when you talk to a friend or play with a child, drive your car or breathe the clear morning air, you just live.

The transpersonal vision was born within psychology, in California in the seventies, originally wanting to indicate that psychological approach that deals with the highest qualities of the human being such as the dimensions of consciousness, spirit, creativity, transcendence, true nature, of evolution, of service, of devotion.

The term transpersonal more generally can define the different cultural traditions both secular and religious, scientific or mystical that propose the overcoming of individualism, selfishness, thirst for power, greed, competition, towards altruism and sharing. , synergy, participation and spirituality.

The method

Biotransenergetics is a psycho-spiritual discipline that teaches to master the inner experience. It is the expression of a synthesis of a vast system of self-healing and consciousness transformation practices.

His intent is to make a conscious integration of the planes of feeling, acting and thinking to put us in a position to Heal from within, free our body from discomfort, both physical and psychic, master the states of consciousness, awaken our spiritual qualities and therefore honor our true nature.

Develop the First Attention to operate in the ordinary everyday reality.

Develop the Second Attention to access the path of the heart. A path that is not limited to well-being, but wants challenge, personal power, freedom: it wants availability to love and suffering, to awareness and errors, deaths and rebirths.

He wants responsibility to uphold the spiritual meaning of his existence, heal and heal himself, feel free from life and death, preserve the sacred power of his own life and the forces of nature.

A journey characterized by Conscious Observation and Compassionate Love, in the direction of that mythical place that the various spiritual traditions have tried to indicate with the most diverse metaphors: Supreme Consciousness, Akasha, Way, Tao, Dharma, Kingdom of Heaven, Foundation, Aruanda, Orùm, Nirvana, Dream Time, nagual.


One more way

The Further Way is proposed as an Operating System able to connect the individual with his intimate nature, thus realizing the conditions for respecting natural laws and mastering the inner experience.

Il Way Further  it coincides with the attitude of that whole human being who honors his true nature and fully realizes himself, his essence.

A human being with an empty mind, clear eyes and a light heart, who loves and respects himself and his neighbor with a spontaneous, equanimous love that is independent of affinity, quality, needs.

A human being aware of the "disease" inherent in his condition of limitation and therefore able to heal and heal himself through acceptance, love and respect for your organism and its laws.


Some laws

  • The world is what you dream: each person lives the Reality according to his cognitive systems. (maps or representations of Reality or Visions of the world).
  • The most efficient cognitive systems are those that carry the greatest number of possibilities.
  • The evolutionary process is characterized by a gradual increase in complexity and organization in the systems thanks to a work of progressive transcendence and inclusion of borders.
  • Every event that takes place in a living system is at the same time unitary, ternary, dynamic, interconnected and self-organizing.

Unitary means that it involves the organismic self at all its levels. Ternary means that it has an intrinsic ternary structure characterized by the thing by the way and their relationship. Everything is in its way: The way transcends and includes the thing and as such "speaks louder". Dynamic means that it is always a process that expresses an original dynamic characterized by polarity and rhythm. Interconnected means that it takes place in a field that always includes the individual and the environment of him, Self and the other from Self. Self-organizing means that it is able to self-renew and self-transcend if the right conditions are created.

  • The systems therefore exhibit a teleological behavior, that is, they possess an internal coherence oriented towards harmony.
  • Each event seems to take place in a harmonious way when the two becomes one.
  • Actually this is this, that is that.
  • Truly this is that.
  • The transformation process proceeds from either / to and / and.
  • As before and after: Past and future converge here and now and influence the present.
  • As above as below: the appearance reveals the essence, the surface reveals the depth, in the shadow there is the light, in the light the shadow, in the motion the stasis in the stasis the motion, in the silence the words, in the words the silence.
  • Every natural process follows the lines of least resistance


The eight pillars of transformation

1. Observe, instead of… thinking

The first condition for Naturalness seems to be to learn to observe with clear eyes. What does it mean? It means realizing that, in addition to observing the external world, we can also observe our internal world.

The ocean of consciousness produces waves, just like any other ocean. Waves we call, sensations, emotions, thoughts, images, memories, etc. Brain activity is a set of waves, observation is the ocean. Being guided by your thoughts means being at the mercy of the waves. Practicing observation means being able to grasp the true nature of the water of life instead of getting lost in its waves.

2. Stay, instead of… walking away

How can we not be overwhelmed by the irrepressible flow of thoughts, by the incessant succession of stressors?

Staying instead of going away.

If we want to sail from Europe to the coasts of the United States we have to follow the east-west direction. Waves and winds will tend to take us in all other directions, but only if we keep the bar in the center, without following the forces that push us elsewhere, will we arrive at our destination. Similarly, if we want to master the observation of both an aspect of ourselves and a function, such as breathing or an emotion such as fear, an organ or a symptom, we will have to know how to stay there with the attention, without going away with the flow of thoughts.

Staying means developing qualities such as listening, acceptance, responsibility.

3. Hear how, instead of… understanding why

Let's now dedicate a few minutes of our time to a simple experiment.

Let's try to close our eyes and follow our thoughts for a few moments… Now let's observe our breathing.

With certainty we can see that it was blocked.

When we go with the flow of thoughts, we block the flow of life.

Now let's reflect on how much time we spend in our day listening to our breath and how much to follow our thoughts.

Here is one of the main stressors:

We spend much more time thinking about our thoughts than feeling the flow of life itself.

By doing so we cause in us repeated, incessant interruptions of the vital energy, but we do not realize it. Instead of observing what we are doing, rather than feeling how we keep our inner wisdom from finding the best answer, we ask ourselves why. That is, we do not observe what is happening now, what is there to see, to think about what had happened before, which we will hardly be able to recognize. We don't do what we might do now to think about what we shouldn't have done before.

4. Facts, no problems.

This behavior stems from an ingrained belief: We believe that the solution of problems is in our mind. Nothing could be more false.

Our mind is the source of all problems.

Or better, our problems arise from the way we use our mind.

The ordinary mind sees problems but tends not to realize that these are first of all facts, phenomena, just like the waves in the ocean or the rising sun. Conscious observation is able to recognize that the solution lies in the phenomenon itself. Conscious observation can allow them to understand the true nature of each event and grasp its creative potential.

5. Trust instead of… check

Inner experience is the way to realize conscious observation and thus grasp the true cause before it reveals itself in a natural way.

To realize true understanding it is necessary to let go, then we will understand that problems are not solved but dissolve in the transforming force of trust.

6. Allies, not symptoms.

Anyone who stops and listens inside with the necessary firmness and for the necessary time will discover that in every problem there is the solution, in every symptom there is an ally, full of a creative potential that yearns to express itself.

He will see in every adversity the benevolent face of existence that whispers loving or the angry face that rigorously demands the qualities to be awakened. He will recognize in every disease nothing but a request for love.

7. Accept, instead of… fighting

He will then learn to lay down his arms. To make love and not war.

The conscious observation of the waves of the ocean of consciousness, the firmness in the intent to come into contact and lovingly listen to every message of the organism will teach to accept every emotion, every pain, every symptom without fighting it. The willingness to say yes to his swollen belly, to his arrhythmic heart or to his anxiety, and to stay in their company, will allow him to know them thoroughly, to go beyond the discomfort they create. He will then feel something happening inside him, the heaviness becomes light, the block becomes a pulsation, the pain becomes a sound, the anxiety gesture, the rigidity of movement and after word, the empty fullness. From that void, insight will arise as the dawn of a new day. On the ocean of his consciousness, once the storm has passed, the sun will shine with a new clarity.

8. Responsibility, instead of… delegation

Clarity implies responsibility. And responsibility scares us. It seems, in fact, that the mother of all fears is that of being alone with oneself in the face of life. When we are completely free from problems and symptoms, then we no longer have an excuse for not loving existence unconditionally. Then there are no more tyrants to overthrow, there are no more leaders with whom to share the weight of our lightness. So here we are alone and empty in the face of the fear of God.

If we reflect, it becomes clear to us that the whole history of medicine is, in the final analysis, the history of a delegation. The delegation of responsibility for our condition to the adverse fate, the delegation of responsibility for not being happy with our illnesses; the delegation of the responsibility of getting us out of trouble to the doctor, who, in turn, delegates his therapeutic ability to scientific research or drugs. Nobody cares about the human being in front of him. The history of the relationship between doctor and patient is the history of a macroscopic forgetfulness. All the qualities that simple common sense can recognize, the most genuinely human characteristics, are left out of the picture. The history of modern medicine is not about quality. In his diagnostic and therapeutic paths he neglects details such as: love, conscience, awareness, trust, beauty, creativity, joy, listening, intent, vital energy, vocation, true nature, and we stop here.


Transformation Paths

Introductory Seminars

The new integral vision and with it the Further Way want to teach every human being to take full responsibility for himself. To recognize through conscious observation, acceptance and listening, that every fact of life is an ally that seeks to show him the way to understanding the meaning of one's existence, the discovery of one's vocation, the realization of one's true nature.



Self-healing meetings

Take care of yourself

We are used, in our everyday life, to neglect our inner world and to remember it only when it causes us discomfort, anxiety, excitement, tension, depression, fear and so on.

In the same way, we are used to neglecting the natural rhythms of our organism and to remember them only when we feel symptoms.

In Biotransenergetics Seminars based on inner experience, on contact with the forces of nature, on the awareness of our dynamics and the mastery of states of consciousness, we will learn to respect our natural rhythms, to enhance our qualities and transform our disorders into potential. .




Disappear, flow, harmonize, integrate.

In ancient times the shaman traveled to different worlds to achieve the cure and draw on knowledge. The mystic, through prayer, dance, meditation, fasting, abstinence, selfless service reaches ecstasy, a necessary condition for contact with his God. Psychological science has developed hypnosis as an instrument of investigation. of the unconscious dimensions of consciousness. The Biotransenrgetica represents, among other things, an evolution of the hypnotic practices that in Psychotranse find their main application. The Psychotranse it teaches to realize that state beyond the mind where the solutions of problems, the resolution of conflicts, the answers to questions, the creative acts necessary for change and innovation reside.


Meetings of Meditation and Mindfulness

Passage from Zero

Disappear to yourself to find yourself

In their investigation the physicists found that each cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all matter in the known universe! Il zero crossing required by the different traditions of perennial philosophy such as the condition empty and awake of zen, leave everything and follow me of evangelical memory, this is a good day to die of Native Americans, I know that I do not know of Socrates, offers us the possibility of accessing this empty space: the place of the spirit. Faced with all those conditions in which we seem not to have the strength to make the change, when we feel depressed or anxious, when we take a drug for headache, we get discouraged by a mishap, we contract for a problem that does not we are able to solve, the passage from zero can show us the main road to ourselves. When we turn inside and drink at the source, everything starts to flow, our mind empties, the false needs vanish, the different people, the roles, the masks that we have built on ourselves dissolve, in the end we always find only ourselves . Persisting in the contact, the chronic tensions of our body, repositories of the traumas of the past and of the current conflicts of the ego, dissolve, in our organism life begins to pulsate again and healing takes place.

At the end of the tunnel the light appears, always.



Star in the Heart 

Look with the eyes of the heart

The most common attitude when we have a problem, an illness or a discomfort is undoubtedly that of asking ourselves why, of trying to understand and find a solution. This would be fine if we were machines. Asking why faced with our ailments means doing the wrong thing, it simply means trying to exorcise the problem by giving it an explanation: "I have a headache, the doctor told me that I have neck pain, I have stomach pain, I must have caught a cold, I'm depressed, it must be this bad weather ”. “I took the exams but they are all fine, the doctor told me that I have nothing, only that I am always tired; I have high cholesterol I have to eat less fat, I had a mammogram, the doctor told me that I have a lump in my breast, if it gets bigger I will have to remove it; I did the CT scan, I have a herniated disc, I will have to have an operation ". "I have all the anxiety of my mother who did not love me, I am depressed I have not received the breast, it is all the anger that I do not express towards my father". Where does this irrepressible urge to behave like machines come from? When we look with the eyes of the heart we become aware of the obvious: every living system is the result of multiple interconnected physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, environmental factors influencing each other. The conscious individual learns to observe and listen to what is happening within him and he realizes that taking responsibility is the first of the medicines.



One, None, One Hundred Thousand

Get to know the characters who live there

We often ask ourselves because we have had some experience, sometimes it might be useful to ask yourself who lived it. Inside us, in fact, live several characters who tend to take possession of the experiences we live. Each is a constellation of cultural conditioning, family heritage, personal habits, ways of thinking, acting, feeling. Psychology calls identifications these different parts of us that determine our behavior and falsify our inner experience. From time to time we identify with the different roles we have been called to play in life: the child, the child, the mother, the parent, the lover, or the teacher, the doctor, the merchant or even the hero. , the victim, the warrior, the villain, the savior and so on. One, None, One Hundred Thousand, offers us the opportunity to "unmask" the different roles with which we identify without realizing it and thus to free the resources that they imprison.



Freedom from the Known

We learn to breathe, we go back to life

Because of the joy our chest expands, out of fear our legs give out, out of anger our stomach contracts. The memory of these lived emotions remains in our chest, in our legs, in our stomach, as well as in our brain. The memory of each of our traumatic experiences remains written not only in the brain, but also in our cells.

This means that our past experiences affect the functioning of our organism as a whole, on the physical, emotional and mental level. In Biotransenergetics we call “Chronic Transe” that set of mental, behavioral, emotional and organic habits with which we try to defend ourselves from our past by controlling the present to prevent the future.

Freedom from the Known it teaches us to free ourselves from the roots of the past that imprison us by acting on the states of consciousness, thus realizing the ability to observe and say yes, returning our past to the flow of existence.



Orixàs - Moving in the flow

Dancing our qualities

"Laudato si ', my Lord, for sora moon and stars" .. "messòr lo frate sole" .. "friar wind" .. "sora water" .. "friar fire" .. "sora our mother earth".

How much time of our life do we spend in the awareness of the gifts that nature and its forces bestow upon us at every moment? How many times, instead of worrying about a problem, do we know how to rejoice in the rays of the sun that expand our chest?

Instead of grieving for a mishap, do we know how to gratefully breathe the lightness of the wind and the freshness of a stream? Rather than resorting to our symptoms trying to fight them, do we abandon ourselves to the coming and going of the wave to learn to flow into existence, or do we humbly bow to mother earth learning from her unconditional self-giving what it means to love?

Moving in the flow through specific movements it teaches us to “let ourselves go” and to “let ourselves be healed” by natural forces.



Dream Drama

Explore the worlds of consciousness

Dreaming can only be experienced directly. 

Dreaming is not just making dreams, nor is it fantasizing or desiring or imagining. 

With Dreaming we can perceive new worlds that we are certainly able to describe, while we cannot describe what makes us perceive them. And yet we feel how dreaming opens those other realms to us. Dreaming seems like a sensational sensation, a transformation of our bodies, an awareness of our minds. 

Don Juan

According to the BTE model, which adheres to the vision of the continuity of consciousness of ancient spiritual traditions, ordinary reality and its contents reveal themselves to be illusory to the gaze of true reality, the Consciousness of unity. Thanks to Dream Drama we can accompany the journey of our individual consciousness through infinite awakenings, insights, leaps of consciousness through which we realize the dream we are dreaming.



Traveling to Wake Up 

Healing together

Each of us looks at the world from his point of view. The assumptions, beliefs, knowledge, ideas we have about ourselves and others determine our experience, so much so that different traditions such as Buddhist or some Amazonian tribes believe that ordinary reality is an illusion, the dream of our mind.

In the same way, all our discomfort is the result of a dream, in a broad sense, the position from which we look at the world.

In Journey to Awaken it takes up the ancient shamanic practices in which the whole tribe took charge, the "disease" expressed by one of its members.

It is a practice of Biotransenergetics that wants to allow a whole group to “heal themselves together”, favoring in each the overcoming of their own mental limits and the liberation from their own illusions.



Working with the Chakras

Harmonize our energy centers

The different manifestations of the living can be recognized, first of all, as energetic manifestations.

The flow of vital energy in the organism flows on different levels and along preferential paths. There are energy centers that direct this flow and that several ancient traditions describe with the Sanskrit term of chakra.

Biotransenergetics works on the chakras through specific practices with the aim of harmonizing them, activating the different states of consciousness and the elemental forces connected to them and thus allowing us to master our needs, our emotions, our qualities and attitudes.



The Art of the Gift of Self 

Heal from within

Over the centuries we have gradually distanced ourselves from nature and from ourselves forgetting that Earth, Water, Air, Fire

they are vital principles; the ancients considered them divinities, the psychology of deep archetypes, that is, organizing principles of our inner life.

In Biotransenergetics the natural elements are forces that in the human being are expressed as qualities.

Earth is contact, listening, receptivity, sensation, water is mobilization, fluidity, sensitivity, emotion, air is direction, freedom, lightness, thought, fire is transformation, purification, spirit, intuition.

The Art of the Gift of Self creates the conditions for heal from within teaching us the contact with the forces of nature and thus awakening our inner strength.



The Dream Body

Body awareness and psychophysical integration

Long life practices

In the practices of the Dream Body through the integration of ritual movements (mudra), breathing and sound (mantra) and visions (yantra) are realized: pure observation, pure sensation, pure action, achieving in this way, the mastery of psychic events (Persistence of Contact and Mastery of the transe) which creates the conditions for the increase of vital energy and access to the forces of the spiritual world. The Dream Body Practices put us in contact with the qualities of the different forces of nature and teach us to manifest them.



The Four Awards

How to find the natural naturalness

Just as in the "big world" outside of us, also in the "small world" within us the ordering principles of the forces of nature operate. The earth is our physical body, our heavy matter, the sensation, the air in our breath that expands, the thought, the water, the vital energy that flows, the emotion, the fire, the spirit, the essence. , the intuition, the pure awareness that assists. through the four awards it is possible to ally oneself with the natural order of the universe trying to respect the law of natural naturalness.



Archetypal constellations

Becoming directors of our life

Each of us makes his individual journey in this world within a collective system, made up of many subsystems, the family, the ethnic, cultural or social group to which he belongs, the workplace, religious beliefs or political inclinations. Therefore, different characters or sub personalities live within us characterized by participatory dialogue with the world and with those collective structures of the psyche that are defined by many parts with the term: archetypes.

Working with the Archetypal constellations in Biotransenergetics we can master the different parts of ourselves and become directors aware of the representation of our existence.



I see you

Recognize the true nature of things

The urgencies of daily life, the needs induced by the consumer society, the rush to arrive, the fears of not making it, the need to defend ourselves from the world, the habit of controlling push us to live a life that is not ours.

We put our needs and our desires between us and ourselves, we put our judgments between us and the other and thus we lose sight of what really matters: the true nature of ourselves and of the other.

I see you it teaches us to look and see, with clear eyes, empty mind and light heart.



Alma Mater

The Compassionate Mother Goddess

“I have never been able to rest in your heart, mother. That's why I feel incapable, inadequate, poor, mediocre. That's why there is no gratification that can come from the outside, that's why everything is so tiring, difficult. That's why I never feel in my place. We are all sick of love not received, love not given. "The wound of the unloved" is not calmed with words or explanations, but with contact, acceptance, nourishment, love. Alma Mater it is a quiet haven, a safe place to regain the energy to continue the "journey home".



Beyond the borders

Let all the whys slide and listen.

Don't try to understand the waves but listen to the sound of the sea. Observe how life manifests itself in you, listen to where it flows, where it stops. Listen to the sensations of your body, your organs, your viscera, the states of your soul, emotions, feelings. Look at the ocean of your consciousness and you will find that there are no boundaries, there are no symptoms or conflicts. There is only the flow of life or its interruptions produced by your lack of awareness.

Bring the observation into your closed and aching stomach and you will see that a pain is an image, this is colors, sensations. Sensations are emotions, emotions are memories, memories are breathing rhythms, throbbing of your organs, tensions of your muscles and so on. Observe, breathe and let it flow, pure and simple mindful observation will show you the way to healing.



Educating to emptiness

Emptiness is the great forgotten of modern Western culture. Our life revolves around the fullness: doing, reaching, controlling, having, understanding, knowing, having to take, conquer, win, appear.

How many times in our life when faced with a problem do we stop and look for the answer in the void? How willing we are to observe instead of judging, listening instead of thinking, accepting the other and the world as it is instead of how we would like it to be.


Introductory Seminars



recipients: Women and men of good will


Mastery of Inner Experience


Empowerment of emotional, relational and intuitive, spiritual resources.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model - Biotransenergetic Methodology

Type of surgery: Group meetings

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client Centers or Institutions

Duration (basic module): Indoor and outdoor experiential workshops (12 weekly meetings or intensive seminars from 2 to 5 days)

Cost: to be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:       Pierluigi Lattuada


Intervention Projects



"Let's do that ..."

Theatrical animation Biotransenergetics methodology


The project is flexible and can easily be adapted, in specific modalities and contents, to the different stages of the project'childhood. 


As a consequence of a integral vision of existence, the need emerges to propose educational models consistent with the new system of thought, capable of taking into account the complexity of an interconnected world, of transcending the separation between rational knowledge and inner experience, of overcoming the exasperated reductionism that afflicts every sphere of life, on an individual and collective level.

Il project "Let's do that ..." proposes laboratory activities using a holistic approach that considers the individual in his own wholeness and complexity: a system in which each subsystem interacts with the others and no part can be left out if what we aim for is harmonious and complete development.


The peculiar modalities of conducting the meetings and the proposed research area, according to the modality of the Biotransenergetics, are connected to the archetypal dimension, present and active in every human being. The experiences lived during the meetings offer the opportunity to explore a rich and fascinating territory, in which reality, imagery, archetypes, symbols, values ​​are integrated into a universe full of meanings, suggestions, food for thought, teachings. In this sense, the Trans Learning.

The body with its innumerable possibilities of expression, the vital charge of energy, voice, sound and silence, emotions, thoughts, fantasies, archetypal images become vehicles of a journey in search of oneself and of the other, of the surrounding world and of one's own interiority, a journey to discover a space of well-being, knowledge and growth for the individual and for the group.

Specific activities / intentions

Each workshop meeting develops in an essentially playful way.

Through play, exploration, observation, listening, dialogue, comparison, improvisation, imitation ..., participants can:

  • forming the group in a climate of non-judgment, trust, empathy, collaboration;
  • increase the awareness of the body mind and the state of well-being;
  • contact and express their emotions;
  • contact the archetypal, transpersonal dimension, and draw lessons from it;
  • experience oneself as interconnected entities;
  • approach different symbolic languages;
  • experience the pleasure of telling and "telling";
  • discover and improve the ability to communicate with the body in its entirety and in its segments, through postures, movement, facial expressions, gestures, rhythm;
  • discover and improve the ability to communicate with the voice and the variously produced sound;
  • understand the value of sharing;
  • develop emotional and relational skills (inner security, awareness of one's own and others' emotions, acceptance of diversity, collaboration, willingness to share ...);
  • develop bodily, motor and perceptive skills (awareness of the needs and the need to provide adequate answers, knowledge of the body and its expressive potential in stasis and movement, ...);
  • develop expressive, communicative and creative skills (ability to listen and "listen to oneself"; ability to express oneself, communicate, decode, integrate different languages: body, gesture, sound, word, etc .; ability to create imaginary situations and worlds ...);
  • develop cognitive skills (listening, self-listening, insight, observation, analysis, problem solving, effective organization of one's skills, construction and use of a symbolic language…).

Methods of implementation

It is possible to articulate intervention modules consisting of 10 or more meetings.

The duration of each workshop and the frequency over time are calibrated in relation to the age of the participants.

Project manager

Patricia Pinoli


Intervention Projects



The Further Way - In the company

General lines


One factor Success critic for a company it is a clear one Leadership and an efficient Management of the intentions and effective actions to achieve the same. If each component of the Staff will be able to give life to the strategies and each component of the Line will know how to implement the tactics, everyone will become the protagonist by describing his personal Leadership and will acquire responsibilities in day-to-day operations and the company will have individuals able to respond and not resistant but proactive to change.

This is possible through the knowledge and mastery of the psychodynamics of evolutionary processes thanks to the paradigm of Integral Transpersonal Model and its operating system: the Further Way. 

The Spectrum of Personality

According to the Systemic-Transpersonal Model the company is a dynamic complex system inserted in the social and market macrosystem, composed of several complex subsystems: individuals.

The individual, in turn, is a dynamic complex system whose development proceeds along one Evolutionary spectrum involving the following subsystems: Person, I, Organism, Self.

THEOmbre is the dark dimension - made up of cultural conditioning, emotional conflicts, unfulfilled expectations - inherent at every level of the spectrum and which, if not recognized, blocks the development of the individual thus limiting his ability to respond to the demands of the external world and, in specific, of business needs.

The Integral Transpersonal Model

According to the Integral Transpersonal Model, the relationship between the company and individuals reproduces the dynamics of living between organisms and their environment, between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

The company is a dynamic and interconnected complex organism inserted in the social and market macrosystem, composed of several complex organisms: individuals.

The individual, in turn, is a dynamic and interconnected complex organism made up of several interconnected levels.

The development of both proceeds along a process that presents dynamics governed by archetypal structures and takes place according to one Evolutionary spectrum which can be described according to different reading grids such as, for example, as regards the individual, the following: Person, I, Organism, Self, Shadow.

The dynamics between company and individual therefore reproduces the original dynamics between organism and environment that the Integral Transpersonal Model reads as the psychodynamics of evolutionary processes.

The further mode operates through a participatory dialogue between individual and company, organism and environment, me and us, part and all, microcosm and macrocosm, with the aim of recognizing the Shadow, that is to say the interference patterns that hinder the unfolding. of a correct psychodynamics of evolutionary processes.

The Process along the Evolutionary Spectrum


THEOmbre is the dark dimension - made up of cultural conditioning, emotional conflicts, unfulfilled expectations - inherent at every level of the spectrum and which, if not recognized, blocks the development of the individual thus limiting his ability to respond to the demands of the external world and, in specific, of business needs.

The block can occur at any level of the spectrum and is always connoted as an interference in the natural process of auto-organization of the living and is proportional to the distance from ours "Intimate nature"  custodian of inner strength and individual potential.

The self-organization of the living is in fact an autogenous process that is realized through the properties of self-renewal and self-transcendence. Where by self-renewal we mean the ability of the organism to continuously renew its components without losing its unity, with self-transcendence we mean the ability of living systems to grow in complexity, that is to evolve, through inner experience through learning, memory , creativity.


The term person indicates the different roles that each individual plays in different contexts. The Integral Transpersonal Model allows each person, by role and function, of the company system to understand that their strengths or weaknesses acquire strength or weakness from synergies with other people. The overall coherence of reciprocal connections determines the structure of the entire network.

The approach to the person will make everyone able to find their place and perform their function in the best way


With the term I we want to define the whole of the conscious personality made up of needs, desires, aspirations, motivations, fears, conflicts, character traits, etc.

The Integral Transpersonal Model allows each individual to find within the company system the areas and ways for the realization of their own secret agenda or part of it.

The approach to the ego will make everyone able to work synergistically for the gratification of their needs in compliance with the needs and business strategies


With the term body we want to indicate the totality of the body-mind functions expression of the properties of self-organization  of living systems.

Il Transpersonal model Integrale is aware that every living organism constantly receives stimuli that tend to move it away from equilibrium (homeostasis), but due to its internal plasticity, the result of its properties of self-organization is able to achieve a new balance.

The approach to the organism will make everyone able to recognize stress as an essential characteristic of the organism, enhancing it as a fundamental factor for its growth towards the realization of its potential.


With the term Self we want to indicate the resources, the potential, the most genuinely human qualities, the intimate nature of each individual responsible for the full fulfillment of the specificities of each individual.

The approach to the Self will enable everyone to recognize, in addition to their personal needs, the existence of a collective, spiritually oriented dimension.

The Integral Transpersonal Model proposes an Operating System capable of intervening on all levels of the Personality Spectrum and on the models of interaction with the company system.


Maieutic dialogue

The Ulterior Mode works through maieutic dialogue to give voice to what is in silence, to bring to light what is in the shadows, to give movement to what is still, to bring out what is inside through poetic acts, metaphors, words. magical.

The four dialogic phases

The maieutic dialogue operates on the psychodynamics of evolutionary processes according to a structure that can be traced back, on an operational level to four phases:

1. Clarify the context

2. Spread the text

3. Unveil the pretext

4. Rearrange the text

Five maieutic categories

The intervention methodology works on the psychodynamics of evolutionary processes by creatively integrating the following maieutic categories:

  1. Expand
  2. To dissolve
  3. Extend
  4. Navigation
  5. Becoming the other

The eight pillars of transformation

  1. • Observe instead of… Think
  2. • To stay, instead of… To go away
  3. • Feel how, instead of… Understand why
  4. • Facts, not Problems.
  5. • Trust instead of… Check
  6. • Allies, not Symptoms.
  7. • Accept, instead of… Fight
  8. • Responsibility, instead of… Delegation

"Instead of" should not be seen in opposition but as a transcendence and inclusion of its complementary



The Further Way - In the company

The proposals



Honoring Your Nature

Empowerment of resources for stress management, team building, creativity in management

The function of stress

Stress understood as the displacement from equilibrium is an essential characteristic of the living. In fact, every living organism constantly receives stimuli that tend to move it away from equilibrium (homeostasis), but due to its internal plasticity resulting from its self-organizing properties (self-renewal and self-transcendence) it is able to reach a new equilibrium. By self-renewal we mean the ability of the organism to continuously renew its components without losing its unity, with self-transcendence we mean the ability of living systems to grow in complexity, that is, to evolve, through inner experience.

It follows that stress is not a problem for the organism but rather a fundamental factor for its growth.

The stress response

This means that instead of fighting the "stressors" it is necessary to learn the right "stress response". The adequate response "comes from within" and is proportionate to the individual's ability to master their own inner experience.

The obstacle is therefore to be identified in the cultural conditioning, in the emotional fullness, in the distance from our "intimate nature", the custodian of inner strength and individual potential.



The Further Way

Honoring Your Nature


Recipients: Mmanagers and middle managers. Max 30 people

Objective: Empowerment of emotional, relational and intuitive resources

0goals: G.stress relief, business creativity, team building.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model - Biotransenergetic Methodology

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers


Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Intensive indoor and outdoor experiential workshops (from 2 days to a week.)

Cost: To be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:       Pier Luigi Lattuada


The Further Way

The ability to respond

The allies inside and outside of you


recipients: Managers and middle managers.

Objective: Empowerment of creative, emotional, relational and intuitive resources

Intent: Stress management, business creativity, team building.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Intensive indoor and outdoor experiential workshops (from 2 days to a week.)

Cost: To be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:       Pier Luigi Lattuada


The Further Way

Art of Excellence

The "true nature" of power


recipients: Managers and middle managers.

Objective: Creative management of power, identification of new scenarios

Intent: Knowing how to design and communicate one's Leadership, knowing how to recognize priorities, knowing how to choose.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Three intensive indoor and outdoor experiential workshops divided into weekends

Frequency:  Once a month

Cost: To be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:       Pier Luigi Lattuada


The Further Way

In Praise of Imperfection

The way of water


recipients: Managers and middle managers.

Objective: Transforming your limits into opportunities for success by recognizing imperfection as the engine of improvement.

Intent: Making your own weakness your strength, overcoming performance anxiety, increasing self-esteem.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Three intensive indoor and outdoor experiential workshops divided into weekends

Frequency:  Once a month

Cost: To be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:       Pier Luigi Lattuada


The Further Way

The way of the conscious Warrior

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans"


recipients: Managers and middle managers.

Objective: Acting knowing and mastering your personal power ..

Intent: Solving the problem, honoring one's nature as a tool for right action.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Three intensive indoor and outdoor experiential workshops divided into weekends

Frequency:  Once a month

Cost: To be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:       Pier Luigi Lattuada


The Further Way

The seven valleys

“Anything you can do, or dream of being able to do, start it. Courage has genius, power and magic in it. Start it now ”. WJGoethe


The project:

The valley of survival: place of determination, firmness, stability

The valley of pleasure: place of sensuality, of the sensitivity of affectivity, of tenderness

The valley of action: place of will and power

The valley of love: place of benevolence, compassion, patience, humility

The valley of communication: place of creativity, of self-expression

The valley of things as they are: place of vision, clarity, intuition, discernment

The valley of transcendence: place of spiritual will, of understanding


An initiatory journey, a "soul hunt" to discover one's talents


Find your center and learn to stay there even during "psychological risk" situations

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI-SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Seven afternoons (18-22 pm) experiential workshops

Frequency:  Once a month

Cost: to be defined

Project manager:    Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada


Intervention Projects

Equal opportunities


The languages ​​of the Goddess

From a culture of domination to a culture of sharing


Discomforts and Resources of women in today's society

Modern Western society lacks adequate contexts for listening to and enhancing typically feminine qualities: we refer to listening, understanding, welcoming, trusting, wisdom, sacredness, compassion.

The competitive urge, the tension towards goals, the attention to the target, the strategic habit in search of the result have always and more and more relegated the female dimension of existence to the background.

The message is the need and the possibility on the part of the female world to realize their strength, recognize it and share it.

The Biotransenergetic Methodology

The Biotransenergetics methodology can provide the interpretation for this work of recognition and enhancement, through a instrumental apparatus for the mastery of the inner experience. Cornerstone of its ethics and its practice is the to answer the question of the person - the real question hidden under the discomfort. Deep insights, catharsis, moments of empathy with the other, unfolding of one's creative talents, discovery of one's capacity for love, courage and spontaneity, wisdom and truth, are frequent experiences during a work of Biotransenergetics, work in which, ultimately, one works to favor the discovery of one's 'true nature', whose oblivion is the ultimate cause of all malaise.

Description of the intervention: the group meeting

The group is of fundamental importance not only because, a dynamic microcosm similar to reality, it allows the symbolic implementation of experimental metamorphoses, also at the relational level, but also and above all for that overall multiplier effect that can generate results greater than the sum of the parts, results often otherwise impossible. In general and at an initial level, group meetings are articulated through a gradual succession of contact, mobilization and direction practices, focused on the different archetypes and therefore on those models and contents that underlie and accompany the realization of the full potential of each individual. . Each participant performs practical self-listening exercises, psychophysical activation and psychodramatic interaction, breathing techniques, visualizations, moments of dance-movement and vocalizations, spontaneous or related to the reference tradition. Psychophysical centering, dance, interpersonal meeting and exchange, song and speech, meditation and ecstatic play are therefore multidisciplinary tools for the intervention in Biotransenergetics. The integration of physical and energetic sensations, thoughts, emotions and visions in a single continuous flow, acted and verbalized, thus allows important changes in the state of consciousness of the participants. This results in revealing insights and the learning of new perceptual, cognitive and behavioral modalities, fundamental for a therapeutic metamorphosis of the self. The overall aim is to provide new tools to relate to the world and to oneself, while promoting psychophysical well-being and energy regeneration.


The Languages ​​of the Goddess

From a culture of domination to a culture of sharing


recipients: Women of all ages and backgrounds

Objective: Empowerment of emotional, relational and social skills

Intent: Increase of psychophysical well-being, improvement of relationships and interpersonal communication, recognition and enhancement of one's cultural identity and social function.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI-SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Six days (10-13; 15-18) experiential workshops

Frequency:  Once a month

Cost: to be defined

Project manager:     Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada


The Hero's Journey

Psychosocial distress in adolescents

Evolutionary discomfort and inner experience

Modern Western society is devoid of initiatory contexts in which the evolutionary crisis that characterizes the passage from adolescence to maturity can manifest itself and be resolved:emergence of the Self and the consequent identification of one's social role, therefore of one's personal characteristics, qualities and talents. Faced with the crisis, the response usually aims at repressing and canceling the symptom, at medicalizing the problem, at resolving the 'mechanical dysfunction' instead of seizing the opportunity that is hidden in the malaise. The discomfort, the illness, the 'fall' express a transit, which as such requires a decisive event that helps to reposition oneself with respect to the 'no more': it is here, in the 'not yet', at the center of the ford, that there is 'is suffering. Deprived of a collective context dedicated to the elaboration and resolution of the crisis, without a ritual that celebrates and 'makes the passage sacred', many get lost in it.

This is all the more true for those young people so-called "at risk", almost never considered as protagonists of significant existential enterprises within the path towards the Self, the identification, the discovery of that 'original face' - the vocation - that underlies the evolution of the socially recognized identity. If the inner experience - the great repression of our culture - does not find reference and reading codes, contexts and words, archetypes of reference, the "lost traveler", instead of recognizing himself as such and therefore recognizing them as symbolic elements of his own human adventure the dramatic events with which he is confronted, he will live as a deviant, and this will be the image of himself that he will offer to the mirror of the social context.


The Hero's Journey

Psychosocial distress beautiful adolescent subjects


recipients: Young people, adolescents and pre-adolescents. Max 30 people

Objective: Empowerment of emotional, relational and social skills

Intent: Increase of psychophysical well-being, improvement of relationships and interpersonal communication, greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI-SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Twelve afternoons (18-22 pm) experiential workshops

Frequency:  once a week

Cost: to be defined

Project manager:  Dr. Davide Ferraris


Intervention projects



Integral Medicine Laboratories

Towards a high synergy medical culture between eubiotic and self-awareness

Integral Medicine

The term medicine comes from the Latin medeor, medicate, heal whose root madh it indicates everything that is suitable for medicating, but it also means understanding, knowing, knowing, and also mind, wisdom (Sanskrit), teaching, advice, deliberation, I mean, I learn to know (Greek).

Some people have the term disease deriving from the Greek malakia, softness, weakness, others from the Latin evil-aptus, badly deed, inept, or evil-habitus, which is found badly.

Integral derives from the Latin integrim, term consisting of in which stands for not e tang-ere which is about to touch: I do not touch, from which nothing has been taken away, from which nothing is missing, whole, pure, straightforward, uncorrupted.

As you can see, the term medicine indissolubly encompasses the instrument that treats with the subject it knows. The connection between care and knowledge is unequivocally sanctioned by the name itself that encloses them in a single reality. Over the course of history, and even more so during the last four centuries of the history of scientific medicine, the completely arbitrary operation of limiting medicine has been accomplished by identifying it tout court with the knowledge of the art of curing diseases, then reducing further this art to the use of drugs or surgical aids.

With scientific development, medicine has made progress not even remotely imaginable in the pre-scientific era, but to do this it has chosen to renounce its integrity, it has had to corrupt, it has had to remove, to become impure.

In his eagerness to fix, remove evil, make suitable, he chose to hurry and forget about himself, forget the Christic warning: Medicae cure you ipse or the Socratic warning Gnòthi Seautòn, know yourself. The emphasis was brought from self-knowledge to knowledge of tools, from learning to know and then heal oneself, to knowing how to heal the other, from teaching to know then heal oneself to heal keeping the knowledge of how to do it for oneself. Think of the writing of doctors still today often incomprehensible and originated by the need not to let the patient know the medicine that was administered to him, or to many of the ethical codes of medical sciences that forbid their members to teach the art to non-enrolled people. medical.

This process is completely understandable and worthy of deep respect: à la guerre as à la guerre the French say, when it comes to saving lives or reducing suffering, all means are legitimate and proper.

Integral Medicine does not oppose this approach nor is it an alternative, integral medicine operates in peacetime for women and men of good will.

Integral Medicine remembers its origins and can afford the luxury of recovering them, thus recovering the very soul of medicine, the one lost along the way by haste and urgency, by mania and ignorance, by greed and presumption. The one that so many too many patients complain of no longer finding in the clinics of their family doctors, in the wards of hospitals, in the offices of super-paid luminaries.

Integral Medicine makes its own the warning of the seven wise men (Ancient Greece 620 BC and 550 BC), dating back to the religious tradition of Delphi:

"Nothing too much, Excellent is the measure, Do not desire the impossible, know who you are and do not presume to be more, do not offend the divinity by pretending to be like the god. "

Scientific medicine, concentrating on matter, has lost the knowledge of Self along the way and consequently the "contact with divinity", with the highest and genuinely human qualities such as: love, compassion, awareness, responsibility, trust, acceptance; neglecting the inner experience he has lost along the way the knowledge and respect of the natural rhythms, of the self-healing forces intrinsic to the organism and to the environment.

Integral Medicine can be defined as a synergistic system of technologies, from the Greek tech-nor  art and Logos knowledge of know-how from which nothing has been taken away, from which nothing is missing. A remedy in integral medicine is, as the etymology recalls, everything that is suitable for healing an infirmity.

Medication like speech, surgery like breathing, acupuncture or homeopathic remedy like emotional mastery, massage or diet, but first of all what is allied to the remedy is a remedy. vis sanatrix naturae, to the intrinsic self-healing forces of the organism.


The field of action of integral medicine is the human organism, which however is inserted in a larger field, the environment in which it lives, which belongs to that larger field: the unified field, place, reminds us of the modern physics of that interconnected network of events which constitutes the very matrix of the universe. Universe which, according to the most recent scientific discoveries, far from being unique, would now be one of the many universes belonging to the metaverse: the field of fields.

This field is unitary, dynamic and interconnected but in the course of history the aforementioned split between knowledge and care has produced a series of dualisms now so introjected into modern scientific culture as to be implicit and therefore taken for granted.

Think of the dualisms of consciousness, matter, mind, body or individual environment.

Consciousness and matter, two interconnected worlds

Consciousness is neither measurable nor easily accessible to the five senses, which is why medical science has so far considered it as a ghost, something that hovers and disturbs and of which the less talked about the better. This is why it has been entrusted to religion and made clear, science does not deal with the spirit. Here is another privation, at first the knowledge is removed, now the conscience is removed, the patient becomes a machine and the doctor a technician who repairs it. We wonder how it is possible to take care of a human being, even his broken arm or his bronchial asthma, without taking care of his conscience, of what he feels, desires, fears, dreams, loves, thinks.

mind body

The scientific literature in this field is now so widespread that no one dares to question the reciprocal interaction between mind and body. In fact, medical practice finds it very difficult to develop approaches and technologies capable of responding adequately to the unitary reality of the Corpoment. Integral medicine knows, as the ancient traditional medicines knew, that fear ends up in the kidneys, anxiety in the stomach, anger in the liver and so on, it knows that an organic syndrome that is a set of physical symptoms is also a way of thinking. and to behave, as well as an image or an attitude of the body.

Individual environment

Since the time of Bateson and the emergence of a systemic vision, it has been known that the unit of evolution is the organism in and with its environment. There is no evolution of the individual that acts against his environment, there is no progress in a low-synergy society where the interest of the individual prevails over the common good, how can there be health in an organism that fights against itself? How can there be integrity in the organism where emotions are blocked in the interest of the ego and its image, where the body is neglected to the detriment of the intellectual functions, where one asks more and more of exhausted organs in the name of an efficiency imposed by ' external, where you try to kill crazed cells without bothering to listen to their requests or where the lowest instincts of the body such as food and aggression are fulfilled without considering the higher qualities of the spirit such as love, compassion, trust and sharing?

How can it achieve authentic well-being by introducing drugs that fight other cells or produce dysfunctions in other parts of the body or block other vital functions to allow some?

The field and the four quadrants 

The human experience is configured as a participatory experience between the organism and its environment: the organism, a microcosmic field according to the tradition of perennial philosophy, inserted in a macrocosmic field, the field of fields, the metaverse.

This participation between the individual and the environment takes place in different areas, which can be grouped according to the theories of the most accredited scholars such as Ken Wilber, in four subsystems, defined four quadrants.

We refer to the quadrant of inner experience that can be defined by the relationship between the individual and himself (I-Self), to the quadrant of behavior, which can be defined by the relationship with the other (I-You), to the quadrant of culture, which can be defined by the relationship with its own system of knowledge, values ​​and beliefs (I-Us), to the quadrant of society that can be defined by the relationship with one's place in the world.

The Synergy 

Integral medicine stems from a precise attitude of every human being towards himself, other living beings, the environment that surrounds him. It is expressed through a state of consciousness that knows how to grasp the unity of every phenomenon. It is realized when, doctor and patient, they know how to grasp together the unitary process that sees them waves of the same ocean and thus become able to observe with clear eyes; that is to observe, oneself, the therapeutic relationship, the "symptoms" expressed, in a broad and open way, free from pre-established schemes or diagnostic hypotheses.

In doing so, the integral doctor, in front of his patient, will be able to grasp, rather than the dryness of a clinical report to be diagnosed, the richness of a life and the beauty of a personal history. The patient will know how to become his own doctor, coming into contact with his own symptoms, which he will grasp as messengers of chronic habits, bodily attitudes, emotional behaviors, mental processes, etc.

Both will lay down their weapons against the disease to walk together the path of the heart, where heart does not stand for sentimentality but for center, unity, essence.

One way

A path whose practice is traced by guidelines such as: awareness, synergy, sharing, resonance, interconnection, naturalness, respect, listening, contact, acceptance, responsibility, emotional mastery, self-knowledge. Guidelines that move from the intimate dialogue between two worlds, that of consciousness and that of matter: on the one hand, self-knowledge, on the other, respect for the natural processes of the organism. Guidelines capable of orienting medical practice in a direction capable of responding to the individual's health demands on all four quadrants: on the one hand, awareness and self-healing practices, on the other, eubiotic remedies and proper nutrition, on the one hand, on the side listening to oneself and emotional mastery, on the other refined diagnostic and instrumental technologies, on the one hand transcultural and professional qualification cognitive experiences, on the other intelligent drugs.

Specifically, in the integral medicine laboratories, eubiotic remedies will be proposed, that is to say natural products that optimize the biochemical reactions of the organism, on the other hand the remedies of awareness, technologies that through the mastery of inner experience teach the individual the alliance with the intrinsic forces of the organism.


The synergy between remedies and self-healing responds to the health needs of the population in general and at the same time allows to alleviate many of the urgencies of public and private health care:

  1. Primary prevention: the individual learns not to get sick by staying in contact with his own intimate nature and respecting his own internal rhythms.
  2. The improvement of the health level of the population: by learning integral self-medication practices, they can communicate with their symptoms, thus taking the right action in response to the needs of their organism.
  3. The elevation of the level of self-knowledge: listening to one's body, mastering one's emotions, observing one's mental mechanisms allows the synergy between the different levels of the organism and favors the development of the most genuinely human qualities.
  4. The reduction of the costs of assistance: patients able to self-heal or prevent the most common ailments produce a considerable relief on public health that can thus devote resources to the treatment of more serious and disabling diseases
  5. Reduction of the side effects of allopathic drugs: self-healing practices and eubiotic remedies are totally free of side effects
  6. The increase in the placebo effect due to the synergy between remedy and self-healing practices: it is known that 30% of the action of each drug is attributable to the placebo effect. The use of natural drugs that the individual can take knowing that he can contribute to their action through active self-healing practices, understandably produces a notable increase in this effect.
  7. Overcoming resistance to healing and the benefits of sick status. It has been known since Freud's time that the ego reacts to change by putting in place defense mechanisms that tend to frustrate the action of the forces that push towards renewal and transformation. The mastery of inner experience through awareness practices allows you to recognize and deactivate these mechanisms.
  8. The improvement of the degree of synergy of society, with the consequent reduction of social conflicts and the psychological malaise of the population, thanks to the development of an ethic of sharing and the spiritual growth of individuals.
  9. The entertaining, playful and heuristic role of the workshops: we imagine welcoming places with comfortable cushions, soft lighting and relaxing music. Let's imagine a group of people sitting in a circle who can quietly share their lives knowing they are being listened to and who can find a moment to stop, reconcile with themselves, listen to their breath.

Even before considering the specific technologies, these basic attentions could already produce noticeable changes in the quality of life of a patient or in his way of living himself and his disease. In such an environment each patient will be able to find himself as a human being, feel useful to himself and to the other, live sharing experiences in which to recognize and express himself. He will also be able to increase his personal power and self-esteem by learning a series of useful technologies to personally take charge of his own health and improve his life.

Integral Medicine Laboratories


recipients: Users of public or private hospitalization and care facilities.

Objective: Create places for health education and primary prevention through learning self-healing practices and mastering inner experience.

Intent: Make the disease an opportunity to grow and improve self-knowledge.

Methodology: Integral Transpersonal Model

Type of surgery: Group meeting

Operators: ITI - SIBTE accredited teachers

Location: At the client institution

Duration (basic module): Daily groups open

Frequency:  free attendance during the period of hospitalization

Cost: To be defined

Property: Integral Transpersonal Institute

Project manager:  Pier Luigi Lattuada

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