PSPP COURSE: “Integral Transpersonal Soft Skills in Corporate”


This online macro-course runs for 12 weeks

Integral Transpersonal Soft Skills in Corporate

Dr.ssa Sara Gambelli

The combined health and economic shocks of 2020 have put economies into freefall, disrupted labour markets and fully revealed the inadequacies of social contracts. Millions of individuals globally have lost their livelihoods and millions more are at risk from the global recession, structural change to the economy and further automation.
Additionally, the pandemic and the subsequent recession have impacted most those communities which were already at a disadvantage. We find ourselves at a defining moment: the decisions and choices we make today will determine the course of entire generations’ lives and livelihoods.
We have the tools at our disposal. Firstly, the bounty of technological innovation which defines our current era can be leveraged to unleash human potential.
Moreover, this scenario generated the need/opportunity for a leap in general level of awareness. Education system as well as Corporates and Organizations need training programs that encourage developing a creative and critical mind, to reskill and upskill individuals.
A survey made in 2012 showed that in 100 of the largest companies in USA, 60% of CEOs had degrees in humanities. It seems they are more ready to embrace and co-create a new world. As Socrates said: “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

This course deals with Soft Skills required for moving in the 21th Century post-Covid scenario as a Prime Mover, especially in Corporates.
It is urgent to enact a Global Reset towards a socio-economic system that is more fair, sustainable and equitable, one where social mobility is reinvigorated, social cohesion restored, and economic prosperity is compatible with a healthy planet.
Most of us, our western society and the organizational contexts in which we work, still operate following a 20th Century paradigm. We have been taught that learning all we can about a specific profession is the key to achieve success on the socio-economic scale.
We are talking about Hard skills and Soft skills. The first include technical mastery and professional qualifications: they are easily defined and obviously measurable.
The second, Soft skills, include the practices that were once in the backgrounds of our lives (and in the life of ancestral communities): talking to each other, looking into each other’s eyes, exercising empathy, putting one’s emotional intelligence into play before acting cognitively, smiling at the cashier and offering your sit in the bus to a old person instead of bending over social profile. This means to team up with our colleagues starting from accepting the differences of everyone to gain value (inclusive management), to exchange inspiring feedbacks to make the eyes shine, to speak politely with an employee and to face the boredom of our kid during a long journey in car talking with him/her, lighting up his/her curiosity toward the world.
All these dimensions are intangible and difficult to measure, but they have a strong impact on our well-being, our realization and help to create what society (and human civilization of Anthropocene) needs today.
In this course professional context is the starting point: Corporates are twilight zones of Evolution.
The daily life of women and men within companies is the most pronounced and radical expression of social, economic and cultural phenomena.
In companies, the innovative drive, the dynamism strongly impressed by technological and digital transformation and global competition mean that the perception of uncertainty, instability and speed is increased to power.
Today’s companies are an exciting place of daily adventure, of individual and collective enterprise, they are spaces of expression of skills and talents, they are the territories of continuous experimentation and innovation practiced.
In these twilight areas of evolution a new order begins to manifest itself, but it has not yet fully emerged.
The possibility of operating in companies is therefore a great opportunity to transfer change and contamination in crucial contexts, also for the weight and impact that can have new organizational cultures, in the diffusion of extensible value models also at the social, personal and integral level.

Course Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

● Recognize, describe and manage Soft Skills of 21 century (such as human basic emotions, emotional intelligence and empathy, cultural competences), building a more solid comprehension of yourself and therefore a deeper level of control and consciousness.
● Put into use Soft Skills of 21 century in your daily life (both at work and in private context): i.e. coping with stressful situation applying practices based on Mindfulness, Second Attention Epistemology and Integral Transpersonal Approach
● Play an active role in carrying new vision and tools based on Integral Transpersonal Soft Skills into work contexts, with big impact into teamwork abilities and communication styles. i.e. asking and giving inspirational feedback, participating in multicultural teams, offering inspirational and participative leadership models.
● Have a frame of reference of the actual hyper complex, fast speeding western societies and companies, helping addressing conscious choices on your career, professional lifestyle, in harmony with the macrocosm, with impacts on your wellbeing and sense of fulfillment.

Details, costs and frequency methods:

It will be possible to follow the path in two ways:

– Live (€350) – The calendar will soon be available.
– Independent studies program (€150) – It will be possible to access at any time starting from January.


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