PSPP COURSE: “Integral Transpersonal Body-Mind Work”



This online mAcro-course runs for 12 weeks

Integral Transpersonal Body-Mind Work

Dr. Matteo Hu

Since Reich we can observe how our physical blocks reflect the mental ones, so today nearly everybody agrees with the fact that Psychology cannot be identify just as mind work; consequently clinic work cannot just be considered anymore a “talking cure”.
This idea has been developed by the Bioenergetic and the Gestalt therapy which changed the approach with the person.
This was a very important step so nowadays we are ready to go further toward new and more complete work-ing patterns.
In fact Integral- Transpersonal Psychology brings a new way to dial with the body and the mind according completely with the new holistic paradigm
The context where we are going to work and the challenge is to consider ourself not just as a unit “Body-Mind” but we want to include the concept that we are a microcosmos in a constant participative dialogue with the Macrocosms.
During the course we will learn how to make effective this participative dialogue.
We will learn maps that will helping us to recognize where we are stuck, and we will learn maps and body-mind tools to make the process smother.
We will learn how to use body mind work in self-diagnosis and healing scheme as well as in clinic work and rit-ual events.
Every class will cover a part of theory but essentially will be a practical experience according to the Transe Learning methodology.
Throughout the course we will master how to relate different chakras and part of the body to different stage of ontogenetic and phylogenetic evolution; also we are going to study how to dial with specific blocks related to different part of the body in all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual one.
We will explore which type of archetypal can be connect to each specifical issue and blocks or disease.
Especially we will be able to work with Living Archetypes. Also we will explore the self-healing techniques by:

-Self Massage

Course Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

• Know and identify main guidelines of an Integral and Transpersonal approach to Olosomatic and Body-mind work and have a framework for carrying out multiple fields of applications.
• Know and hold some techniques of Integral-Transpersonal Body-mind work.
• Learn to recognize and work with living Archetypal fields from an integral and transpersonal point of view.
• Experiment Transe Learning Method.

Teaching Methods:

The course will be both theoretical and practical, I will be ask students to experience some body-mind, self-healing, transformative and awareness practices according to the Transe Learning Model: an integral teaching methodology that can create the conditions for intuition throughout insight, an understanding of “new order.”
Insight was considered by the ancient traditions of humanity as the only way to authentic knowledge, which is realized through the whole body, within cells, as well as in emotions and minds. A lesson that is achieved through the mastery of felt sense, or sense felt (awareness of proprioceptive signals, from kinesthetic to visceral), the ability to pass through pain and wounds (personal emotional history, empathetic identification).

In according with Transe Learning method will be strongly recommended to the student to experiment every-day practice of the olo-somatic techniques which will be teaching during the entire course.
Will be put in main consideration the fact of everybody’s work has direct influence of each other experience. We are in a “field”, even if we work via online.

Details, costs and frequency methods:

It will be possible to follow the path in two ways:

– Live (€350) – The calendar will soon be available.
– Independent studies program (€150) – It will be possible to access at any time starting from January.


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