PSPP COURSE: “Roots And Tools of Integral Transpersonal Psychology”

This online mAcro-course runs for 12 weeks

ROOTS and TOOLS of Integral Transpersonal Psychology

Dr. Prof. Pier Luigi Lattuada

ITP is not only an approach; it is a framework for several experiential forms of psychotherapy and healing.

It is rooted into ancient traditions, and thanks to great fathers of this discipline move further shaping a future of psychology and psychotherapy.
This will be a class on Transformational learning and experiences where you may find out how to get theory and practice as one.
An innovative methodology for the journey of the soul towards itself.
Maybe you have already explored many paths of personal development and inner research, or maybe it is the first time you hear about the Way inwards, as a real possibility to improve the quality of your life, in any case with BTE you can go so in depth how much you feel is right for you, for the moment you are, it fits you, it sews on you … and even at the very first steps you will feel that a new world of resources and tools is at your disposition.

ITPRT both offer the basis to build up during the curriculum of studies a strong and complete knowledge toward both the roots and the main practices of Integral and Transpersonal approach.

ITPRT is designed for “young people” in the spirit of feeling and knowing that they come from far away and have a present and a future as protagonists, innovators, and creative. They can be vanguards of a new culture of sharing that can transcend and include the dualisms, as well as, the differences and conflicts of the larger system that includes them.

The separation between theory and practice, between mind and body, between action and feeling, between male and female, between past and future, between matter and consciousness, traditional and scientific, academic and experiential is overcome in a transformative teaching methodology, a further mode that teaches how to make the two one.

This Program will follow the ITI style teaching methodology (Transe Learning): along with attending class which will be transformational, and reading texts, there will also be learning technologies for the mastery of inner experience, the management of emotions and their states of consciousness, enhancing intra, inter and transpersonal relationships, and practical application in session with clients and in real life.

Class Attendance/Posting Requirements

Students are also expected to participate in all required discussions and to keep up with the weekly readings, assignments, video and online postings.
Average post requirement: 2 per week.

Course Aims and How They Relate to the Learning Objectives [*]
  1. On theoretical level students will learn:
  • Post-conventional thinking that comes from the new paradigms,
  • The roots of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology.
  • James, Jung and Wilber’s visions.
  • Practices of Psychosynthesis, Process-work, Holotropic Breath-work and Biotransenergetics.
  • How to practice Transe-cognition and Integral Transpersonal Thinking

2. On the Integral level student will grasp the essence of our Transe learning methodology. This is a teaching method that aims at creating the conditions for insights, the understanding of the new order that stems from Bohm and the ancient wisdom traditions, which were once considered the only true knowledge. This is the knowledge that is felt in the entirety of the body, in the cells as well as in the emotions and in the mind. This way of learning is achieved through the mastery of felt sense experiences: awareness of proprioceptive, kinesthetic, and visceral signals; the ability to go through the wounds; emotional personal history; empathic identification; experiences of archetypal order; elemental, unconscious, symbolic, imaginal process, and Psychic experiences.

Details, costs and frequency methods:

It will be possible to follow the path in two ways:

– Live (€350) – The calendar will soon be available.
– Independent studies program (€150) – It will be possible to access at any time.


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