In-Person course “Working with Archetypal Forces” by PL Lattuada

In-Person Learning Journeys (6 ECTS credits) Experiential-Transformational Seminars

BTE - Working with Archetypal Forces 1

To access the power of archetypal world and develop the full potentiality of the Self
With Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., PSY.D., Ph. D.

BTE indicate the original dynamics between the part and the whole, the Self and the I the Holons in Transe.

According to BTE, the emanation of the flow of archetypical forces animates every expression of existence, every part, every I (interconnected entities). It flows and in the I it introduces the evolutionary dimension.

Therefore, in the individual, the original dynamics takes place between the flow of archetypical forces of the Self and the conservative structures of the I.

According to BTE, working with the archetypal forces of nature means:

  • – Honoring the sacredness of every manifestation of the living
  • – To find and maintain contact with the spiritual dimension of the Self.
  • – To offer an archetypal cartography of the spiritual dimension of the Self.
  • – Offering unifying organizing principles of Psyché.

Eskimos are said to have many names for different types of snow, Indians likewise have many definitions for different types of consciousness that specify the differences.

When we cross the thresholds of ordinary, linear consciousness and access transpersonal dimensions we encounter contents of consciousness that are often ineffable and difficult to organise in cognitive terms. Imagine entering a garden full of a variety of plants and flowers that we have never seen before, or accessing a cavern full of tunnels in which we encounter living forms unknown to us.

Having a name to organize the different contents of consciousness, to put them in their place throughout our evolutionary day, to make them dialogue with each other and integrate them cognitively into the unifying principle of the Self means having at our disposal extremely useful tools to master our inner experience.

Owning a cartography of archetypal constellations in the same way as having the mapping of any territory, allows you to operate with mastery on that territory.

In our case the territory is represented by the dimensions of consciousness in its various components:

  • – Unconscious (linked to the shadow cast by sub-personalities),
  • – Conscious (related to personality traits),
  • – Super-conscious (repositories of the highest qualities of the spiritual Self).

BTE - Working with Archetypal Forces 2
*Shamanic Journey and medicine circle*

To surf the ocean of consciousness, awaken creativity
With Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., PSY.D., Ph. D.

In ancient times the shaman was traveling in different worlds to realize the care and draw on the knowledge. The mystic, through prayer, dance, meditation, fasting, abstinence, selfless service reaches ecstasy, a necessary condition for contact with his God. Transpersonal Psychology and specifically the Biotransenergetics (BTE) has developed several Technologies of the sacred as a tool of investigation the dimensions of consciousness.

The shamanic journey is an ancient traditional practice. In BTE it is used to contact the archetypical qualities that live in the depth of the organismic Self.

While you journey, you might enter the earth or fire, climb mountains and trees as well as passing through valleys, forests or rivers, flying over the sky, you might be able to reach peaceful or terrifying places. You might dive deeply into cells or molecules, galaxies or planets.

 We will journey into our hearts seeking out our child of light, the metaphor of our true Self, our intimate nature, the pureness of our soul, our inner master, we will find the face we had before birth.


Biotransenergetics, shamanic practice, technologies of the sacred
Maps and theoretical models
Dreaming’s body
Archetypal movements to improve awareness of proprioceptive, visceral and kinesthetic signals


Shamanic Journey
Archetypal, symbolic, imaginal process with drumming and breathing
Medicine circle: Self-healing practices
Mindfulness, breathing, visualizations

BTE AF all

Process work, shamanic practices, supervised practices
Contest, test, structure, process of verbal and non-verbal communication in BTE
BTE AF will provide:
  1. Learn maps of consciousness, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the five levels of experience within the context of Biotransenergetics theory
  2. Apply the theoretical basis of Biotransenergetics and shamanic practices in your ordinary life
  3. Work with the Dreaming body – a sequence of corporeal practices for our well being
  4. Utilize the practice of archetypal movements to improve personal awareness of proprioceptive, visceral, and kinesthetic signals
  5. Utilize the practice of symbolic, archetypal, and imaginal processes accompanied with drumming and breathing to intensify sensory experience
  6. Shifting awareness in order toreach a broader state of consciousness. 
  7. To communicate on a spiritual level and seek out evolved spiritual teachers.
  8. Integrate and apply the weekend training to care you and others

BTE – Working with Archetypal Forces courses will be given by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada, M.D., Ph.D., a Transpersonal Psychotherapist from Milan, Italy. He is the Director of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, which offers programs for training transpersonal psychotherapists and counselors, and for people interested in enhancing their lives through transpersonal education. He is chair of ITP program at Ubiquity University. He is the creator of the Integral Transpersonal Journal, the official professional journal of EUROTAS, the President of the EUROTAS board, and the originator of the transpersonal approach to psychotherapy called Biotransenergetics.

Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a poetic act, an innovative Transpersonal Psychotherapy Methodology Dr. Lattuada conceived in 1982. It has been developed through more than thirty thousand hours of clinical work and research. This methodology has been written in twelve published books. BTE helps us learn how to recognize the sacred creative yearning of life and to honor its laws – to “master the Transe.” When we master the Transe, we can “make one from two.”, we reach the source of our Self and our full potential. This training seminar will be a combination of lecture and participatory experiences of sacred practices, sounds, movement, drumming and therapeutics methodologies.

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