In-Person course “BTE Eye work”

In-Person Learning Journeys (6 ECTS credits) Experiential-Transformational Seminars

BTE Eye work

The use of the gaze in BTE offers a very incisive tool for tapping into depth, bypassing the defenses often used with speech, behaviour or writing in the body.

There are several practices able to get in contact with the depth of the soul, offering a direct access to one’s true Self. Such as:

Eye Mirroring: One, None, One hundred thousand

Therapist observes the “masks”, the identifications, the sub-personalities emerging from the other’s gaze and from their voice, dialoguing with them through the Four BTE Dialogical phases and Five BTE Maieutic Categories.

Therapist, then, sees, beyond the defensive masks, the light of the Self, of the qualities, of the highest aspects of the person and, in the same way, gives voice to them through the Four BTE Dialogical phases and Five BTE maieutic Categories.

In the third phase the therapist, in contact with the higher dimensions of his/herself, leaves a message, an indication, a teaching to the client. 


Archetypical looks

Every state of mind, every sub-personality is evident has its own view of the world and this obviously determines our experience of the world.

Accessing the dimensions of the Self through contact with the qualities of different archetypal forces helps to awaken these qualities and to recognize the shadows, the complexes that limit their recognition and expression within us.

In the practice of Archetypical Looks the therapist comes into contact with the client’s eyes with a specific look, an expression for example of the mother’s compassion or the firmness of the warrior. The client will thus be able to reflect and gradually adjust his or her gaze, recognizing any limitations that may hinder him or her.


Maps and theoretical models
Eye Mirroring: One, None, One hundred thousand
Four BTE Dialogical phases and Five BTE maieutic Categories


Archetypical looks
Contact with the qualities of different archetypal forces

BEW all

Process work, self, mastery practices, supervised practices
Contest, test, structure, process of verbal and non-verbal communication in BTE
BSW will provide:
  • – Lectures on the theory, development, and practice of Biotransenergetics, maps of consciousness, non-ordinary states of consciousness, the five levels of experience, and theoretical models of psychotherapy
  • – Lectures and group discussions on the BTE Eye Work the client performs guided by the psychotherapist, the theory of the transe state, the beneficial use of Psicotranse in psychotherapy, captation (a modality of listening into the field), auto-captation, emphatic identification, and the structure and process of verbal and non-verbal communication in the practice of Biotransenergetics
  • – Integration through group sharing of the weekend insights, experiences, and learnings

BTE – Eye Work courses will be given by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada, M.D., Ph.D., a Transpersonal Psychotherapist from Milan, Italy. He is the Director of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, which offers programs for training transpersonal psychotherapists and counselors, and for people interested in enhancing their lives through transpersonal education. He is chair of ITP program at Ubiquity University. He is the creator of the Integral Transpersonal Journal, the official professional journal of EUROTAS, the President of the EUROTAS board, and the originator of the transpersonal approach to psychotherapy called Biotransenergetics.

Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a poetic act, an innovative Transpersonal Psychotherapy Methodology Dr. Lattuada conceived in 1982. It has been developed through more than thirty thousand hours of clinical work and research. This methodology has been written in twelve published books. BTE helps us learn how to recognize the sacred creative yearning of life and to honor its laws – to “master the Transe.” When we master the Transe, we can “make one from two.”, we reach the source of our Self and our full potential. This training seminar will be a combination of lecture and participatory experiences of sacred practices, sounds, movement, drumming and therapeutics methodologies.

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