In-Person course “Beyond the Mind” by PL Lattuada

In-Person Learning Journeys (6 ECTS credits) Experiential-Transformational Seminars

BTE - Beyond the mind

A psychology of presence, here, now, and all around
With Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., PSY.D., Ph.D.

This intensive course covers both the theory and techniques of Biotransenergetics. We’ll learn the persistency of the contact and the mastery of the Transe.

Transe is that state or field that allows the individual to have a felt sense of direct contact with the divine dimension. The word, Transe, describes a non-ordinary state of consciousness, from a psychological perspective, can be seen as the state of being integrating the five levels of experience: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By persisting in contact and letting flow, our mind is emptied, false needs disappear, the different persons, roles and masks we built for ourselves disappear and finally we aways find ourselves again. Light appears at the end of the tunnel, always, just like the darkest night is always followed by dawn, always.

By persisting in contact and letting go, chronic tensions in our body, depositary of past traumas and current conflicts of the I, dissolve, and in our organism life starts pulsating again, and biological pulsating and healing occur.

All courses include lectures, group discussions, in-depth experiential practice, supervised work with the skills and practices of Biotransenergetics, and learning how to effectively incorporate the use of BTE practices ii your daily life or into your psychotherapy or counseling practice.


Biotransenergetics, shamanic practice, technologies of the sacred
Maps and theoretical models
Dreaming’s body
Archetypal movements to improve awareness of proprioceptive, visceral and kinesthetic signals


Dreaming’s body
Archetypal movements to improve awareness of proprioceptive, visceral and kinesthetic signals


Medicine circle: Persistency of Contact
Passing from the Zero, not doing, Self-healing


Psicotranse. Mastery of the Transe
Captation, Auto-captation: Emphatic identification


Process work, self, mastery practices, supervised practices
Contest, test, structure, process of verbal and non-verbal communication in BTE
BTM will provide:
  • – Lectures on the theory, development, and practice of Biotransenergetics, maps of consciousness, non-ordinary states of consciousness, the five levels of experience, and theoretical models of psychotherapy
  • – Lectures and group discussions on the Dreaming body – a sequence of Body – mind practices the client performs guided by the psychotherapist, the theory of the transe state, the beneficial use of Psicotranse in psychotherapy, captation (a modality of listening into the field), auto-captation, emphatic identification, and the structure and process of verbal and non-verbal communication in the practice of Biotransenergetics
  • – Experiential practice of archetypal movements to improve personal awareness of proprioceptive, visceral, and kinesthetic signals, and symbolic, archetypal, and imaginal processes accompanied with drumming and breathing to intensify sensorial experience
  • – Persistency of the Contact and Mastery of the Transe.
  • – Integration through group sharing of the weekend insights, experiences, and learnings

Beyond the Mind courses will be given by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada, M.D., Ph.D., a Transpersonal Psychotherapist from Milan, Italy. He is the Director of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, which offers programs for training transpersonal psychotherapists and counselors, and for people interested in enhancing their lives through transpersonal education. He is chair of ITP program at Ubiquity University. He is the creator of the Integral Transpersonal Journal, the official professional journal of EUROTAS, the President of the EUROTAS board, and the originator of the transpersonal approach to psychotherapy called Biotransenergetics.

Biotransenergetics (BTE) is a poetic act, an innovative Transpersonal Psychotherapy Methodology Dr. Lattuada conceived in 1982. It has been developed through more than thirty thousand hours of clinical work and research. This methodology has been written in twelve published books. BTE helps us learn how to recognize the sacred creative yearning of life and to honor its laws – to “master the Transe.” When we master the Transe, we can “make one from two.”, we reach the source of our Self and our full potential. This training seminar will be a combination of lecture and participatory experiences of sacred practices, sounds, movement, drumming and therapeutics methodologies.

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