PSPP COURSE: “The Shift: Mindfulness and Self-Mastery”


This online mAcro-course runs for 12 weeks

The Shift: Mindfulness and Self–Mastery: Integral Transpersonal Transe. The Essence of Spiritual Meditation

Dr.ssa Paola Gares

In the last few years a new perspective of study and self-knowledge has appeared in the field of psychological sciences: the transpersonal vision, supported and validated by the discoveries of new sciences such as quantum physics, Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (PNEI) and others. Transpersonal psychology is called the Fourth Force of Psychology, since it follows, integrates, transcends and includes the three types of previous psychologies. In the transpersonal vision, within man, in his deepest center, there is a healthy self, full of gifts, resources, strengths, skills. This Self is the most authentic and essential part of every individual, and it also represents the spiritual and sacred part of each individual, that is able to connect and communicate with the Universal Mystic and Numinous Self, from which he can obtain information and strength This mystic place is a knowledgeable field that is connected to the Self of every human being, of every being, of every mineral, of every plant, of every animal. In line therefore with the vision of perennial philosophy and with all the ancient mystical traditions of every time and place, there is a Macrocosm that represents the Divine Universal with which every being is in contact, every Microcosm is in relationship. Within the human being, according to the transpersonal vision, there is therefore a spiritual source in which every man is healthy, totally in strength, aware of everything he needs, perfectly present and in contact with universal and spiritual forces of the Macrocosm (the Matrix Divinae, as Gregg Braden defines it, the field of the infinite potentiality (quantum field, or Consciousness), which is by nature a healing field from which one can draw everything nec-essary to live, the grace present at every moment). The necessary step to access the universal transpersonal and spiritual level is undoubtedly through the experience of contact with one’s own inner self, with one’s own inner source, seat of our Heart, of our Soul, or, otherwise called by various mystical traditions, home of the Divine Interior. Reaching this inner place is the goal of the meditation paths and manfulness of numerous schools of different traditions. The further step that this course wants to teach students is to make a further transpersonal leap from one’s Heart to the Universal Heart, to experience what is called Integral Transpersonal Mindfulness. More simply we could see how the path described above is divided into several steps:
starting from skills that relate to the ability to know how to stop and calm the mind through tools such as breathing and concentration focused on the here and now, the next step is to experience one’s own inner source and the divine characteristics of that source. This second step allows the student to experience the inner emptiness and the deep peace that emerges. Finally, what is the last and deepest step towards the Integral Transpersonal Mindfulness, is represented by the ability to come into contact with the Macrocosm, place of the Universal Forces, place of the Universal Divine, Universal Consciousness that con-tains all the information, the strength, the transcendence of every being.
The course will consist of a theoretical part supported by authors and mystics such as Eckart Tolle, Krishnamurti, James Hillman, Stanislav Grof, Michael Talbot and practical parts of learning techniques and experiences to perform the steps described above.
An innovative methodology for the journey of the soul towards itself.

Maybe you have already explored many paths of personal development and inner research, or maybe it is the first time you hear about the Way inwards, as a real possibility to improve the quality of your life, in any case with BTE you can go so in depth how much you feel is right for you, for the moment you are, it fits you, it sews on you … and even at the very first steps you will feel that a new world of resources and tools is at your dispo-sition.

Course Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

• By the end of the macro course, students will be able to calm their mind when they need, stay centered on the breath, connect with their inner Centre of peace and succeed, or have the tools to succeed in connecting with the Universal Self
• By the end of the macro course, students will be able to be aware of their ego and to observe it in order to start the path towards the integration of the sub-personalities that live in it
• By the end of the macro course, students will be able to see the relational dynamics in which their neurotic ego want to win, (their or those of the person they are interacting with) and have the tools to go get out of the ego game
• By the end of the macro course, student will have the knowledge about the path toward the enlightenment through the examples of some of the most powerful masters and guru, with the awareness that this kind of path is possible for all, also for him/her

At theoretical level students will know:

•The paradigm of Transpersonal Self according with the ancient views of Sciamanism and initiation rituals of the ancient traditions
•The basis of the connection between the ancient views and the new paradigm of Transpersonal Self, according with Biotransenergetic methods and vision
•Knowledge about the Biotransenergetic practice of ecstatic techniques (The Passage from Ze-ro, The Great Gesture, the Meditation on Death) and theory about techniques coming from the perennial philosophy
•Contribution to the knowledge about the connection between the theoretical suggested models and the real life: how to put this learned point into daily life (the meditation and its relationship with the concept of death and rebirth)
•Basis of contemporary views of new masters: Eckart Tolle, Osho, Ken Wilber, Grof, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Larry Rosenberg, Jon Kabat-Zinn

At practical level students:

Will experience ways to recognize their inner Self and tools aimed at connecting to it, in a integral and spiritual way, according to the new paradigm of new science.

Details, costs and frequency methods:

It will be possible to follow the path in two ways:

– Live (€350) – The calendar will soon be available.
– Independent studies program (€150) – It will be possible to access at any time starting from January.


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