PSPP COURSE: “Archetypes in the vision and practice of Integral Transpersonal Counseling”


This online mAcro-course runs for 12 weeks

Archetypes in the vision and practice of Integral Transpersonal Counseling

Dr.ssa Simona Vigo

The course is complementary to the Integral Transpersonal Counseling course (ITC) and can be followed independently or in continuity with ITC. It introduces you to, and deep-ens the theme of the archetypes of consciousness in Jungian analytical psychology, my-thology and transpersonal vision in Biotransenergetic epistemology.

This knowledge in the course will pass through the phenomenological study of transpersonal archetypal structures, through mindfulness practices, videos in order to: master the inner experience, improve the awareness of themselves and integrate the archetypal dimension into the counseling relationship.
Biotransenergetics (BTE), as a discipline inspired by Transpersonal Psychology, provides us with tools to master the inner experience and understand the “archetypal codes” in which it expresses itself. It encourages us to disidentify from biographical content, from the contingent forms that inner qualities can take, because every life event, like every phenomenal form that takes on an archetype, is always fluctuating and changing. The practices of BTE create the conditions to meet the archetype in a direct way as a living inner experience. They promote a deep understanding that comes from the self, con-veyed by the different archetypal qualities in particular on the exploration of specific ar-chetypes in Brazilian shamanism (Orixàs).

Course Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

• Understand the epistemological basis of the transpersonal vision
• Understand the meaning of archetypes in Jungian psychology and biotransenerget-ics
• Recognize the phenomenology of archetypes in manifestations of collective con-sciousness and individual characters.
• Identify trans-cultural, universal and transpersonal aspects of archetypes in dif-ferent traditions.
• Recognize archetypes as ordering principles of inner experience.
• Use archetypes as evolutionary allies in transpersonal counseling.

Instructional Mode and Methods:

This course will combine:

• Direct instruction through live lessons
• Indirect instruction through the provision of suggested learning materials re-lated to the learning outcomes (handbooks, video)
• Independent study through essays included in bibliography (reading assignments)
• Feedback about Mindfulness experiences and practices proposed in lessons
• Interactive instruction through facilitated and peer-to-peer discussion forums
• Final written composition and creative assignments


Details, costs and frequency methods:

It will be possible to follow the path in two ways:

– Live (€350) – The calendar will soon be available.
– Independent studies program (€150) – It will be possible to access at any time starting from January.


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