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MIUR Accredited School of Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Four-year specialization course

TPT –Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training Full Accredited by Department of Education, University and research MIUR Departmental Act 30th May, 2002 School of Psychotherapy. Specialization in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Biotransenenergetics Methodology (BTE since 1982). Managed by ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan, directed by Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., Psy.D., Ph.D.

Title enabling the exercise of psychotherapy and equivalent to university specialization for public competitions

Explore the different states of consciousness

Transpersonal Psychology is the fourth force of psychology

Transpersonal psychology is considered the fourth force of psychology in that in addition to being the most recent, elaborated since the sixties, transcends and includes the models that preceded it: psychoanalysis, behaviorism, humanistic psychologist, according to an olarchic model.

It proposes epistemological and methodological models capable of dealing with a scientific approach of the study of: spirituality, inner experiences of the different states of consciousness, the development of the most genuinely human qualities and the highest resources of the Self, such as awareness, compassion, responsibility, trust, creativity, spiritual will, intuition, acceptance, solidarity, consciousness of unity and interconnectedness.

It is therefore characterized as the contribution of scientific environments to the study, and to the understanding of: integral human experience, management of participatory dialogue between the individual Self and the world, mastery of the inner experience, the multiple states of consciousness, the realization of one’s true nature, spiritual emergencies.


The separation between theory and practice, between mind and body, between action and feeling, between male and female, between past and future, between matter and consciousness, traditional and scientific, academic and experiential, is overcome in a transformative teaching methodology, an additional way that teaches how to “make two one”.

We transmit what we are, we teach what we have experienced”

Pier Luigi Lattuada

The School aims to teach the principles and methods of Transpersonal Psychotherapy according to the guidelines of authors such as:

S. Grof, K. Wilber, P. Weil, C. Tart, A. Maslow, C.J. Jung, R.Assagioli with particular regard to the Biotransenergetic methodology developed by Pier Luigi Lattuada

We train professionals who can master their own inner experiences.

Compassion Awareness

Emotional skills

Right to Spirituality





Mastery of states of consciousness

Contact with the Self

Archetypal experience integral thought

Availability for change

Confidence uncertainty tolerance

Listening Service Responsibilities

Everyone, everywhere, operates in a hyper-complex environment. Most students and workers are not adequately prepared with the necessary specific and cross-cutting skills to meet today’s challenges. Soft skills are the key to the future. Many of today’s education systems are unable to provide the skills needed to function in today’s labour markets, and the exponential rate of technological and economic change is further widening the gap.”

Global Capital Report 2017


The operating system of the transpersonal clinical methodology taught in the School is Biotransenenergy (BTE).

BTE proposes a methodology based on inner experiences on the exploration of the dimensions of consciousness, participation and sharing.

His intention lies in the realization of consciousness, which is revealed in the most authentic dimensions of the heart, beyond the mental processes of the ordinary mind.

An integral and transpersonal therapeutic model is oriented to the realization of the self, making it able to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness


Transe Learning is an integral teaching methodology that can create the conditions for intuition through

insight, an understanding of “new order.”

Insight was considered by the ancient traditions of humanity as the only way to authentic knowledge, which is realized through the whole body, within cells, as well as in emotions and minds. A lesson that is achieved through the mastery of felt sense, or sense felt (awareness of proprioceptive signals, from kinesthetic to visceral), the ability to pass through pain and wounds (personal emotional history, empathetic identification).

Intent and Achievements

Transpersonal Psychology works for the realization of the self, the awakening of the “intimate nature” of each individual and his most genuinely human qualities.

The School aims to teach the principles and methods of Transpersonal Psychotherapy according to the guidelines of authors such as: S. Grof, K. Wilber, P. Weil, C. Tart, A. Maslow, with particular regard to the Biotransenergetics methodology developed by Pier Luigi Lattuada. These guidelines are specified in Article 4 and Sept.

During the course, skills and tools will be provided for:

  • An individual journey of self-realization
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical application of the transpersonal model
  • The use of the transpersonal model in individual and group psychotherapeutic practice
  • The application of the model within the family, communities, businesses, schools.

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