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Integral Transpersonal Counseling School

(BTE methodology)

Recognized by AssoCounseling

Accredited by Ubiquity University

Toward the attainment ofBachelor, Master, Ph.D. in Integral Transpersonal Psychology

Keys to mastery of hyper-complexity

Free from the past, rooted in the present, ready for the future

The Methodology

The Biotransenergetics path is suited for anyone who wants to start a journey towards a more profound discovery of one’s own true nature…


The discipline of Biotransenergetics is a poetic act, whose intent is to teach to recognize the sacredness of the creative impulse of life in all its manifestations, as well as to conform to its laws. Biotransenergetics proposes a methodology based on inner experiences, exploration of the dimensions of consciousness and on participation and sharing. Its intention lies in the realization of awareness, which is disclosed in the most authentic dimensions of the heart, beyond the thought processes of the ordinary mind. An integral and transpersonal therapeutic model is oriented to the realization of the self, making one able to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness

ITC Program

BTE ZERO offers specific training courses for the application of soft skills in different contexts:
helping relationships
spiritual realisation,
realisation of one’s creative and artistic potential

  • This program qualifies you to obtain:
  • Diploma of Integral Transpersonal Counseling issued by ITI
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integral Transpersonal Counseling (BA ITC).
  • Master of Arts in Integral Transpersonal Counseling (MA ITC).
  • Ph. D in Integral Transpersonal Counseling (Ph. D ITC)
  • Those interested to MA ITC or Ph.D. ITC can contact ITI or UU admission office for the creation of a Master Completion program or Ph. D Completion research personalised program.

Who is it addressed to?
Within every doctor, psychologist, health practitioner, teacher, educator, manager, artist, man and woman of good will, lives a human being who often neglects or hides their truest parts.

ITCS is designed for “young people” at heart who know they come from afar and that they have a present and a future as protagonists, innovators, and creatives. They can be the pioneers of a new culture of sharing, which is capable of transcending and including dualisms, as well as the differences and conflicts of the wider system that includes them.


  • Facilitate the intrinsic processes towards the healing of the organism, towards the maintenance of health and prevention of disease.
    • Educate oneself to health and self-healing.
    • Promote the recognition of one’s creative potential.
    • Influence the biochemical activity of the organism by mastering one’s mental attitudes and states of consciousness
    • Developing emotional intelligence and de-identifying from one’s personal history
    • Enhancing one’s spiritual dimension and realising one’s truest nature and live from the heart
    • Freeing the creative expression of one’s talents
    • Mastering the inner experience and exploring the archetypal and transpersonal dimensions of the Psyche.
    • Feeling, acting and thinking in an integral way (from knowledge to insight)
    • Transcending the past and future in the present time (from Kronos to Kayros) 


ITI soft skills learning system (SSLS)
Self soft skill in action

provides specific refinement paths for applying Soft Skills in different contexts:

Care/helping relationships
Realization of spiritual, creative, artistic potential

This is a journey that accompanies the individual towards him or herself, providing him/her with opportunities and tools to change and  manage change.

The counseling relationship is structured as a non-directive relationship of help, based on an active and empathetic listening which, in a climate of attention and respect, places the “client” at the centre with his/her needs, enhancing the potential for change, the ability to autonomously identify responses that modify one’s own existential situation, which broaden one’s vision of the world and, consequently, one’s ability to choose.

Integral Transpersonal Counseling transcends and includes specific counseling skills by providing tools to manage the delicate steps of the evolution of consciousness; in a journey that gradually leaves personal problems to venture into the archetypal territories where reside the dimensions of existential meaning, spiritual experience, more genuinely human qualities, hypersensitivity and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

“We transmit what we are, we teach what we have experienced”

Pier Luigi Lattuada


The operating system of the transpersonal clinical methodology taught in the
School is Biotransenergetics (BTE)
BTE proposes a methodology based on inner experiences on the exploration of the dimensions of consciousness, participation and sharing.
Its intention lies in the realisation of awareness, which is disclosed in the most authentic dimensions of the heart, beyond the thought processes of the ordinary mind. An integral and transpersonal therapeutic model is oriented to the realization of the self, making one able to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness.


Transe learning integrates:
Intellectual knowledge
Self-mastery (inner skills)
Impact (practical applications)

Transe Learning is an integral teaching methodology that can create the conditions for intuition through insight, an understanding of “new order.”
Insight was considered by the ancient traditions of humanity as the only way to authentic knowledge, which is realized through the whole body, within cells, as well as in emotions and minds. A lesson that is achieved through the mastery of felt sense (awareness of proprioceptive signals, from kinesthetic to visceral), the ability to pass through pain and wounds (personal emotional history, empathetic identification).

ITI-SSLS integrates the learning design of UU (facts, self-mastery, impact) with the corpus of the BTE maps, models and practices, of the integral thought and the wisdom of the ancient traditions of humanity.

“Everyone, everywhere, operates in a hyper-complex environment. Most students and workers are not adequately prepared with the necessary specific and cross-cutting skills to meet today’s challenges. Soft skills are the key to the future. Many of today’s education systems are unable to provide the skills needed to function in today’s labour markets, and the exponential rate of technological and economic change is further widening the gap.”

Global Capital Report 2017

Transpersonal Counseling is:

Self Realization

Developing potential

States of consciousness

Meditation and spirituality

Consciousness of unity

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