Valentina Lattuada

Valentina Lattuada

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Valentina Lattuada

Transformation Mentor.

I graduated in theater and cinema and at the same time I obtained the diploma of Integral Transpersonal Counseling.

I have a degree in economics and culture marketing specializing in multimedia communication and performing sciences.

I studied film in London and New York, both in front of and behind the camera. I studied production and script.

I opened a production house in Brazil and one in Spain. I have traveled the world, lived and worked in 7 countries, without ever stopping to study and question myself, also through therapy and spiritual disciplines.

In Brazil I spent 7 years as a leading actress of the most important director in the history of Brazilian theater Antunes Filho, always supporting my work as a coach, both Acting coach and Life coach.

I am interested in being able to give people the same tools that I have acquired to create the career and life of my dreams, tailor-made for me and which exactly reflects my specific qualities. A life outside the labels of others and in deep connection with my being.

I trained with Anthony Robbins among others (RMT, NLP, Strategic Intervention).

I have also been Transformational manager of cultural and musical projects, in different countries and contexts.

Today I offer individual and group mentorship courses, both face-to-face and online, which deal with strengthening and transformation through two methodologies I conceived, connected to each other but each with its specific applications:

  • Big Dream Surfing 
  • ITActing - Integral Transpersonal Acting (The Poetics of the Invisible).

In this very detailed paradigm I operate and manage projects in companies, teams, families and academies.

To find out more you can take another look at my site here or subscribe to my not-the-usual newsletter on my site! "

Valentina Lattuada

Meanwhile, know that:

♥ i Monday we have the ITActing lessons - Integral Transpersonal Acting at the headquarters in Via Montalbino 7, Milan: Come and take a free trial lesson! (write me for availability)

♥ I Tuesdayì we have the big Dream Surfing groups in Concorezzo (MB) at Casa Nadi.

♥ On October 31st my favorite online program starts again Meet your dragon! @MeetYourDragon - Limited seats! 42 days

♥ The special online program starts again on December 11th BIG DREAM SURFING MASTERY! - Limited seats! 21 days

♥  Integral Transpersonal Love. Online Evolutionary Path for Couples (5 weeks). - Subscribe to the newsletter to find out when it leaves again or write to me.

♥ I still have some commercials available for Coaching calls on the phone, WhatsApp or Skype

♥ Individual and group meetings of:

♦ Transpersonal Counseling,

♦ Life Coaching,

♦ Integral Transpersonal Acting (ITACting),

♦ Big dream Surfing (Ride your big wave!)

♦ "Public Speacking in Perspective (Transpersonal)" : request the PDF book by writing to

♦ Marketing Communication and Transpersonal Business

♦ Transformational Paths for individuals, artists, professionals and companies.

(Team Building, Corporate Dream, FIN - Net Internal Happiness of work groups and creative groups)




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