Claudius Calcina

Claudius Calcina

Psychologist Review

Claudius Calcina

I am a psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor teacher and I deal with both adults and minors in individual and group courses in Milan and Pavia.

I prefer an analytical-experiential approach using a synergy between dialogic, imaginative and psychorporeal techniques that I have acquired in training in various disciplines and traditions both in the strictly psychological field and in well-being and self-knowledge. In fact, in my life path I also obtained a degree in Philosophy and I dedicated myself to the study of techniques and knowledge such as Biotransenergetics, EMDR, theater, Shiatzu, the Body of the Dream, Zen, Craniosacral therapy, Somato-emotional Release, Oceanic Bodywork, Shorei-kan, Harmonic Chant, Dentosophy, Para Tan Sound Healing and Reiki.

I am a teacher for the areas of integration of psychological approaches and of diagnostic and therapeutic use of body mediation techniques for the School of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, of which I am also coordinator of the Examination Commission and internal tutor.

I lead groups of psychocorporeal practices aimed at self-awareness, personal growth and therapeutic paths such as the cycle "The Body that Cures" conceived and designed by me.

I like to explore and work in a multidisciplinary field by integrating the transpersonal approach in various areas of personal care and well-being such as orthodontics, sports psychology, regressive techniques in water, training, community work, hippotherapy. 

For the social enterprise Un Po 'Oltre I take care of the internal supervision and educational, psychological and psychotherapeutic paths of the guests in the structures of the Family Home and of the Autonomy accommodation managed by it.