Ubiquity University


A high-synergy collaboration for your educational and transformative experience

ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute is the country partner for Italy of Ubiquity University, the first global university with a new multidimensional learning system.

The one between Ubiquity & ITI is a high-synergy partnership that arises from a mission shared by the two founders of the project, Jim Garrison and Pier Luigi Lattuada: activate those innate human abilities through the awakening of potentialities, mastery and realization of the Self.

The common intent of ITI and Ubiquity University is to provide the transversal, practical and theoretical skills (so-called soft and hard skills) to solve the global problems that are threatening the health of the Earth and human society:

"What are the essential Soft Skills? They are learning to have a global mindset, participate in Cross Boundary Team Building, engage in innovation and entrepreneurship, master emotional intelligence, hone critical thinking, exercise leadership and apply Whole System Design.

Soft Skills include developing your body with exercise and good nutrition, practicing mindfulness, being authentic with your friends and at work, working on your strengths, being willing to fail and being self-critical, all while building community through creative collaboration. If you master these skills, these “soft” parts of yourself, you will unlock your full potential and dramatically increase your chances of succeeding in navigating an increasingly complex future. Soft skills are your superpower ". Jim Garrison

Who is the Ubiquity-ITI partnership for?

By attending our courses you will go through a transformative experience that will open you up to who you really are. You will activate intelligences that you may not even know you possess. And the more intelligence and knowledge you activate, the more your natural human potential will manifest itself.


Our approach

Connecting passion to a global challenge:


Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degrees

Completion of Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and PhD in Integral Transpersonal Psychology

The learning programs of Ubiquity & ITI are specifically designed to provide the qualities and skills needed to help solve the challenges set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The learning is trilateral, designed so that each student becomes professionally competent, self-aware and socially active.

We want to activate your inner genius and we want you to be proactive in your world.



How to register for BA-completion?

Enrollment requires a counseling degree from ITI or an ITI accredited school.

What do you need to participate in the program?

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