IT Yoga

Head and coordinator of the Unit: Dr. Elena Casiraghi

The unit

Iti yoga

The intent of this unit is to enhance and spread the ancient roots and the heart of the Yoga tradition, without placing the emphasis only on the practice of positions (asanas) but experiencing the depth of the tradition by emphasizing its psychological and therapeutic dimension. 

To do this, we will creatively use all available practices, so that they can be allies in their personal practice and group experience, through themed seminars, conferences, workshops and residential retreats at the BTE headquarters in Monte Carmel in Liguria.


Yoga is an ancient discipline born in India millennia of years ago, which has come to us thanks to wise scholars who have codified this ancient knowledge in priceless sacred texts, handing down the precious teachings so current up to the present day.

This ancient knowledge takes us by the hand on a philosophical, mythological, archetypal, psychological and spiritual journey. And it guides us in the knowledge and understanding of the origin of the universe, of the world, of nature, until it reveals the relationship between the spiritual and material nature of man. And it shows us a practical way to rediscover the original unity of these two parts within us, to the point of breathing their integration, union and profound inseparability. 

The Sanskrit root of the word yoga, in fact, is 'yuj' and indicates the reunification, the reunification of opposites. The yoga practitioner embarks on a journey of deep listening and rich awareness that leads to rediscovering the profound reunification with himself in the union of mind, body and soul, drawing on that broader wisdom that helps to support conscience, harmony, well-being and life itself, which is the Self in us. 

Yoga teaches us to listen deeply and to honor ourselves as a totality of physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual body. These  they are the 5 'kosha' or bodies that Patanjali, enlightened master and sage, has elaborated and codified in the 'Yogasutra', the greatest compendium of yoga, helping us to regain possession of this integration in ourselves, as a map of a harmonious well-being.

The encounter with Biotransenergetics

When the world of yoga inside me met the world of psychology first and then of biotransenergetics, it was inevitably a merging, merging into each other.

The languages ​​were recognized, the ways complemented each other perfectly, the maps mirrored each other and it was home.  BTE has become the soul and psychotherapeutic heart of yoga that I live and spread, one inside the other, in the greatest and deepest union, like the breath that gives life to life.

The experience of yoga and BTE as practices of ancient traditions has allowed us to experience the strength of the ancient teachings of these disciplines in their purity and the value and importance of their deep roots.

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