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Iti Passage

It focuses on the theme of Death as an experience of separation and loss or as an opportunity for transformation and rebirth, for man it is a harbinger of teachings and deep inner awareness on all levels of consciousness, so much so that it is considered in all ancestral and traditional cultures a teacher and companion in life beyond which guides the path of evolution, both in its real and concrete aspects (in terms of the end of the embodied experience), and in its symbolic folds.

We are all accompanied by Death in every moment of our life, because in every moment something of us dies to transform and be reborn and allow our continuous evolution.

Each step asks us to leave something, to abandon parts of us, to face the experience of death. As Mother Nature teaches, every seed must die if it wants to face the transformation that will see it become a sprout and then a plant, so as to reach the sun. If only the seed refused to face the pain of its death, no leaves, no fruit, no wind flowing through the branches could exist. If the seed did not accept to die, it could not allow life to be reborn. 

There are several ways in which death becomes part of our experience: grief, estrangement and separation, more or less sudden and unexpected life changes, choices that modify our existential conditions. In every instant, moreover, something of us dies to transform and be reborn, in a continuous process of evolution.

The answer that Life asks of us is that of openness to pain, that of the ability to recognize when to open the doors to Mrs. Death and allow her to clean up and sacrifice (from the Latin "sacrum facere" to make sacred) our inner world to be reborn. to new life.


Intensive groups in which to live experiences of Death and Rebirth through contact with the archetypal forces and tools of Afro-Brazilian shamanism.

About two or three times a year for several days in the heart of Mother Nature, in direct contact with the forces of the Great Supporting Mother Nana, thanks to the support of the transforming force of fire, the liberating force of the wind, the shearing force of metal , the generating and purifying power of water (in Tuscany, in Val Camonica, in Val Sabbia) to experience the profound rebirth obtained thanks to the courage to let go.

Weekly, for those who do not feel ready to fully immerse themselves in intensive, inner healing groups through the instrument of the Dream Body, thus guiding the participants to contact the archetypal and spiritual qualities of the Elemental Forces, in the process of rebirth.

Paula Gares

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, specialized at the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy founded by Dr. Pierluigi Lattuada and recognized by MIUR. The use of Biotransenergetics as a therapeutic tool, a psycho-spiritual discipline founded by the Dr. Lattuada and by doctor Silveira in order to combine ancient and modern ways of treatment to accompany people towards an integral healing.

After the psychotherapeutic specialization he continued his studies at the same institute to become a teacher of Biotransenergetics.
In his private practice he receives patients in individual and couple therapies.

He conducts evolutionary paths using the Biotransenergetics method together with some meditation techniques such as Vipassana, Osho's active meditations, Pranayama.

He offers intensive workshops in Tuscany and Lombardy in order to share with people the tools of inner awakening and awareness learned in the training school and in his personal experience with meditation.

He collaborates with other professionals to spread ancient shamanic techniques useful for inner transformation and awakening.

Author of the book La Via Maestra by Paola Gares, available for purchase on

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