ITI Experience

Head of Unit Coordinator: dott. Andrea Samar Molinari

the unit

ITI Experience

The ITI Experience Unit occupies the organization of workshops, courses, events, seminars, intensive retreats in which Biotransenergetics (BTE) is practiced. 

We offer groups for personal and transpersonal growth, self exploration, self-awareness, learning tools for integral well-being and for inner work, psycho-spiritual evolution meetings. 

experience arises from desire to have direct experience of the BTE through circles, courses and groups. 

The intent of the Unit is both educational and therapeutic, of practice and care. 

Groups are open to anyone are interested in a path of psycho-spiritual evolution through learning and practicing the BTE methodology. 


Clinical Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, leader of therapeutic groups and workshops on Biotransenergetics – Transpersonal Psychology (Italy, Brazil, Chile). Professor of Biotransenergetics graduated at the Integral Transpersonal Institute.

Since 2003 he has been a student and practitioner of various psycho-corporeal and transpersonal methodologies and techniques such as Vipassana meditation, Bioenergetic analysis, Pathwork (the Path), Core-Energetics, Usui Reiki and Hara Yoga.

During his travels he came into contact with the Mazatec and Tolteca shamanic traditions (Mexico), Inca (Bolivia), and with the Afro-Brazilian traditions of Umbanda and Candomblè (Brazil). He is currently studying the Ayahuasqueira doctrine of Santo Daime, as well as the Juremeira doctrine of northeastern Brazil. He has worked closely with the Kariri-Shoko, Huni Kuin and Mbyà Guarani indigenous communities; he studied the methodology of "Universal Shamanism" developed by Leo Artese.