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More and more the complex organizational systems that pursue business results, seek in a new paradigm the keys to go further, expand the vision and draw a broader vision from the primordial wisdom.
The transpersonal vision aims to bring exploration into the business context
of inner experience, creating the conditions for contacting the highest qualities of each person, with the intention of realizing them and impacting the professional and organizational system not only on performance, but also and above all on people's value system, redefining the concept of well-being, sense of belonging and vision.

Adopting a transpersonal approach in companies means going beyond the limits of the rational, logical, linear, goal-oriented mindset and providing tools to expand the mind, transcend it and discover the creative impulse that is revealed in the living in all its manifestations, for example by drawing by the forces of nature and the original traditions of every time and place.
The proposed vision is integrated, it helps to recognize the evolutionary drive that lies behind every dysfunctional process experienced by the individual, the team and the organization.
Each training intervention is tailored around the specific needs of the customer.


The Biotransenergetics methodology


The Biotransenergetics methodology proposes and nourishes the contact and nourishment of the Self considering the inseparable body-mind relationship for which mental attitudes and positive emotional states can influence the biochemical activity of the organism facilitating healing and growth processes, maintaining health and the discovery of conditions of expanded lucidity and integral well-being, which goes beyond professional life and involves everyone's path of awareness.


Mindfulness practices


Applied in the organizational context, they allow you to create the conditions to balance, slow down, empty your mind, give centering and translate problems into new and expanded solutions and visions.


Some pillars of BTE in the company


Managerial development -> empowerment:
Meditation and mindfulness practices: the "Passage from Zero" educating to emptiness.

Rational understanding in the organizational sphere proceeds, separating reality into objects, labeling, giving targets, leaving out empty spaces. Emptiness is the great forgotten of modern Western culture. Our life revolves around the fullness: doing, reaching, controlling, having, understanding, knowing, having to take, conquer, win, appear. How many times when faced with a problem at work do we stop and look for the answer in the void? How willing are we to observe instead of judging, listening instead of thinking, accepting the other and the world as it is instead of how we would like it to be?

The new integral vision teaches every human being to take full responsibility for himself. Recognize through conscious observation, acceptance and listening how it is on a physical, emotional, mental level. Only after having seen and recognized it, can you lay the foundations to broaden your awareness and actively intervene on your well-being, broaden your horizons and look at the reality you live with new eyes.

Meetings of meditation and mindfulness Passing from Zero. Disappear to yourself to find yourself

In their investigation, physicists have discovered that every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all matter in the known universe!
The passage from zero required by the different traditions of perennial philosophy such as the empty and awake condition of Zen, leave everything and follow me of evangelical memory, this is a good day to die for Native Americans, I know I don't know about Socrates, offers us the possibility of accessing this empty space: the place of the spirit. Faced with all those conditions in which we seem not to have the strength to make the change, when we feel depressed or anxious, when we take a drug for headache, we get discouraged by a mishap, we contract because of a problem that we cannot solve, the passage from zero can show us the main way to ourselves. When we turn inside and drink at the source, everything starts to flow, our mind empties, the false needs vanish, the different people, the roles, the masks that we have built on ourselves dissolve, in the end we always find ourselves alone. themselves. By persisting in contact, the chronic tensions of our body, repositories of the traumas of the past and of the current conflicts of the ego, dissolve, life begins to pulsate again in our organism and healing is accomplished.

Development of the individual —-> managerial skills
Bring the traveling hero to the stage

Identifying ourselves with only a small piece of us, with a role, makes us forget how much else we are and how much further value we can express.
The intent is to bring awareness of one's identity and wealth, to empower the deep motivation, to believe in one's qualities, to strengthen one's leadership. It is creating awareness of dysfunctional identifications and our true nature and making the hero go on his journey.

Team development —-> Team alkemy (transform)
The team is a circle that cares

Experiencing reality from the point of view of the group to which one belongs means passing from the self-perceived dimension to the hetero-perceived one that helps to know the films, experiences, needs, fears and visions of the world of others. It is from the exchange and comparison that you can build a point of contact and understanding, develop empathy and the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others to outline shared and desired scenarios.

Organizational evolution —-> Well-being, celebration, motivation
Life in the company as a ceremony

The people in the company are part of a living organism that thrives on rituals and ceremonies. Noticing them, remembering them and celebrating them together frees and creates a sense of belonging, reinforces the perception of one's role in the “tribe”, promoting motivation and generating transformation, growth and development.

Management development —-> Leadership
Male and female leadership: contacting the archetypes that inhabit us

We are immersed in social, cultural and organizational systems that neglect the importance of the balance between the qualities of the masculine and the feminine. Accessing the dimension of archetypes means accessing our original nature, collective structures of the psyche and drawing on the forces that govern the world. The intent is to give models of inspiration to men and women of power, in balance between their inner masculine and feminine forces, who live in mutual respect, in the recognition of the qualities and resources of the other, in cooperation, in strength. the covenant and authentic predisposition to align with the natural and universal laws that support love, the sacredness of life, harmony, inner growth and prosperity of human beings and the environment.

Organizational evolution —-> welfare practices

Yoga is an ancient discipline, a millenary art based on a harmonic system of development of the body, mind and spirit of every human being.
The meaning of the word Yoga means "union" and indicates the physical and spiritual union of opposite entities. Body and mind, stillness and movement, male and female, sun and moon, these are some of the opposites that the practice of Yoga is able to bring together, with the ultimate aim of bringing reconciliation and balance between them. Consequently, every human being, by practicing Yoga, contributes to this balance thanks to the achievement of their own harmonious state with the surrounding environment and a consequent sense of inner peace and well-being. Practiced in the organizational field it brings benefits on a physical level, in the ability to concentrate and problem solving, in managing anxiety and stress, in the mastery of putting energy and motivation at the disposal of one's role.

Proposal developed starting from Nagual project elaborate conceived by Pier Luigi Lattuada MD, Psy. D., Ph. D. founder of the Biotransenergetics discipline, whose theoretical model and operating system since 1982, have been perfected in more than thirty-five thousand hours of clinical work, presented in hundreds of international and national conferences, published in hundreds of articles and numerous books, based on the perennial philosophy of ancient spiritual traditions and supported by the most recent acquisitions of new science, research on states of consciousness and transpersonal psychology. "

“Change the eyes with which to look, the heart with which to feel and change reality”.

Sarah Gambelli

Occupational and Organizational Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist with a transpersonal biotransenergetic approach. For years you have been working as a consultant in the Human Resources area on training projects for the development of managerial skills and on potential assessment interventions, in Italy and abroad. The passion for this work stems from the awareness of being able to paint scenarios of personal evolution even before professional, developing relationships, synergies and the ability to change oneself, so that all the rest can be transformed all of a sudden. Implementing it in the organizational context allows to obtain a high degree of transformation, which passes through creativity and enthusiasm for the results achieved.