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Biotransenenergetics – BTE

BTE since 1982 – An integral method to heal the past, live the present, realize the future.

What is Biotransenenergetics or BTE?

Biotransenenergetics is a poetic act, its intent is to teach to recognize the sacredness of the creative impulse of the living in all its manifestations and conform to its laws.

Biotransenergetics is a psycho-spiritual discipline conceived in the early 80s thanks to a love meeting between Pier luigi Lattuada,psychotherapist and Marlene Silveira, psychologist, psychotherapist.

Since then, in over thirty-five thousand hours of clinical work at the Om Centre in Milan, PierLuigi Lattuada has perfected the theoretical model and the operating system, creating a methodology based on the perennial philosophy of ancient spiritual traditions and supported by the latest acquisitions of new science, research on states of consciousness, integral vision and Transpersonal Gnosis.

Biotransenenergetics spreads throughout the country through several locations, called OM Associations, managed by psychotherapists or counselors who are completely autonomous and responsible for the activities they carry out in accordance with a Statute and a Regulation of the Association.

OM Association for Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology was founded in Milan in 1982 by a group of doctors and psychologists with the aim of developing, promoting, spreading the humanistic and transpersonal approach in the field of health, psychophysical well-being, personal evolution.

During these years he has organized an innumerable series of courses, seminars, conferences, aimed at raising awareness of the individual’s own potential and spiritual dimension.

In the person of its most representative members BTE has been published throughput numerous works of scientific a philosophical nature and participated in various national and international congresses. Marlene Silveira and Pier Luigi Lattuada created Biotransenenertics.

Om is a member of the EAP, European Association for Psychotherapy and ATP, Association for Transpersonal Psychology; is a founding member of FAIP Counseling.

What can Biotransenergetics (BTE) offer?

Biotransneratic: Something New, something ancient, a Way that has a Heart.

Mastery of the inner experience (ecstatic capacity, exploration of states of consciousness).

Compassionate awareness and love (persistence of contact, here and now, wanting the well-being of others).

Developing Self-awareness through inner experience.

Development of compassionate love through participation and sharing.

Overcoming personal history (freedom from the known, from emotional fullness).

Transidentification and understanding (mastery of the transe).

Courage of imperfection (ability to make mistakes).

Sacred attitude (trust, humility and devotion).

Responsibility and creative will.

Participation and sharing with each other and the environment.

Responsibilities (acceptance of one’s individual freedom).

Creative will (development of potential).

Acceptance of one’s uniqueness (becoming what you are).

Entelechia: courage to realize one’s true Self.

Unity between one’s conscious Self and the various levels of the unconscious.

Evolutionary commitment to common well-being.

Liberation from guilt, affirmation of spiritual tension and acceptance of the difference between things as they are and as they should be.

Rehabilitation of attitudes and patterns of behaviour.

Creative use of personal history influences in the family and social environment.

Dissolution of their symptoms through the understanding of their true nature and their evolutionary message.

Biotransenenergy – BTE is Meditation

The phenomenology of the states of consciousness is the content on which Biotransenenergy acts through the participatory inner experience.

Biotransenenertics proposes a methodology based on inner experience and exploration of the dimensions of consciousness, participation and sharing, with the intention of realizing the awareness that is revealed in the most authentic dimensions of the heart, beyond the thought processes of the ordinary mind; an integral and transpersonal therapeutic model oriented to the realization of the self, able to intervene effectively in the processes of transformation of consciousness.

The phenomenology of the states of consciousness is the content on which biotransenenergy acts through the participatory inner experience.

With the expression participatory inner experience are defined as the set of personal experiences,such as: sensations, moods, emotions, feelings, desires, needs, thoughts, memories, images, intuitions; and transpersonal experiences,such as: extra-sensory perceptions, spiritual, mystical, ecstatic experiences, archetypal visions, mythological dreams, revelations, insights, openings of the heart, non-ordinary states of consciousness, near-death experiences, etc.

Biotransenenergetics – BTE is Perennial Philosophy

In ancient times, the primordial yearning of the human being to understand nature and to harmonize with it gave birth to the first “religions of nature”, for which there is a “fundamental unity of creation”.

For some decades now, a new movement of thought has been developing in various fields of knowledge, particularly in psychology and pedagogy, medicine and ethno-psychiatry, anthropology and art.

This movement, supported by the acquisitions of modern physics, research on states of consciousness and ancient spiritual traditions based on meditation, deals not only with the problems of the individual, but above all with his higher potential and quality.

It is the Transpersonal Movement based on the assumptions of new science and ancient traditions and on what Bohm calls “an understanding of a new order”, produced by the mastery of the inner experience, the result of insight.

In his research, the Transpersonal Movement integrates the experience of Western scientific thought with that of mystical traditions based on meditation, and with that of shamanic practices based on ecstasy and direct contact with the forces of nature.

In ancient times, the primordial yearning of the human being to understand nature and to harmonize with it gave birth to the first “religions of nature”, for which there is a “fundamental unity of creation”.

It is an integral, “original” worldview of an ecstatic order, according to which the mineral, plant, animal and human world, the subtle world of spirit and divinity exist within each other and for each other.

In our day, the Integral Vision can be considered the custodian of the ancient “original tradition” since it is not identified with scientific thought and epistemology, which focus only on matter, losing on the street the knowledge of Self and consequently the “contact with the divine”.

The Integral Vision works for the affirmation of a new science and a new epistemology based on mastery of inner experience, participation and sharing; It also does not neglect the highest and most genuinely human qualities such as: love, compassion, awareness, responsibility, trust, acceptance.

Biotransenergetics – BTE is Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology is characterized as the contribution of scientific environments to the study and understanding of the inner experience of a transcendent order.

Experience that over the centuries has received, from different traditions, numerous denominations: mystical ecstasy, cosmic experience, cosmic consciousness, ocean experience, peak experience, nirvana, satori, samadhi, kingdom of the heavens, dream body, nagual, etc.

The main current psychological approaches define these categories of experiences as fantasies or pathologies.

Based on the different theoretical orientations of psychology, these have been seen as an attempt to satisfy the desire to be cared for by a “good mother”, the consequence of abnormality of neural activity, or as the sign of a fragile self unable to distinguish between internal and external reality.

The transpersonal approach, however, considers that the inner experiences of a mystical and ecstatic order as well as the yearning for the transcendence of the self constitute a significant aspect of human experience and worthy, therefore, of study by psychology…

In his research, transpersonal psychology integrates the experience of Western psychology, especially of the Gestalt, existential, humanist strand, with the oriental mystical traditions based on meditation, such as yoga, zen, sufism, and with shamanic ones based on ecstasy and direct contact with the forces of nature.

It is also heavily influenced by the most recent acquisitions of modern physics and biophysics and is closely related to other sciences, such as: sophrology, sociology, anthropology and parapsychology.

In the light of these considerations, transpersonal psychology seems to be connoted as a vast movement of thought and research that works for an integration between psychological principles and methods and spiritual practices or shamanic rituals, for a synthesis between the mind, meditation, spirituality and transcendence, ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness, mystical, and shamanic states.

Biotransenenergetics – BTE is Transpersonal Counseling

A Biotransenenergy journey is a journey that accompanies the individual towards himself, providing him with opportunities and tools to change and manage change. From a professional point of view, this can be characterized by the acquisition of skills suitable to establish a Counseling relationship with its clients.

The Counseling relationship is structured as a non-directive aid relationship, based on an active and empathetic listening that, in a climate of attention and respect, puts the “customer” at the center with his needs, valuing the potential for change, the ability to independently identify answers that change one’s existential situation, that broadens one’s worldview and consequently his own ability to choose.

The Transpersonal Counselor’s special task is to guide the client through the delicate steps of the evolution of consciousness; he takes a path that sees him gradually leave personal problems to venture into the archetypal territories where the dimensions of existential meaning, spiritual experience, more genuinely human qualities, hypersensitivity and non-ordinary states of consciousness reside.

Biotransenenergetics – BTE is Integral Medicine

Remedy in integral medicine is, as the etymism reminds us, all that is capable of healing an infirmity.

The term medicine comes from the Latin medeor,“medicate”, “sanitary” whose root madhindicates everything that is capable of medicating, but also means “intend”, “know”, “know”, and also “mind”, “sapienza” (sansk), “teach”, “council”, “delibero”, “I mean”, “I learn to know” (Greek).

The term disease some do derive from greek malakia,“molezza”, “weakness”, others from the Latin evil-aptus,“evil act”, “inept”, or evil-habitus,“that is bad”.

Integral comes from the Latin integrum, a term composed of in that stands for “not” and tang-erethat stands for “touch”: not touch, to which nothing has been taken away, whose nothing is missing, whole, pure, blunt, uncorrupted to the multiple manifestations of the life force.

Integral Medicine can be defined as a synergistic system of technologies, from the Greek tech-neither,“art” and logos,“knowledge”, to know how to do to which nothing has been taken away, of which nothing is missing. Remedy in integral medicine is, as the etymism reminds us, all that is capable of healing an infirmity.

It remedy the drug as the word, surgery such as breath, acupuncture or homeopathic remedy such as emotional mastery, massage or diet, but first of all it is remedy what is allied to vis sanatrix naturee, the intrinsic forces of self-healing of the organism.

Biotransenergy – BTE is allied with the vital force for respecting the body’s capacity for self-renewal and self-transcendence, thus self-healing and full self-realization.

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