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Integral Transpersonal Institute – 40 years of history, a network in 35 countries around the world and throughout Italy

The Vision

The Transpersonal Vision speaks to us of a way of being in the world and doing things that goes beyond appearances and that, as such, belongs to the heroic journey of everyone en route home, through valleys of passion and ignorance, peaks of intuition and heartbreak, nights of the soul and endless awakenings, deaths and rebirths, simply recognizes itself in the humble attempt to free oneself from their own personal history and to be in the spring. , other Self, other heart).

A path whose practice is traced by guidelines such as: awareness, synergy, sharing, resonance, interconnection, naturalness, respect, listening, contact, acceptance, responsibility, emotional mastery, self-knowledge. Guidelines that move from the intimate dialogue between two worlds, that of consciousness and that of matter: on the one hand the knowledge of Self and respect for the natural processes of the organism, on the other the recognition of sacredness, of every living system, of the environment that surrounds us. With Einstein, we believe that science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.

We believe in the possibility of drawing the lines of a Science that does not pretend to assert certainties without giving up providing guarantees of validity, do not dry up in verifiable and repeatable experimental protocols without giving up questioning of nature with reliable investigative procedures; it is not reduced to measurable but knows, as Maslow hopes, to extend his jurisdiction and methods, he wants to venture boldly “where angels hesitate”, as Bateson suggests, and at the same time knows with humility to stop at the threshold of mystery. We believe that it is useful and necessary to work for the affirmation of a knowledge that offering guarantees of validity can speak authoritatively of the participatory journey of the individual Self in the Kingdom of Psyche, of the individual Soul in the Soul Mundi, of the individual in Cosmos.

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ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute: the company.

ITI was founded in 2010, as a company that manages the commercial activities of the network, it wants to connota like a Training and Therapy, Research and Information Location where we learn and teach, where, in listening, we transcend and include, we free ourselves from the known and proceed on that journey to the Unity to which we wish to participate. A journey that from the cultural point of view, following the suggestion of Confucius, knows how to return the right name to things, the right name in terms such as: Science, Psyche, Theory, Soul, Spirit, Sacred, Medicine, Empty, Love, just to name a few.

ITI handles the following tasks:

Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy,

founded in the Om Association and recognized by MIUR by Ministerial Decree of 30 May 2002

Training in Trans-Pearl Counseling (Biotransenenertic Methodology),,

valid for obtaining the diploma of Transpersonal Counselor accredited at FAIP Counseling and AssoCounseling

ITI editions,

created to propose itself as a publishing house of reference of the transpersonal vision and that publishes in addition to nonfiction texts the Integral Transpersonal Journal, international journal official organ of EUROTAS, European Transpersonal Association and The Subtle Vision, magazine of the Association Om.

Om Association: the soul.

Om Association for Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology was founded in Milan in 1982 by a group of doctors and psychologists with the aim of developing, promoting, spreading the humanistic and transpersonal approach in the field of health, psychophysical well-being, personal evolution.

During these years he has organized an innumerable series of courses, seminars, conferences, conferences, events, international festivals, aimed at raising awareness of the individual’s own potential and spiritual dimension.

In the person of its most representative members he has published numerous works of a popular and scientific nature and participated in various national and international congresses.

Within the association Marlene Silveira and Pier Luigi Lattuada have created Biotransenenertica, a new-concept psycho-spiritual discipline that has deep roots in ancient shamanic traditions and is recognized in the emerging movement of transpersonal psychology.

Read on about the OM Association …

Discover the ITI Partners and the International links of the School and the OM Association.

Italian Society of Biotransenergetics (SIBTE)

It is an Om institute created in 1986 that regulates with a Code Of Deontology and a Professional List the students in training, the Counsleor, the Counselor Trainers and psychotherapists trained according to the model of Biotransenenertics.


The offices are managed by psychotherapists or counselor trainers who are fully autonomous and responsible for the activities they carry out in accordance with the statute and regulation of the Association Om and Code Deontological of SIBTE.

There are several locations in the territory directed by the Head Office managers. The headteaers, in close collaboration with the MINT Referents in their area, coordinate the activities in accordance with the Statute, Regulation and Code of Ethics of the Om Association and SIBTE.


Teachers enabled

Qualified Teachers are Counselor Trainers or Psychotherapists Supervisors who have completed a seven-year training course, are enrolled in the professional list of SIBTE and required to comply with the relevant Code of Ethics as well as an annual update of a minimum of 30 hours. The qualification lasts three years and is renewed only to those who are in compliance with the above fulfillment.

Psychotherapists Diplomats

Gli Graduated Psychotherapists have completed a four-year post-university training course at the School of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and obtained a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Accredited Counselors

Accredited Counselors are Counselors who have completed a four-year training course, are enrolled in the professional list of SIBTE and required to comply with the relevant Code of Deontology as well as an annual update of a minimum of 30 hours. The qualification lasts three years and is renewed only to those who are in compliance with the above fulfillment.

Below are the names of the accredited SIBTE professionals,i.e. those who have completed a training course at ITI and in the last 3 years have participated in the periodic updates in the practice of Biotranseneneratic Methodology.

ITI Doers

BTE ZERO Professionals, ITI UNIT Responsible Coordinators, i.e. thematic and operational areas within ITI, ITI CORPORATE, ITI WRITING, ITI KIDS,ITI DANCE, ITI SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY, ITI SPORTS, ITI YOGA, ITI PASSAGE, ITI BIRTH and much more…

Access and browse, or download, lists of SIBTE professionals, Italian Society of Biotransenergetics, BTE Zero Professionals, and again discover the ITI Units.

Access and browse, or download, all documents of SIBTE, Italian Society of Biotransenergy and the OM Association for Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology.


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